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When I say #XRP is in an ecosystem of synergy; it starts SBI solving a problem for UBER DRIVERS in AFRICA.
Japanese car owners to...
Secondary Market Dealers
Trade Finance
African Car Dealers
Africa Jobs
Car Parts
Car Inspection
Consultation Services
>>Micro Finance with $XRP
If you don't catch my video on the use of #XRP in Africa through SBI. This graphic will scratch the surface. XRP is always in an *ecosystem* built on synergy. Multiple business units - traditional models, tied directly into finance. The grand vision of @yoshitaka_kitao
What does this Hudson hood ornament have to do with crypto? Everything. This car maker Hudson, didn't make it. In current market conditions, *deep dives* on companies that use digital-assets to solve real problems need to be understood. @sbimotorjapan video coming up.
Japan's first #XRP payment support on the e-commerce site by SBI Motor Japan. They export about 5,000 used cars annually, mostly to Africa.

#BTC will be the other crytpo-asset accepted.

@yoshitaka_kitao keeps putting XRP utility in play.
👀Uber, Amazon & Snowflake opened Toronto Engineering hubs, as did Door Dash. March, @Meta announced it would open its Engineering Hub in Toronto w/ 2500 new hires in mind. @Ripple now opening new Engineering Hub in Toronto.

With this kind of wave comes investment opportunity🫰
Coming to @UpholdInc

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These revolving doors are amazing between the Law Firms associated with the EEA and the SEC.
I will never say Cardano doesn’t have a working DEX again. I will never say Cardano doesn’t have a working DEX again. I will never say Cardano doesn’t have a working DEX again. I will never say Cardano doesn’t have a working DEX again. I will never say Cardano doesn’t have a …
@cryptomanran @IOHK_Charles @SundaeSwap I R.O.A.S.T.E.D. you tonight, because you're a disgrace. People are working very hard to help the entire ecosystem develop and flourish with truth. Level up your research, or quit. We've really had enough. You're toxic to the many new entrants.
This is not a theory, a speculation or a guess.

These are the facts.
Go to where is all began and where it ended up.
👀Nice to see the #XRP liquidity use case was explained through a tutorial in a Shanghai, China for the IEEE Virtual Blockchain Conference.
Hinman was managing partner of Shearman & Sterling SF office. S&S was on Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Legal Industry Working Group. Hinman brought Robert Evans from S&S to SEC as his Deputy Advisor June 2017. S&S wrote XRP article 23days b4 speech.
In seeking proof Hinman "knew" his $Ms were paid by an EEA member, Hinman had to know his former firm Shearman & Sterling was on EEA’s Legal Industry Working Group. In fact Robert Evans from S&S joined Hinman as his SEC Deputy Director 2017 @JohnEDeaton1

We are excited to announce that @Allbridge_io and #onXRP join forces to bridge Ethereum assets like USDT to the XRPL.
This also means that we are working on a @MetaMask integration as the first XRPL DEX.

Read about our partnership here:
Ground shaking announcement with SBI Japan.

SBI & Standard Chartered Bank - with their Venture Arm in Singapore announce multi-faceted alliance.

One such consideration of collaboration is the digital asset area, establishing a joint venture for custody.
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It's getting serious @GaryGensler.
You are failing the US.

Since the regulator in Singapore is listening & working with (not against) crypto companies~

"This is not a regional leader opportunity for Singapore, this is a global leadership opportunity" @BrooksEntwistle @Ripple
Very much looking forward to having @onXRPdotcom on the channel next week. This is one of the fastest growing projects on the #XRP Ledger. Brought to you with ❤️‍🔥love from the @XRPLPUNKS .
👉$OXP utility token
The XRP Ledger NFT project @xspectar getting big exposure in Japan with #XRP Youtuber @yassanxrp . As seen often in Japan, these in-depth blogs that explain the projects are popular. 👀 @XPunkDS ~great break down of your global team.
I just watched @RaoulGMI video that kicks off a multi-week series of interviews with incredible guests.

"Global Recession - Is Everyone Wrong?"

I don't think you want to miss it.
🤯how does he keep making a better video than the last?
The #XRP Ledger is attracting unique top talent from around the world. In this case, @xspectar from the Netherlands, is one such example.

🥰What a time to be in this space.
I'm a researcher so I love the @Linqto Website with a one-click Facts Page on companies on track to IPO.
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Always Unicorn Hunting
This one looks good too. Watch the live streams.
May 3 at 10:00 am PDT | Reconstructing Finance: Digital Assets and Smart Contracts
Thank you @twitter for your fast action. I'll submit a another verification request. I hope to get this @verified status soon because the fake accounts are way too many.
@Blockchain730 @linqtoinc @bobrasX @rezabashash @realSologenic @CoreumOfficial It's a great idea. The thought process about being offered on other trading platforms was a part of this conversation. (Thanks for the tagging)
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Ripple's Advani zoomed with CDKorea & discussed growth of ODL. "We believe that XRP is ideal for global payments because it's quicker, less complicated, more scalable, and more sustainable than any other digital asset. 120,000 times more efficient than POW blockchains."
@Hopiumhater @WKahneman The CBDC Private Ledger can be used for both payments and issuing currencies, and by leveraging the XRP Ledger and associated RippleNet technologies.
@Hopiumhater @WKahneman Federated Sidechains.
Ripple itself will be looking to leverage the flexibility and customizability that Federated Sidechains afford in its own CBDC efforts, making it possible for private CBDC ledgers to easily and seamlessly interconnect.
@Hopiumhater @WKahneman Per Post: The HUB finds crypto. ODL is still the cheapest, most robust settlement & Ripple still holds 45billion on the books. Today, there are 3 XRP opportunities via Ripple.
Source cash via ODL that uses XRP.
Source XRP directly from the Liquidity Hub
Build CBDCs on XRPL
@Hopiumhater Never said, nor ever thought it will be all the money. Liquidity Hub will be instrumental in the "evolution" of managing those flows. Read @WKahneman thread uploaded 7 hours ago. Get through all 20 post in that thread. Then study the job descriptions for Toronto Engineering Hub.

Wrap your head around sheer number ODL can be used, tapping these payment flows.

$XRP just got started.

Image source: Statista, Published by Raynor de Best - Mar 22, 2022
Ripple is working very earnestly with South Korean regulators. There's a lot written about the Conference Ripple co-hosted on the 27th. The white paper, also co-authored by Ripple is interesting. The path for #XRP ODL is being created. More in today's video.
If you need a location specific "Tech Recruiter", you've got some big build out happening.

Toronto Engineering Hub.

🇨🇦Lucky Canada to get the jobs.

🇺🇸Sorry US. All I hear is a sucking sound.
👀Something Big Going Down in Toronto

4 New @Ripple Jobs Posted...dripping in liquidity

A vision of massive scale with world-class machine learning liquidity engine

"Delivering optimal liquidity for every customer in the world in a cost-effective, robust and scalable manner."
Excellent Deep Dive of @FlareNetworks Pinned on Twitter (2:28:11).

🥰Some favorite takeaways in 1:51

💥INSURED Bridging


👀 #BTC for Payments cheaply & quickly

🤯Proliferation of Chains No Sign of Stopping

🏗️Build DAPPS with ANY Connected Chain
@Dee95045918 Such a good point. Here is the list of their tiers.
You are correct - and Uphold doesn't move Tier 4 to Tier 3 until there is ample consumer demand. I will be sure to bring this up in today's video. Thank you.
Joi Ito, former director MIT Media Lab, authored most of Gensler's lectures - one from 2018 see front page authorship👇 XRP/ETH section ( He resigned from MIT in a scandal, but interesting to see he's back making content again.
Ryan Selkis (no fan of Ripple) made a surprising comment in his Messari report re: SEC. Page 67

"Especially because unlike many other crypto tokens, #XRP has actually been legitimately used for crossborders payments as a bona fide currency."

Logan Paul has now listed one of his last 5 Boxes on Liquid MarketPlace💧
Liquid MarketPlace 💧 @LiquidMarketpl
Now’s your chance to co-own this 1999 1st Edition Pokemon Base Set Booster Box with @LoganPaul!💥🔥
@Zerpillion @cz_binance CMC is an Affiliate company made through the investment arm. He can’t ok every communication prior. CZ has supported XRP holders.
Hello @cz_binance Can't imagine no action from you. XRP is decentralized. SNS Mgr is either new (mixing up Ripple) or has a very bad personal agenda. We must always demand truth (ie: your suit against Forbes). Binance Chief Communication Officer @PRHillmann needs to make right.
Joe Endoso, @linqtoinc COO, shared this graph, illustrating crypto investments are bucking the trend. Increased capital for infrastructure that supports digital assets (no matter if price goes up or down) should be considered for a diversified portfolio.
A Secret Nugget.

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SBI Liquidity / SBI FX Trade / SBI VC Trade (Crypto), Announcing moves for their FX Blockchain Post Trade Derivatives Platform. Ginco to run the cloud-based infrastructure through joint development with Corda "Enterprise" version. Look for details in QTRLY presentation.
These are your @Bloomberg Legal Analysts.
Josh Eastright - CEO @JoshEastright
Elizabeth Bernard - Analysis Team Lead
Karen Miller-Kuwana @KMillerKuwana
Linda Ouyang @LindaData
Rachael Pikulski @rachpikulski
Their group is an affiliate of Bloomberg L.P. and work as a source.
On El Salvador making bitcoin legal tender, Susan Friedman @Ripple says: "It's is an experiment in progress. It's a country to watch with lessons to be learned and applied to other jurisdictions."

#FTCrypto #Bitcoin
The New $XRP-Back Investment Product for Retail Investors and Institutions in Europe went LIVE 3 days ago.

More in today's video.
Had a fun conversation with @BusterScher today, along with @Fame21Moore - talking about the democratization of tokenization. @LiquidMarketpl is leading the way in the collectibles market.
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