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Happy to tell you @santimentfeed will be joining me again for an analysis update on some of our favorite assets.

Their tools are excellent - I especially like this weighted sentiment 👇(in this attached clip) from the 10th.

If you have a special request, drop it in the reply.
@cz_binance Not unpopular at all. You can lead that change. 🥰
@RosieRios "Our Story" just before going cashless?🤦‍♀️(Better late than never) Maybe fractionalize ownership of a limited number of quarters before taken out of circulation to generate perpetual royalties from ownership transfers, backing global education for children in sectors of finance.
>Putting ISO 20022 hype to rest.
>Bitrue launches new Yield Farming Hub, making BTR the world's first yield token.
>JP Morgan intentionally building only on ETH.
>XDC Network project soon bridging to 4 Protocols.
Nice Big #XRP Ledger Step.

"With XLS-20d live on XLS-20 Sandbox today, developers can access all essential NFT functionality including minting, trading, & burning."
Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC
"Crypto tokens--are raising money from the public, and are they sharing with the public the same sets of disclosures that helps the public decide and are they complying with our true in advertising?" says @GaryGensler. "It's about bringing them into the securities laws."
@Stev1900 The pie is huge. It's being carved up as we speak.
@Stev1900 @JohnEDeaton1 Please study. This is all about solving the Nostro account friction.
Christine Moy of JPMorgan, Onyx.

She is one of two JPMorgan Onyx representatives on the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Board of fifteen.

Goldman Sachs Started Trading on JPMorgan’s Blockchain Platform Onyx in June.

@Cryptot70641184 For Swift, they are giving all their member banks until 2025. After Nov 2022, there is a translation middleware for those banks on a slower migration path. You can download the details from this SWIFT page:
We know you're all excited for the launch of our new Yield Farming Hub coming later today, so here's a quick sneak peek at one of the pools we'll have live:

Stake your $BTR to farm $XDC @ 40% APY! @XinFin_Official

Look for the full range of pools launching at 10:00 UTC today
In researching ISO 20022, I carefully read dozens of docs. Maybe this Bank of England pdf will make it easy to understand the purpose behind the "common language" migration. With so many different types of payments, standard message codes are essential.
Onyx by J.P. Morgan, Christine Moy
Two points in these clips.
1. Using ALL ETHEREUM variant projects is INTENTIONAL.
2. JPM Coin is transacting billions of dollars a day.

Yes, very telling.
SETL (ISO 20022 Compliant) & SWIFT Collaborate

SETL will tokenized & settle hundreds of assets, plugging into financial market infrastructures (30,000 txs per second across 100 million addresses).

Tokenized assets expected to reach $24 trillion by 2027
@dream8_nba Yes. Woven City. Have done fluff twice on this. Plan to apply to live there once they open it up for general population. Currently, scientists, employee families and experts in the related fields are being selected. It’s very interesting.
The Dream of the late 90's. Real Revenue. Real Growth.
Institutional Investors Request #XRP for Custody.

ISO 20022 / MoneyGram / Deaton
We just flipped 77 in the top 100 by market cap - to green.

The quick turns up and down, still take me by surprise.
Kathie Wood of Arc Invest today.

Blockchain Technology~

"We think we are in a period of innovation that was the dream of the late '90s..."

"We have real revenue. We have incredible growth rates..."
ISO 20022 compliant means conforming to future SWIFT message standard/structure used by its members.

In doing so, it will show potential of DLT interoperability to the world.

Backend systems will be able to interface for Embargo/Sanctions/Fraud...etc.
SBI e-Sports added a new gamer to the team. @imPotqtq will receive part of his salary in #XRP.

Did you know more hours are spent watching gamers across platforms than hours watched on Netflix. 71% of Gen Z gamers watch game-related videos and streams.
SBI, largest outside Ripple shareholder & XRP ODL user completed recruitment of venture capital fund "SBI 4 + 5 Fund" with more than 40 banks participating in the upper side of 100 billion yen - slated for Metaverse, AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Web3.0 etc...
@CryptoowlX @Coinme @Ripple @MoneyGram Exactly my same point in today's video. 🧠🎖️
With a wallet for Banks to sell #BTC, @coinme receives $1.5M from @Ripple '19 then $10M raised in '21 (DCG)

Today @MoneyGram takes 4% stake "..shared imaginative & prescient to broaden entry to *DIGITAL BELONGINGS* & crypto...

@1andOnlyTin I think my point today, in today's coming video is I'm hearing many confusing (or mixing) payments settlement with this migration to a standard messaging (data) language. It's all about the message that attaches.
ISO 20022 is about a Messaging Language Standard, not really a payments standard.

Per Swift website, one year to go until the migration to the rich data begins Nov 2022.

For those banks slow to migrate, Swift created an "In-flow Translation Service" to be used until 2025.
👀Juan Llanos
Former BINANCE Director, Global Operations
Former UPHOLD Chief Compliance Officer
Former CONSENSYS RegTech Lead
Current RIPIO Chief Compliance Officer (Blockchain Payments)

Thank you @Dood91Dood
Here's a real whale alert. Whale-1983

If you really want to see the #XRP whales play, the best place is in the whale watch section.

Makes those single transaction tweets that often get media hype look (very) insignificant.
@DeezEth XRP out performed ETH for 5 years (flipped ETH multiple times) - UNTIL the law suit.

In addition, It's all about who is facilitating the flow of cross border remittances. Ripple/XRP or JPM/Consensys.

It ain't the money, it's the money.
@TAIGxrp @JohnEDeaton1 @_XRpizza @notgrubles Listen to her rant when she couldn't get Brad Garlinghouse as a guest on her show. "I will bite the head off..." I want the CEO, I always get the CEO" - It's classic. David wasn't good enough. (see his tweet May 1 2018) Listen Here:
Facts: Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan joined ETH Alliance, bemoaned Bitcoin publicly throwing shade on crypto (slowed bank adoption), then FUNDED Consensys.

Fact: Ripple & XRP threaten JPM & ETH domination.

Easy to see why power brokers were set in motion to greenlight ETH & attack.
Happy New Year @FrancisSuarez ! Thank you for not taking a maxi stance. Might I challenge you to not only take BTC & ALGO as salary, but take a new/different digital asset every week. This would show of a deep commitment to the ecosystem.

Millions would admire that leadership.
@Curis_Wang Happy New Year! Thank you for building out the entire ecosystem and achieving more adoption.
@ArtbyDanielMc CEO of Algorand Steve Kokinos. Fantastic SALT video from Dec. 22.
2022 in focus.

XRP is more than payments. It underpins the future with the ledger, as will $FLR & $ALGO.

"Public Blockchain Networks will be kind of the next major public utility, that eventually is just part of the fabric of everyday life..."

Keep an eye on who is building.
@xmochidonuts Oh this is so fun !!! ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
Very cool audio. Hey...that is a Japanese lacquered gold kamon (家紋)! Tell me more!
Physical Digital @xrpworldblood
Had such a fun last couple days making phygital nft's. off to bed and then another couple days of green screen filming. 🙂 Loving the new full time hobby! Looking forward to sharing more work! @SparklesNFT @SongbirdComm @FlareNetworks @sentosumosaba @MEGAMANXRP @foreverlandsxyz
@exp3ct0patronum @2manyusernayms @ItsMrWallace @caliph_sepet @2manyusernayms Payment Rails always go first. Can't go the other way around. Please put those key strokes of yours to good work, and connect to Congress for a regulatory green light for #XRP ODL.
(That would be mighty productive and appreciative).
What a little imagination can do. Crypto Community member ⁦ @tboone_8⁩ who makes amazing titanium accessories probably never thought his key ring could become a necklace! And with a little custom charm order, I put him in the earrings business! 🌸
Banks are highlighting the use of "Ripple".

It's fast becoming a Power Brand*

*A power brand is all about high value, familiarity and dependability.
(めっちゃ) かっこいい ( ̄ω ̄○)
凄い 本当に - ありがとうございます~
Japanese Traditional Culture Meets the Metaverse.
aimisekiguchi.eth⛩ @aimi_nft
⛩Give away⛩
【千本鳥居】Engrave name on the Senbon-Torii #20

1 You MUST do the following
2 Like & QRT with #CryptoZinja
3 "like" from opensea

Crypto Zinja
#NFT #Metaverse
@CryptoJeremyYT These Japanese Bulls are valued at over $50,000 each. With fractionalized ownership, it has the ongoing revenue stream from the shipped frozen semen. A very compelling return on investment. NFTs were a simple catalyst for the world to get to know blockchain and tokenization.
@CryptoJeremyYT I'm talking real world assets. Blue chip NFTs a part of the whole. Think Bigger. Tokenization of course, but fractionalized ownership creates real liquidity. 2022 will go beyond "talk" - Think Frozen Sperm from a Prized Japanese Black Bull, the prized breed bred for Wa'gyu beef.
Working on my 2022 predictions video.

1. Fractionalized Ownership. It will be huge.

A perfect example of who has a head start is Japan's SBI with their 'Eight-Figure' investment in Swiss Crypto Bank Sygnum. Their fractionalized platform goes live in Jan.
My favorite NFT artist since the beginning.
aimisekiguchi.eth⛩ @aimi_nft
I'll sell NFTs for the right to engrave name on the torii gates that exist in Crypto Zinja Metaverse on December 28, 21:00 (70 of the limited 100 units will be sold)
You can engrave your name of your choice through a smart contract at the exhibition venue or online on January 9.
My new word


In a sentence: I predict I'll be doing a lot of meta-hopping in 2022.
Listen to his words carefully. "When we started One River Digital, we set up an advisory counsel"

Fact: One River Digital was launched BEFORE Jay Clayton Stepped Out of his SEC position.
One River Asset Management President, October 2021.
Sebastian Bea, President.
Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton landed as an advisor to One River Asset Management (ORAM). A short 4 clip retrospect of ORAM from June 2019 to Jan 2021.

Eric Peters, Founder and CEO
gosh...there's PerkinsCoie again. Imagine that.
Dec 21 '21:SEC looks to approve or disapprove to List & Trade Shares of the >>One River Carbon Neutral BITCOIN TRUST under NYSE with MCO2 token scheme*
*MCO2= digital representation of carbon credit. Trust pays for tokens that retires on ETH blockchain
DEC 7 '21:Coinbase lists MCO2 supported by One River, a scheme to prove "burning" of MCO2 tokens (via UNISWAP). For every Bitcoin owned, One River will buy & "plant" MCO2 tokens offsetting estimated carbon emissions.
DEC 10 '21: Empower Oversight Sues SEC For Access to Docs
AUG '21:Empower Oversight request SEC under FOIA for Clayton emails & One River.
OCT '21:One River raises $41M from Coinbase & Goldman (cites Ethereum staking fund).
Nov '21:SEC responds to Empower Oversight without finding their requests but says they have right to appeal
NOV '20:One River buys $600M+ BTC & ETH with aim for $1B.
DEC '20: Clayton Quits SEC
MARCH '21: Clayton Joins One River.
April '21: One River whips up new crypto carbon neutral asset fund to benefit exposure to Bitcoin & Ethereum while offsetting their carbon footprint.
You still have time @GaryGensler to make this right.
CryptoLaw @CryptoLawUS
#Grundfest said filing the @Ripple case amidst a “mass exodus” of those behind it at the SEC raised “obvious concerns.” He foresaw the appearances of impropriety and conflicts of interest that have since exploded around this case 👇🏻
@DaUnknownn50 @BitrueOfficial Oh Gosh, it's having a little bit of fun. I think people should be able to have a little fun in such a stressful space.
@FAmericanSpirit @BitrueOfficial There is the form listed to let them know if you believe there is an error.
Wow. Never imagined. That's crazy @BitrueOfficial ~ Thank you.
I just won 201584.75 SHIB in the #BitrueChristmas Celebration! Come & see how much you can win!
🥰An Oldie but Goldie.
2019 Paris Fintech

Then CEO of SWIFT talking about how banks *aren't ready for volatility of crypto*.

Brad mic drops it.🤣
@CrypticTitan_ @swiftcommunity Goes back years when Gottfried Leibbrandt was the CEO. He never liked XRP.
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