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This Bank uses #XRP and has multiple licenses (Australia, Canada and New Zealand) with more to come, offering banking services to fintech's, especially friendly to those working with crypto.
Awarded the Visionary Award at the last @Ripple Swell event, UAE based Pyypl, an #XRP ODL user -- today announced a new round of funding. Series B $20M.

👉Great projects still raise money in this climate.
@MinusWells It’s cooked, has a yummy sauce, I can eat. 💯 % 😁
@APompliano @elonmusk Come'on Pomp. Just when I thought your screws tightened up, you make some crazy talk claim. Absolutely false & you know it. #XRP & many other assets are better suited than BTC. Level up & watch @justmoon interledger #Dassie presentation live stream on 12.
The CFTC @CarolineDPham in Singapore this last week at the Fintech Festival.

Ban on Crypto? Anti-american (Shermie) @BradSherman

Also, looks like they are going to let some of that Crypto regulation 👉play out in the courts. ie: SEC v @Ripple
Highlight comments from @cz_binance at Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 Nov 2-4.

>"Show Me The Money" 👍wallet/reserve audits👍
>Education! @BinanceAcademy (btw> excellent🏆)
>Singapore Dollar Coming🇸🇬
>New users should be learning crypto with less than .1% of their net worth.💵
If you visit me in Tokyo, I may ask you, “Can you eat anything?” and if you say yes, we definitely are sharing this side dish.
Vitalik Buterin in Singapore two days ago.

The problems with Proof of Work, 1-2-3-4~

#Ethereum has 5 to 10 years of more work.

(Original sound was poor)
👉"No to crypto speculation"

The Singapore Crypto Hub - going forward, is becoming crystal clear.

From the managing director of MAS.

Fintech Festival 2022, Nov 2-4
World changing payment technology. You want to save this link 👇to view the live stream where much will be revealed. Former @ripple CTO @justmoon & co-inventor of Interledger @ahopebailie will give presentations. New Orleans Sat/Sun Nov 12/13
@Santiag78758327 @RLPPharmD14 This has me 100% captured. In a state of "I must know" what Stefan has been working on and created.
A free preparation course is coming to @GenfinityIO
~This will prepare you to pass the series 65 license.

Passing the test can open new doors;
Level up your knowledge or set a course to becoming a new generation advisor with accredited investor status
@nashdxb23 Their CEO Piyush Gupta pointed their record profits being related to their Wealth Management. But you are also correct, especially with credit cards tied to a moving interest rate, this too will have a positive impact on the bottom line.
Why Matic, Aave & UNI up?

JP Morgan, SBI & Largest 🇸🇬Bank DBS chose these 3 to tokenize government securities & cash within a DeFi liquidity pool.

Banks now 👀NEW $$$ by copying success in crypto, "promising to bring trillions in existing financial instruments to the party".
that impacts everyone, including the tiny retail investor because it's a catalyst for explosive global growth, one of the enablers for the crypto market to reach many trillions in size. One of the silver linings of a severe down turn. 3/3
which introduced crypto trading with their Digibank app that debits/credits directly to & from their Wealth Management Account.

Point being during this downturn more & more banks are going to turn to this model which increases liquidity, attracting more accredited investors 2/3
Last 24hr Dapper Labs w/ staff that soared 100 to 600, named top disrupter at $7B valuation lays off 22%, Chargebee trims 10%, CoinDesk owner DCG 13%, BitMex 30%, Novogratz Galaxy Digital 20% trim, however 1 outlier=DBS, record profit for the bank led by its Wealth Management 1/3
@justmoon Super! Thank you Stefan! (of course you pull it off)
I'm seeing some crazy headlines "with all over the board numbers" (that don't match) regarding #XRP Escrow release & what was locked back up.

This is one of those times, don't rely on the headlines, do your own research.
@xrpmule @GaryGensler Not a given, but he'll be under a whole new set of pressure that could likely have impact on whether he stays or goes.
It's official @GaryGensler ~ BNY Mellon had Celent complete an in-depth report on digital assets.

Singapore and Hong Kong outpace the US and lead in terms of current investing in / exploring 49% v 75%

Good job. "not"
Coinbase listed XRP Feb 2019
Suspended Trading Jan 2021
Announced IPO 8 days later
Filed S-1 Feb 2021
Went public April 14, 2021
Gensler assumed office April 17

Why kick this dog & risk a suit? Poor performance review, Congress shifting, my bets are a relist AFTER Gensler is OUT
Love crypto stats more than licorice, sushi & tacos.

Grayscale & Harris Poll Survey Reveals that US Democrats and Republicans Agree Cryptocurrency is the Future of Finance👇

👉And @GaryGensler Nearly 2/3 see US behind in creating regulatory environment.
2X less than 30 days.

⚡️Lightning Network releases emergency update after critical bug on nodes.

@Spend_The_Bits transfers #Bitcoin on the reliable #XRP Ledger ~ faster, cheaper and more secure.

@SenLummis know what you shill.

@LordFusitua revisit?😇
It's out!

My exclusive video & companion article in The LightHouse by @GenfinityIO

The🇸🇬Singapore regulator MAS says "Yes to digital asset innovation, no to crypto speculation."

Heavy speculation is "not ok" and they are seeking to restrict.
Crypto Market Asia: Singapore is dramatically tightening up access to crypto for retail investors. (see my exclusive video in NOV @GenfinityIO LightHouse).

This has Hong Kong revamping crypto regulations/PRO retail trading & chance to start futures-based crypto ETFs.

👀BTC & ETH total futures volume hovered at $50bn on daily average in Sept & Oct
(Source: Greyscale)

Estimates that the total daily activity of crypto is $100bn, or 1/5 the figure of US equities 👉 such sustained volume in the throes of a bear market makes me bullish on Crypto
👀Just a WSJ Snap Shot of how dry the US IPO pipeline has been this year.

Sitting at only $7B for 2022, with averages more in line with $38B by this time.

Seeing a lot of discounting. Buyers who have been watching the prices over 2020 and 2021 are quickly find the deals.
@Kashta9 Yes, but many companies in Japan love it. Today, Sony just revised their forecast …up. It’s an amazing time to visit with USD in your pocket.
@thebearablebull @FilanLaw I think it's going to last longer than a moment! 🍾😇
@FilanLaw Jim, I wonder what the record is for filed amicus briefs in a case? Surely we are approaching that!
👉👀"there are increasing signs that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faces a bruising defeat against the San Francisco-based enterprise blockchain innovator @Ripple Labs."

Ripple defense team went for the jugular
Thank you @RoslynLayton
@khughbreslin @docwill121 Ripple DEVs & core team leaders have a history of being ahead. It’s called vision. Rather be too early than too late.
"Digital Asset Banking"

👀Probably nothing😂
Only a bank in Texas.
The Chairman is speaking at @Ripple SWELL.

New tab on website, "Digital Assets".

>Real Time Settlement
>Custody Assets
>Asset Enablement (issue & mint baby)
IMO - #LiquidityHub
On the "local front", over 80,000 San Franciscans signed to put Prop D on the ballot.

It speeds up construction of affordable new homes so teachers, nurses, firefighters and carpenters, etc.

Biggest Backer is @Ripple labs with their contribution.
While most zeroed in on Ripple's #XRP holding dipping below 50% in the Q3 Markets Report, I noticed the huge difference from just one year ago. 👉2X word count & coverage FAR beyond ripplenet payments solution & ODL.

👀🧭I see the wide net being set. ALL THE CRYPTO
@EugeneXRP Over 65,000 tickets sold. It's a big big deal.😉 🏉I'm so excited to watch!
@stevewa11206258 His LinkedIn shows he;s on the board. If that's not correct, he should change it. And his excuse of "tongue and cheek: is well...You don't even have to understand French if you watch the video (which I did), so that back-tracking response doesn't pass.
@superceiliog Not a moon girl, nor am I one to filter only moon news. It's very important to fully understand the space. The good, the bad & the ugly. In fact, one can arbitrage information as discussed today Nakamura san on Real Vision who does just that with lack of news in US from Japan.
Most know Larchevêque, co-founder & current board member of the hard wallet Ledger Nano put #XRP in the "trash" 12 days ago.

👀For the other ranking translations in French:

GOAT: Greatest of all time
Révolution: Revolutionary
Utile: Useful
Surcoté: Overrated
Poubelle: Trash Can
@ShortTheFOMO @towernter The alter of elevated root privileges! Now that is something 🤣
@ltsJustDaFacts I believe you missed the point entirely. Read the image below, which was in the Garlinghouse tweet today.

This is 100% about people who talk against tribalism, who practice tribalism.
Mini rant.

One should really grab a mirror🪞when they get angry with anyone who spews tribal maxi talk, BUT then in their next breath, throw shade on another asset(s) they don't own or can't understand why others would own it.

I hear way too much of this double-talk.
BIS calls this seamless, yet : in the pilot, settlement finality was achieved through specially developed legal agreements between each central bank and its respective commercial banks.

👩‍⚖️Since when did a "legal agreement" become seamless?

🙄Am I missing something?
Can't stop watching (and laughing). Brilliant Fun🥰
👉Turn up the sound.
NotFinancialAdvice.Crypto @NFAdotcrypto
Arch rivals $XRP and the SEC are set for an epic showdown. The SEC (who may have bribed the refs) awaits the game with undeserved confidence… when all of the sudden, a faint chant can be heard from the distance… it’s the #XRParmy and they don’t sound afraid one bit. 😤
@Oliver_LaRosa I so remember!!!! 🙏 for sharing. Do give my best.
3 days ago, DBS, the largest bank in Singapore & SE Asia. updated their customers, they are offering trading in four fiats (Singapore dollar, USD, HKD and Japanese Yen) with the "established cryptocurrencies" namely, #Bitcoin, ETH, BCH, Polkadot and #XRP.
As a #BTC holder I find the Bitcoin narrative of “scarcity” is popular now. Hold on! Miners are pumping NEW Bitcoin and selling into the market as much as they can. Please go back to original purpose, a pure vision of P2P transfer & then use #XRP ledger to be most efficient. Duh
Frustrated you’re not a $$qualified investor? I’m back from Europe & excited to soon share a collaborative sponsorship that empowers retail investors to qualify to purchase pre-IPO shares. (You also won’t have to only listen to, “this isn’t financial advice” 😣 😂anymore.)
@Parakite4 @Belisarius2020 Sorry. Got ya beat on time. Goes to show, you don’t research. Thank you for making my point. Been in the space since 2014 - and was originally a Bitcoin maxi. You can stop now.
@Parakite4 @Belisarius2020 Guess you don’t follow me. Been talking about this project since September 2020. If you make ridiculous claims like this, it exposes your lack of research or knowledge of the space.
🪦 Viewer Beware You Are In For A Scare🪦

🌕 Over 300,000 $hBAR worth of NFTs/Tokens are trapped in the Genfinity Graveyard

Can You Release Them?

Can we awaken the undead crypto market?

The Great Hederaween is coming.....

Stay Tuned For More Instructions🎃
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