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The XRP Army News Press Release

18 Members of the XRP ARMY COMMUNITY Collaborate to Bring The Timeline Alive. An example of Connecting, Cooperating and Collaborating. Cooperation is the way, it’s in our DNA.
Moncure. United States – December 5, 2022

“There is an inmost center in us all,  where truth abides in fullness; …. and, to know, rather consists in opening out a way where the imprisoned splendor may escape, then in effecting entry for a light supposed to be without.” Robert Browning. In the world today, lots of problems Selfishness and Greed are the root cause of most problems created by human beings. What is the Solution? Cooperation Cooperation is the way, it’s in our DNA Eighteen brave souls from the XRP ARMY COMMUNITY decided to take a step in this direction. Deciding to Connect, Cooperate and Collaborate. To come Together and create something greater together than any could create by themselves. Ever notice Michael Jordan never won a Championship playing by himself? Lots choose to play the game alone. Silly wabbitsl 

This TEAM came together to bring The Timeline Alive. 

What is this Timeline? The sec and members of the eea etherium enterprise alliance worked together to give the digital token etherium a free pass. The Timeline breaks down in chronological order how this came to be. “These are the the facts and they are not in dispute”. John E Deaton Esq. said 

This Team came together after meeting on Twitter. all feel to have a better world, people have to come together to make things better.

Timeline Team 2 pic

Who are these people?
XRP Army News 1 GaryGenslerResign @XRPArmyNews1
XRPLUMBER @xrplumber,
jenna x @XRPjenna,
XRP Meesku @Mel_Senechal,
XRP Snakie @XrpSnakie
FireDragonXRP @Jpaguado
XRP-JayB @JayBlessed901
crypto and bourbon @Christo83585620
XRP/XDC Chris@Chris31710218,
Ken XRP @ken…xrp,
Emmett Hedigan @HediganEmmett,
Mick  @MastermindMick,
Crypto Eri 214k Followers (beware of imposters) @sentosumosaba
AABest.XRP @AA.Best
DOC DELUCCI  @cryto_rigatoni
lain E Liddell @EedoXrp
MrUseCase (Zerpaverse) @MrUseCase

These voices came together to bring the roots of the SEC v Ripple case out of the headlines and back to where it resides; inside each of us: The Timeline Comes Alive. 

If the problems humanity faces today are not addressed how are things going to get better? These people believe #TWAS is truel Together We Are Stronger, applying the Law of Synergy, together proving people can choose to walk what they talk. People CAN act together, not just talk about it. Lots of talkers out there. These people chose to be doers, not talkers. RESPECT! 

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein 

People believe this to be true? Then people have to DO DIFFERENT. “This is not Rocket Scientology”, quote by Scott Powell XRP Army News 1 

The hope is this demonstration spurs more Cooperative efforts in the XRP ARMY COMMUNITY. That Community has often been referred to as the Smartest Community in Crypto. 

How cool would it be if members decided to and worked to become the MOST Connected, Cooperative and Collaborating Community in the History of the World? 

Any downside to that? 

Huge props need to be given to the sleuths and the lnfluencers/Youtubers in the XRP ARMY COMMUNITY. Finding the Facts of the Timeline and sharing them with the World has been awesome. 

This Bringing The Timeline Alive Project is just complimenting the work done by others, adding human voices to the facts and how this hot mess effected people. 

Special Thanks go to the Sleuths in The XRP ARMY Community and their research I Special Thanks for the lnfluencers/Youtubers who have shared this information with the world. Special Thanks to@TNPFIT, @Crypto and Bourbon and XRP ARMY NEWS(Rick) for their inexhaustible effort and dedication to make this Project a reality 

The Timeline Comes Alive is truly a demonstration of what Robert Browning said. .an example of opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape …. the imprisoned splendor .. the cooperation and collaboration of a few brave, wonderful people. Let this project be the springboard for future collaboration.

Check out the video
Check out our website

Contact Info·
Name: Scott Powell
Email: Send Email
Organization: XRP Army News
Address: 470 Water Tower Rd , Moncure, NC 27559, United States
Phone:+ 1-919-548-2437
Source: PressCable 


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#Ethgate Questions for Bitboy Crypto The Supreme Leader of the XRP ARMY

April 05, 2022 at 18:00 PM EDT

Moncure,United States – April 5, 2022 /PressCable/ —

Yo Bitboy Crypto

A Response from a Member of the XRP Army Community in the form of a few questions!

Bitboy Crypto runs the largest Crypto YouTube Channel. He recently had a segment on his YouTube Show, Bitboy Crypto, that featured Attorney John E Deaton as a guest.

The segment was covering #Ethgate, a scandal that could end up being, according to pundits, worse than Enron.

Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy Crypto, did a great job explaining how he felt the sec was bad, but the Founders of Etherium played no part in the potential scandal.

Scott Powell with XRP ARMY NEWS said: “I am not a lawyer. Nothing here is to be taken as accusations in any way shape or form. Just asking questions and purely speculation. Seeking clarity”.

#Ethgate… it’s a problem. The details and who is responsible and if there were any criminal acts committed, still yet to be determined. It boils down to Rigorous Honesty and if people can see clearly between right and wrong. At times people have monetary investments that influence opinions.

A way to find out is to ask questions.

For starters BIG PROPS, RESPECT, Bitboy Crypto for having John E Deaton on the show. There were a few questions after watching the interview that inquiring minds want to know. Decided to ask a few questions and hope one day to get a sincere, thoughtful response from Mr Armstrong.

Question Number 1 is about Complicity. There are many brilliant attorney’s in the XRP ARMY Community. John E Deaton and Jeremy Hogan being two of them. Maybe at some point they will chime in on these questions.

People easily understand concepts using analogies. A person steals oranges in NC…drive to Atlanta and launders the oranges by selling them to another person. The second person bought the stolen goods. The second person then sold them to the retail buying public at a profit. Both profited. Both COMPLCIT?

The way Bitboy Crypto portrayed #Ethgate in his segment with attorney John E Deaton was the sec bad…the Etherium Founders not.

How about a person who knew about an illegal act…benefitted economically by being silent? That sound like rigorous honesty Ben Armstrong? Etherium Founder Joseph Lubin commented on VIDEO how to disguise their purchases so not to be seen as whales…anything wrong there?

What if a person knew a dirty deed was done? A person benefits from the dirty deed and does or says nothing. That the definition of being complicit in it’s purest form? Benefitting leaving plausible deniability as an excuse?

Lies of omission are still lies, right? George Orwell said, “lies of omission are the most powerful form of lie.” Adrienne Rick said, “lying is done with words, and also with silence.”

Question Number Two: Bitboy Cyrpto is what the Etherium Founders said, a problem?

Vitalik Buterin calls XRP a “..itcoin.” (source: Coingape By Prashant Jha Published December 22, 2020)

Ben Armstrong talked in the interview about the XRP ARMY, what the Community of XRP Retail Investors are known as, about the anger being felt towards Etherium and its Founders is better directed at the real bad actors, the sec. It is comments by Vitalik Buterin that give rise to the inflamed feelings of members of the XRP ARMY.

Then there is this Texas Bitcoin Conference 3/13/14: Ethereum Founder explains how he plans to get around US Regulations and do his PreSale. (source: Sead Fadilpašić 04 Aug 2021)

“The team raised more than 31,000 BTC from the sale of ETH, around $18 million at the time.” (source cointelepgraph Vitalik Buterin: The man who co-created Ethereum article)

Believe ICO’s are illegal in the USA. “According to Recent comments from the SEC mean that cryptocurrency crowdsales are legal in the United States. ICOs, on the other hand, are fraught with risks if done incorrectly. Basically, Securities laws will apply to an ICO as they do to an IPO, but not to a crowdsale.” source: july 6 2020 Crowdsale Or ICO, Which Is Legal In The United States? article)

The double standard Ben Armstrong is in part what raises the anger level of the XRP ARMY. Ripple Labs funded their Project with VC Capital and the Etherium Foundation did an ICO. Why did Ripple Labs end up being the Company sued? Why did the other get a “Free Pass.”

Double Standards a problem?

Lastly, the Etherium Founders attempt at Web 3.0. Seems the intention was to create a monopoly over ALL THE BLOCKCHAIN. Every Crypto Project would be built on the Etherium Blockchain. Like the internet is all using the https protocol.

Scott Powell with XRP ARMY NEWS commented, “Monopoly is a cool board game and all, but not for global implementation of the Blockchain. Thought the memo said decentralized.”

Ok Ben Armstrong…hope people can tell this has been a sincere and respectful response about opinions about everything #Ethgate…facts or conspiracy theories? Thanks to The Supreme Leader of the XRP ARMY!

Cool with that? RESPECT.

Just hope The Supreme Leader is cool with people in the XRP ARMY asking questions respectfully for clarification.

Bottom line…stand for something or fall for anything!

Some choose to fall on the sword of the TRUTH! Principles over Profit.

Take care, be safe! Keep trudging!

A video people might find helpful:

For more details on #Ethgate visit

Watch the BitBoy Crypto interview….last 35 minutes viewed on YouTube on this link.

Contact Info:
Name: Scott Powell
Email: Send Email
Organization: XRP Army News
Address: 470 Water Tower Rd , Moncure, NC 27559, United States
Phone: +1-919-548-2437

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 89072692


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Official Announcement XRP Army News

JAN 01, 2022 | Syndication Cloud


XRP Army News

Rapidly Growing XRP and Crypto Influencer Group reaches 600+ Members in 5 days!

February 01, 2022 at 23:33 PM EST

XRP Army Brigade reaches 600+ users of the popular Influencer Group. In the History of Social Medis never has a group come together the way the XRP ARMY is doing now.

Moncure, United States – February 1, 2022 /PressCable/ —

XRP Army News announces its 600+ milestone for members of its Influencer Group, “$XRP Army Brigade”. In celebration of this major event, XRP Army News will feature Attorney John Deaton as a guest on the “XRP Army News” Community Livestream, Thursday, February 3th, 2022 at 8PM EST.

$XRP Army Brigade has attracted users who are interested in getting messages out to the Public and Leaders within our Government in regards to an equal playing field and clear regulations for all crypto assets. The goal of this rapidly growing community is to actively pursue through Government and Public awareness clear regulatory guidelines within the industry so that Fintech companies like Ripple Labs and their native token XRP may flourish without fear of penalty or unfairness from Government, Corporate, Legal or Private Sectors. And ensure a legal playing field for all crypto assets.. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including focus on assisting Attorney John Deaton with exposure on as many media platforms to expose the SEC & their false claim that the Crypto asset XRP is a security. Attorney Deaton represents over 65k retail $XRP holders in a class action suit against the SEC.

Currently the XRP Army Brigades focus is on contacting popular podcast host Joe Rogan and requesting that Attorney John Deaton be invited as a guest. The SEC case against Ripple Labs is being touted as one of the most high profile cases in many years. The outcome of the case could prove to be historical for the Crypto industry as a whole. Over 10k have visited the XRP Army News website’s “Contact Joe Rogan” page in less than a month requesting that Attorney Deaton be a guest on his show..

Scott and Rick, Founders of XRP Army News & The XRP Army Brigade are extremely excited by the growing momentum of $XRP Army Brigade and exceeding their first milestone, Scott commented that the group is a diverse community of Crypto/Blockchain Enthusiast & Retail Investors that seeks an open playing field for all Crypto Assets across the board. Scott also added that as one target is met… The group will then set their sites on a new goal. These goals will include media platforms, political players and business in the crypto/blockchain space.

“The XRP Army Brigade celebrates over 600+ members within 5 days and more than 1500 visits to the Joe Rogan guest request page.”

People looking to join this rapidly growing and popular community are encouraged to visit the XRP Army Brigade website.

Join our Livestream Thursday Night Feb 3th 8:00 pm Est

Visit our Messaging Brigade

John E Deaton’s Crypto Law Us Connect to Congress Page

Connect to Congress – CryptoLaw (

Contact Info:
Name: Scott Powell
Email: Send Email
Organization: XRP Army News
Address: 470 Water Tower Rd , Moncure, NC 27559, United States
Phone: +1-919-548-2437

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 89062482


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Official Announcement XRP Army News

DEC 22, 2021 | Syndication Cloud


XRP Army News

The XRP ARMY Connects and Cooperates To Get John E Deaton On Joe Rogan Podcast

December 22, 2021 at 21:50 PM EST

The XRP ARMY has decided to come together to get the news of the sec vs Ripple case out into the public eye. Working together to get John E Deaton on the JRE Podcast. Cool!

Moncure, United States – December 22, 2021 /PressCable/ —

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”. Yes Rick Blaine mused in Casablanca. The same could be said by Brad Garlinhouse CEO of Ripple Labs Inc, one year ago today, December 22nd 2020, when then acting Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton brought a lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc.

Ripple Labs, Inc. is an American technology company which develops the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network. Originally named Opencoin and renamed Ripple Labs in 2015, the company was founded in 2012, and is based in San Francisco, California.

Times they are a changing….humans are moving into a brave new world! The new world includes the emergence of a most powerful influence…Communities in Social Media! Once activated and Communicating together, Connecting and Cooperating Communities can have an influence together never before seen in recorded human history! Yes the power is in the People, but ONLY if people choose to come together in a Unified Voice.

So far the mainstream media, for reasons unknown, have basically ignored the “Financial Case of the Century”. The stakes are very high. In the Dot Com Boom era, the United States Regulators created an environment where Entrepreneurs could thrive. The United States ended up with Internet Companies dominating the web. Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, and Amazon just to name a few. GO USA!

The current Chair of the SEC, Gary Gensler, has proceeded in a strategy leading the SEC known as, “regulation by enforcement”. If this shortsighted strategy continues, it opens the door for the world to take full advantage of the Blockchain Boom…leaving the USA behind. Even two of the current SEC Commissioners, Hester Pearce and Elad Roisman, have commented on the absurdity of this lame strategy.

The XRP ARMY Community has decided to ACT TOGETHER and has gotten the Attorney representing them in the SEC vs Ripple case on the airwaves. First was a guest appearance on the Bitboy Crypto Show. Ben Armstrong (aka Bitboy Crypto) has grown his YouTube Channel to perhaps the biggest in the Crypto World, with 1.43 million subscribers. Next up was a deep dive conversation with none other than Patrick Bet-David, Influencer Extraordinaire, and his co-host, Gerard Michaels. Bet-David’s Show, Valuetainment, has over 3 million subscribers.

Next on the agenda for the XRP ARMY Community is to come together and focus their combined energy to get John E Deaton interviewed by none other than Joe Rogan. “Why?” people might ask. The answer is…Reach! April 2019, Rogan said that the podcast had 190 million downloads each month. JRE is the most popular podcast in the world, and deservedly so.

Until the mainstream media decides to cover the Financial Case of the Century, the XRP ARMY Community has to go about shining the light on the SEC vs Ripple case by getting Community Members interviewed on popular YouTube broadcasts and Podcasts. John E Deaton is a great spokesperson for the XRP ARMY Community sharing with the world details about the SEC VS Ripple case.

To date, there have been standouts spreading the news…two from Fox Business, Charles Gasparino and Eleanor Terrett. The other is Roslyn Layton, a writer for Forbes. Besides them, pretty much nuttin honey! The mystery is why?

Why would any journalist want to miss out on reporting on the Financial Case of the Century? Gerard Michaels on the recent PBD Youtube interview with John E Deaton commented…”this is better than a John Grisham novel.” Yes it is! The corruption and unethical behavior of the sec along with the collusion with the unETHical eth gang is gag-worthy!

What this really represents in the bigger picture is the role Social Media Communities can play in influencing their beliefs throughout the world. Most people want to make a difference, but alone, no person can do much. Together the upside is limitless. There is an opportunity here, if the XRP Army Members decide to come together and put a dent in the Universe!

XRP Army News created a page on its website to make it simple to email the Joe Rogan Experience interview booking agent Matt Stagg. Many of the Influencers in the Community have joined in on the effort, like JamesRule XRP, and Brad Kimes, host of the YoutTube channel, Digital Perspectives. All, and mean ALL, XRP ARMY Community Members are looking forward to, and counting on, the other Great Influencers in the XRP ARMY Community throwing support and influence behind the movement. Influencers like Crypto Eri, Moon Lambo, The Digital Asset Investor, Bitboy Crypto, Jungle Inc, Mack Attack, The Bearable Bull, and Kevin Cage just to name a few.

Imagine if all in the XRP ARMY Community locked arms and beat the same drum to accomplish a common goal? What a VISION! When those kinds of things happen….and it doesn’t happen often….it creates a dent in the universe and causes the world to wobble just a little on its axis. Who wants to miss out on being a part of something like that?

Who isn’t cool with that and looking forward to the application of the Law of Synergy by what some have called the Greatest Community in all of Crypto: The XRP ARMY COMMUNITY! CHARGE!

In conclusion, what can people do? Go to the link below that brings people to the form to contact the JRE. Fill out the form and Hit Send! Tell others to DO it too! A cool way to be a part of and not apart from! Getting mad isn’t enough….DO SOMETHING! Stand for something or fall for anyone! XRP ARMY Community STAND AND ACT TOGETHER!

Check out the video:

Click the link to get to the form to contact Joe Rogan Podcast Booking Agent Matt Stagg:

Click link to John E Deaton’s Website

App to Home Screen on any Digital Devic


The XRP Army News Press Release


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Official Announcement XRP Army News
Open For Business… Hello World

Nov 9, 2019 | Syndication Cloud


XRP Army News

The XRP Army News was born out of the realization that Digital Currency was growing as a new source of currency for the Globalization of the economy. The XRP Army News also recognized that there was a growing group of on-line Influencers that were providing the most recent news and insights into a particular segment of the Digital Currency area called XRP, a foundation for an On-Demand Liquidity Company, Ripple. It was noted that these Influencers were growing larger and larger followings…

After researching this trend for more than 8 months, the people involved the XRP Army News, Scott Powell, Rick Scheer and Christopher Knight realized that there was a need to gather all these on-line Influencers into one place. And with that realization the XRP Army news was born. As the research continued, people like David Schwartz, Chris Larson and Brad Garlinghouse. were discovered to be the true foundation of Ripple and this XRP phenome so the Team continued to build out the News concept. What was uncovered was an incredible wonderful community of committed caring intelligent people sharing with the world everything Ripple and XRP!

With all this research behind the Team, we built out a central location on-line for all the Major Influencers, YouTube Channels and Twitter Feeds to be found easily by this large and enthusiastic group or Army of Followers. The XRP Army News will enjoy being a part of seeing the emergence of one of the greatest digital assets ever created becoming a reality, while at the same time keeping the open flow of information from the best and brightest in front of the people.

This News Aggregator team has now brought Concept to Competition with this introduction of the immediately release and publication on-line of the XRP Army News. No longer will people interested in the very latest information from Ripple and XRP have to search for the XRP You Tube and Twitter Influencers but will have only one source conveniently provided for them.

In addition, the on-line Website, the Team has also built a custom app that allows anyone to view the very same information on their phone as the can gather on the main site. This makes it available to everyone, anywhere, 24/7. An innovation which will boost the viewership of the News site.

The site consists of 12 of the top Influencers, The Digital Asset Investor, Brad Kimes, Dustin Planholt, Alex Cobb, To The Lifeboats, Jungle Inc, The Bearable Bull, Crypto Eri, Kevin Cage, Dustybc, The Working Money Channel, Love For Crypto, Moon Lambo.

It will also include the people producing an upcoming Documentary Cryptonaire by Brad Kimes and Dustin Planholt. The producers will be showcased, and their film progress updated consistently.

Now anyone can find their videos and tweets in one centralized convenient place! No words can express the gratitude felt for the XRP Army Influencers! Keep the content coming and together it is shared with the world.


Click Here To Visit the Website

Click Here To Watch Video

Click Here To Add Progressive Web App to Home Screen on any Digital Device

a powerful team

multidisciplinary team

Thank you Youtubers & Twitters for providing us with current & point-on video & twitter content. The opinions contained on this site are those of the channel creators and or owners.

I am impressed with the professionalism and exectution of the project by this team. Highly efficient, easy to communicate with and definitely know their craft. Thanks for an incredible result.
Technical Director at XRP ARMY NEWS
200 k
16 +
years of experience
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