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@errBuyuyo @Venture2018 I was definitely tense. I just started playing a couple months ago and had to perform in front of a crowd ๐Ÿ˜‚
@XRusianP Yea I live a life on the weekend.
@SafeJersey I actually only own an electric kit, which is very different from an acoustic set.
@SEGWITAUDIO Not sure. Going to keep this going for a little while. Maybe we should all decide what BCB learns to do in 2023.
@Knuckillz1 Be Quiet and Drive, and My Own Summer
@docxtor Papa Roach - Lifeline
The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
Deftones - My Own Summer
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive
25) Considering that the Fed Officials selling their personal bags of stocks marked the top, if Congress gets a bill to pass forcing themselves to "divest" as well into a retrace, I'll be running for the hills into a bunker. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Definitely a sign I'm watching out for.
24) There are many bills proposed, but this version states "This bill requires each Member of Congress to divest or place in a blind trust any specified investment owned by the Member".

"Divest" = "Sell"

The Fed did this for their members too. At the top...
23) One thing I'll be watching out for in particular is all the talk from Congress about banning themselves from owning stocks. For "ethical reasons", they and their family members will be forced to sell all of their stocks.
22) But I do believe the top of the Dow Jones is in.

And that many of us will never see a new all time high again in our lifetimes for this index, or until we are old and gray. (I already have some grays coming in ๐Ÿ˜ฑ)
21) Again, this is a chart perspective. There are many who provide opinions on many moving parts such as geopolitical events, central bank behavior, commodity cycles, etc. I'm a guy on the internet making videos and posts about charts, not a financial advisor or certified expert.
20) For all of our sakes, I sure hope this or something similar isn't the outcome.
19) Bear markets are incredibly difficult to navigate. I consider them exponentially more difficult to navigate than bull markets.

If we get some kind of bounce in here, I'll consider it a gift from God. It may explain why Bitcoin is holding up during all of this.
18) But, the Dow Jones is giving a grim message that 401k holders are not going to like.

This is what a pop looks like.
16) But, moving back to the stock market... Something to note is that neither the NASDAQ nor the S&P have taken out their 200-week moving averages or their June lows. Which is why I'm specifically saying the Dow Jones in this thread. S&P and NASDAQ may be added later.

15) So, what does that mean for Bitcoin? We don't know yet. Bitcoin was created during the depths of the Great Financial Crisis. It has only existed in the bull run ever since.

But we do know every pause, range, and bearish period for the DJI created bear markets for Bitcoin.
14) That is my speculative guess. That this isn't some 3-year implosion of the Dow Jones like in the 1930s, but one that lasts for the rest of many peoples lives, never seeing new all time highs again.

A retrace bounce sounds logical, rather than utter collapse like the 1930s.
13) It's also very possible we're nearing the capitulating moment of this move, that will eventually lead to a giant retrace bounce that lasts for a couple of years only to never set new highs. Then roll over, with the whole "Great Depression" taking 30-years to reach the bottom.
12) But... Great Depression? Scary phrase. The last Great Depression crashed in a matter of three years, losing 89% of market value.

While this is what the blue print shows, it's not exactly the same blue print of how the Dow Jones has behaved the last decade, although similar.
11) In a parabola, this shouldn't be happening. We shouldn't be taking out this moving average, nor taking out the February 2020 high. If it were wave 4, we should hold the February 2020 high. But instead, we are breaking through it.

Which means to me, officially, it has popped.
10) I guess that is still possible, that this is an initial profit taking wave, and I'll have egg on my face if it is. But, I really don't think it is with how deep the Dow Jones has now gone, taking out the February 2020 high and the 200-week moving average.
9) One thing I've considered is that this pullback is just an "initial profit taking" wave. We see those all the time at tops. We also saw that for Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021, which then hit 4.236 extensions.
8) Also, when we zoom out on the last 100-years for the Dow Jones, we can see it is occurring right where it is supposed to be occurring... at the end.
7) Like the example of Ethereum in 2017, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has done the exact same bull run ending.
6) Which is also what Ethereum did at the end of its 2017 bull run. After consolidating for 7-months, Ethereum went for a 4.236 extension, and completed its bull run, to have its biggest bear market in its history.

We're going to reference this chart a couple of times.
4) This is what both Bitcoin and Ethereum did during their past bull runs.

3) First thing is Fibonacci Extensions. The Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P have all exceeded 3.618 extensions, with the S&P actually hitting the 4.236 extension.
2) I'm going to build a case as to why the 30+ year bear market for the DJI has begun, using charts.

I'll leave it to the experts to decipher trade calls, central bank planning, currency debasement, geopolitical wars, commodity shortages, etc.

But here, I'm just using charts.
1) I believe the Dow Jones Industrial Average has popped.

That the LONG bear market, or "Great Depression" for the DJI has begun.

Many have built careers over the last decade proclaiming the Great Depression was upon us, only for the DJI to rip up 400%+ while they cried wolf.
EAGER ANTICIPATION as Bitcoin Price Chart, Altcoin Market and Stock Market Tease Direction
** Friday Night Video Release **

CRYPTO STAYS ALIVE as STOCK MARKET Sells Off, Dow Jones Woes, S&P and NASDAQ Hold, Conflicts

So, did things fall apart? Doesn't quite seem like it yet. But, we are dancing on the edge! Will the Nasdaq and S&P stay true to hold their 200-week MA's? Or will they learn about the naughty behavior of the Dow Jones, only to follow suit?

Tune in next week to find out!

The Nasdaq was able to maintain above it's June low and the 200-week moving average.

The S&P 500 was able to maintain above it's June low and the 200-week moving average.

Wild day on Wall St.

In the final minutes, they ramped the Dow Jones to close above the February 2020 high.

However, it closed below the 200-week moving average and the June low.
@Marcolg84 @CryptoCriminal5 @LongdongCrypto Do you have references to show this? Would like to see myself.
Without some kind of giant ramp upward before the daily and weekly candle closes for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, we may be witnessing the start of the Great Depression before our very eyes.
It is something to witness this mysterious seller of XRP who shows up at the end of every week, which started back in April.

Always has the same volume profile, lasting about 6-hours.

Today, there is 1-hour left of selling from this entity.
XRP Price Chart Surges to Hit $0.56 with Sign of Strength, Meets 200 Day and Week Moving Average
The E-Mini Dow Jones Futures actually nailed the 200-week, still on it without new low, like S&P and Nasdaq.
๐ŸšจDow Jones below June low, piercing the 200-week moving average. ๐Ÿšจ

100 points below is the February 2020 high.
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