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Will we finally witness some regulatory clarity in 2022?

The crypto industry has achieved a lot in the past years, but if you don't know what to expect from the new year, the experts will tell you.

My goal when I started CryptoLaw was to help the individual investor. That’s why late last year I launched Connect to Congress, to help retail holders make themselves heard. Now, I’m going to ask again that we speak up… a 🧵
#Bitcoin may be below $42k but @GoldmanSachs says it’s 20% of the store-of-value market and headed to $100k. Thanks @CNBCClosingBell for the chance to discuss.
@JohnEDeaton1 , if @Ripple loses DPP motion to see documents we could see a judgement sooner rather than later. It could also mean a record fine for the SEC from Ripple. #RETWEET #Followus #xrp
@JohnEDeaton1 , if @Ripple loses DPP motion to see documents we could see a judgement sooner rather than later. It could also mean a record fine for the SEC from Ripple. #RETWEET #Followus #xrp
What is the worst case scenario for SEC vs @Ripple outcome? @JohnEDeaton1 sits down with @linqto and explains. John Deaton says SEC could literally drop the case! #RETWEET
What is the worst case scenario for SEC vs @Ripple outcome? @JohnEDeaton1 sits down with @linqto and explains. John Deaton says SEC could literally drop the case! #RETWEET
@JohnEDeaton1 sits down with @linqtoinc . If @ripple wins on seeing documents claimed by SEC to be under "DPP " we could see a settlement decision within 90 days! #RETWEET #Followus
Ripple's argument is clean, concise - and correct.

The Fife case was talking about making orange juice but the Ripple case is just talking about whether the oranges can even be picked off the tree.

That's "...different procedural posture" in lawyer-talk.
*Major broker TP ICAP the world's biggest inter-dealer broker, begins crypto trading for clients
said its D.Assets business marked a major milestone with the first Crypto-related trades completed with Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS)
*Plans to Expand to the US
* #CBDC wallet tops mobile app store charts in China
*The pilot version of China’s official digital yuan wallet app has become the most downloaded app in local mobile app stores.
* #XRP-Centric Exchange @BitrueOfficial a diversified Cryptocurrency ecosystem that is particularly popular among soldiers in the $XRP Army, unveils its updated passive income program, Yield Farming Hub.
#XRPCommunity #IOV
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Ripple has filed its response to the SEC's Notice of Supplemental Authority regarding the SEC's Motion to Strike the Fair Notice Defense.
@esiattorney @udiWertheimer @twobitidiot And I bet a dollar to a donut,those fake accts were to make it appear as though #ETH was decentralized,and it it wasn`t and still isn`t. Why has there never been a public audit on the first ever #ICO??? @SECGov @ethereumJoseph @joerogan @JamieVernon @JohnEDeaton1 @60Minutes
Monday on @SquawkCNBC at 8:30 am: SEC Chair @GaryGensler joins in his first TV interview of the new year to discuss the regulatory agenda and priorities for 2022 #exclusive
Once again, the assertion the Banque de France is exploring #Ripple CBDC use is made in this report;
Kshetri, Nir (2021). "The Economics of Central Bank Digital Currency” IEEE Computer 54(6),
No evidence given, however.
Have a complaint about any virtual currency service? The @CFPB will respond to you (from experience). File you complaint here 👉
@patrickbetdavid Good morning @patrickbetdavid. People always say get out there and get it(money)but I`ve found the best way to recieve is to be a good go giver,it`s the intention behind our work that`s key. Help as many people get what they want,and you can have whatever you want. Zig Ziglar
Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Issues Warning to Ethereum Traders, Says ETH Will Lose Value Against Top Competitor
XRP price could return to a leadership position in the altcoin market if it can pull off confirmation of one of the most potent and rare Japanese candlestick patterns in existence: the Squeeze Alert.
So, could Binance and Ripple – both entities facing legal risks in the USA – be looking towards the Middle East for future expansion? If so, which country might they choose?
CEO @CZ_Binance's net worth is over $96 billion making him one of the world's richest crypto investors
#Ripple has been eyeing the MENA markets due to the value of its remittance networks. Its partnership with Pyypl to deploy #XRP On-Demand Liquidity in the Middle East was one such example, as well as its regional headquarters in Dubai
The Complaint 🆚 @Ripple @bgarlinghouse & @chrislarsensf claims XRP has no utility & the founders/CEO sale XRP to “enrich” themselves. The SEC made the same claim during oral argument. If the SEC truly believed these claims, why didn’t it seek an injunction to stop ongoing sales?
"Research on Payment Settlement Mode in Crossborder Business Trade Based on Blockchain Technology," an investigation of #Ripple / #XRP from Anhui Vocational College of Finance and Trade, China.
Now their house of cards is collapsing, the SEC claims that Hinman's speech on Ethereum was just his personal private opinion. The only silly thing is: The SEC has always referred to this speech as its official position when suing other projects to create a monopoly for Ethereum.
Ripple is committed to a clean, prosperous and secure, low-carbon future. That's why we have a plan to reach carbon net zero by 2030. 🌱 See how we're working towards that goal.
While both Ripple and @JedMcCaleb get to continue to sell XRP, #XRPHolders have their XRP frozen in IRA accounts and can’t sell or convert their XRP until the case is over. So tell me, who is the SEC protecting by bringing the enforcement action the way it did. Utter disgrace!
And who didn't see this coming?😑😑

"Omicron, delta have fused into new ‘deltacron’ strain, Cyprus professor finds"
Compliments of Working money channel!

In December it also added to its world-leading list of credentials with the addition of XRP to its assets under custody.
India’s Central Bank Creates FinTech Department as Challenges Posed by Crypto, CBDC Grow
@HammerToe Thank you @HammerToe .We use it as "Shorthand" @Ripple was the first member on the ISO20022 standard/committee for implementing DLT to compliment.Understanding that goal allows option in settlement for digital assets.if not,all you`ve done is upgrade the friction/paper world. No?
“The impact of this partnership on XRP prices might not be significant, as investors still wait for the SEC lawsuit hearing.”

I’m looking forward to finding out which expert the SEC is going to call to establish #XRP’s price is correlated with Ripple’s efforts.
Sam Bankman-Fried – the man in charge of popular and fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange FTX – says there is likely to be more institutional adoption of cryptocurrency in the year 2022 granted regulation becomes a solid thing.
A new cryptocurrency law will be heard in the Turkish Parliament in the upcoming weeks.

The laws seek to protect investors by creating a framework for exchanges to operate within.

Key industry and government stakeholders were involved..
@jvallee2000 @RuleXRP @BakkupBradley @JohnEDeaton1 SEC’s Form PFs must be getting leaked some how if Hedge Funds have access to them to see others positions so they can USE Leverage against them. I wonders who at the SEC is leaking? JAN 2022
@attorneyjeremy1 I know that discovery ends the 19th, then the DPP and fair notice rulings. What are the major events between then and final arguments?
There is $10-15 trillion in global SME cross-border payment flows and this is only one of many industries #Ripple and #XRP are going after
@JohnEDeaton1 I correct my mistake. I missed June 5 Novogratz and accidentally put May 12 & 14 in twice. Here's the correct version! Let me know if you notice anything else and I'll clean it up.
Let's ponder this fact for a moment:

#XRP was the first cryptocurrency ever in history to be recognised as such by the US Treasury / FinCen.

It wasn't Bitcoin & it wasn't Ethereum.

This lawsuit is an audit of Ripple for the role it will play in the future on the world stage.
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