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"We are here to protect investors !" - @SECGov

Well done @GaryGensler I hope you are proud of yourself and your team.

If you’re OK with a guy who goes by the Twitter handle “Cryptosexual” guide/influence a reorg for @CelsiusNetwork then you deserve to be rugpulled for eternity wearing Celsius socks and a hoodie with a phrase about Mondays…
For my own sanity @Bitboy_Crypto I have to repeat this poll as many of my followers are @CelsiusNetwork creditors since I’ve worked on solutions for 5 months - even the creditors that hate me. Again - Celsius users, which plan are you supporting?
How would depositors feel if they learned the Celsius Head of Data Science moved 14 ETH from Earn to Custody on 6/11/22? 🧐

And if he withdrew 0.82 BTC on 5/31/22 ($26k) and 1.46 BTC on 6/11/22 ($41.8k)? 🦀 🦀

@CelsiusUcc @CelsiusLoans @theagentmetro 👀

🛋️ p 865
. @Fidelity @DigitalAssets @FidelityPolicy @TimmerFidelity please feel free to rebank all unbanked Celsius users

We’ll all sign up for Fidelity accounts right now

Pls ser mi familia no crypto token flywheel scams
@AaronDBennett @CelsiusNetwork Not going to happen. Celsius’ customer base needs to be acquired by a 3d party which has the ability to legally conduct the business (ie required licenses by the regulators). We should not even respond to any tweet that suggests otherwise — nonstarter.
What a very sad truth!
The SEC: it should be illegal for someone to buy $1 worth of LBC without permission from bureaucrats because of the financial risk involved

Meanwhile everyday in Vegas:
The SEC: it should be illegal for someone to buy $1 worth of LBC without permission from bureaucrats because of the financial risk involved

Meanwhile everyday in Vegas:
So @SimonDixonTwitt has 1) rescued 2 BTC related companies/made everyone MORE $ bc of his intervention 2) already has an app ready to go to migrate @CelsiusNetwork creditors information and not only fill the hole but potentially 10x d hole @Silkee_D @ThomasADiFiore @CelsiusUcc
Dirty bubble media nailed $cel shitcoin flywheel.

My biggest concern, and the main reason why I never went all in on cel, is it's number one priority was to only benefit Celsius.
@SimonDixonTwitt has provided ideas, time and money to help us out of ch11.The most important thing he restored though, is hope.

I am so appreciative that he is in our side.

Follow him on YouTube at
@SimonDixonTwitt @AaronDBennett @CelsiusUcc @BankToTheFuture Signing up with now and suggest you do the same. It's the best all encompassing plan for Celsius creditors I have heard to date bar none.
New video uploaded to my channel - Bitcoin, Chapter 11 & The Great Depression of the 2020s Update
I don’t think there’s going to be a viable standalone reorg

If I was an employee at Celsius and still taking depositor funds, I would be ashamed to list on my LinkedIn as well

My coins would be locked up just like yours, but I would definitely be figuring how to get mine out
@Daylong52005192 @SimonDixonTwitt Rolling the dice is random luck. With consensus and teamwork from the majority of The creditors and community we make our own luck. Cooperation and collaboration always beats competition. Especially in decentralized systems. I’m with you!
Most know Larchevêque, co-founder & current board member of the hard wallet Ledger Nano put #XRP in the "trash" 12 days ago.

👀For the other ranking translations in French:

GOAT: Greatest of all time
Révolution: Revolutionary
Utile: Useful
Surcoté: Overrated
Poubelle: Trash Can
FYI I just got an offer for my @CelsiusNetwork claim in my DMs for approx 25-30% face value paid in USD.

I said no.

@CelsiusUcc please do better 🙏
Every time I move money from @UpholdInc they want to scan my face or delay transactions out. But when I move money in, no problems. Appears that exchanges, banks, hate hate hate when you want your money out. DeFI platforms may be a solution since centralized exchange or banks 👎
#CelsiusNetwork #CelsiusBankruptcy On the POC form, creditors should remember that their claim against Celsius is not just for their crypto. There are other claims that should be asserted-e.g. fraud/consumer fraud/breach of fiduciary duty-among others. See POC question 8 below.
@Kevin_Cage_ Dumped all of my ADA holdings - I put it , ada, in - don’t buy - don’t touch basket. I would rather hold CSPR. That’s literally what I have done since @IOHK_Charles started acting strange. Converted all of my ADA into XRP and CSPR week or so ago. Charles is acting weird lately
@Leerzeit @JoelKatz Wow, his “folksy affect” just morphed into full blown authoritarian

He actually attacked David Schwartz’s masculinity to account for the shitshow he created by being less than knowledgable? This guy is dark

A Hosk on Hosk moment that reveals the distortions of perceived power
@dan_tfhc @digitalassetbuy @JohnEDeaton1 @JoelKatz No one said the " entirety" of the SEC that was @IOHK_Charles words. That's what people like Charles do when they know they're wrong, they try to be so smart and makes them look dumb
In 2020 a man named Brad Condit started working for #CelsiusNetwork full-time.

Daniel Leon hired and convinced him to take a lowball salary by promising that he would be "rich" when the company took off

Brads unfortunate history with cancer...🧵1/6

@Bitboy_Crypto Ask yourself who wants to buy 1.9 million CEL right now if it’s not a trapped short-seller. These whale shorts need to close. I know of one whale short-seller that needs 7 million CEL to close.
My vote: Burn all in-app $CEL, grant those holders equity in the new fund at the C11 petition date. It's the more fair solution that would benefit all.

Equity will be tradable on the secondary markets as a security, users will have the option to cash out at some floor price.
#CelsiusNetwork #CelsiusBankruptcy @CelsiusUcc
I created a new viz for the Oct Coin report showing coin asset & liability totals only. I didn't have time to break it out into the details.
Listen to Joe Grundfest. Hinman met w/ @ethereumJoseph and @ConsenSys and @a16z a minimum of 6 times in 5 months and was provided his understanding of ETH. After meeting w/them he then said he didn’t see a 3rd party promoter behind ETH. He got $15M and now works for a16z. 🤔
#NEW: Republicans on the Capital Markets Subcommittee—led by @PatrickMcHenry and @RepHuizenga—sent a letter to @SECGov.

Republicans are raising concerns with the recent “technical glitch,” integrity of rulemakings during Chair Gensler’s tenure.

we're on the road to an Internet of Value which will totally upend how money moves between countries

The #nterledger model using IP-like protocols paves the way in my view

The SEC is a criminal organisation. Until the end of June 2021, the SEC claimed Wiliam Hinman had no calendar. That was an outright, bold-faced lie. @JohnEDeaton1
It has been 379 days since @GaryGensler appeared before the House Financial Services Committee. A recently released @SECGov IG report, found the agency sometimes relied on staff with “little or no experience in rulemaking” due to its aggressive agenda and increased attrition.
Celsius had great assets unfortunately they had no idea how to manage them. My hope is that customers retain rights to these assets and a new company manages them for us. @BankToTheFuture @SALTLending
It's so blatantly obvious with the info now available that insiders withdrew their funds from @CelsiusNetwork knowing full well what was going to happen

Surely there HAS to be insider clawbacks, there is MORE than enough evidence to support the fact that they knew

@MrFreshTime LOL I freaking love it. Moral of the story? It's ok to be entertained , but if you wanna win, probably want to also tune in to those who help you level-up your XRP IQ other Digital Assets IQ and and your Tradfi vs Defi IQ
@Fame21Moore Indeed. Without BTC there would be no XRP. BTC's monetary principles is it's greatest strength imo. Think about it, would most us of be thinking about an alternative to the fiat system if BTC didn't hit the scene?
CEL Shorting attacks intensify. $CEL quickly pushed up to $1.05 (5%) just a little while ago and then $1.6m in new PERP Shorts came in to beat the price down to $0.95. Clearly the mission is to suppress the price and keep it under $1. #CelShortSqueeze fixes this.
. @Kirkland_Ellis, in continuing to defend the Criminal Celsius Cartel, has charged depositors $2.5 million dollars for *checks notes* 19 days of work.

How much longer is this charade going to continue?

During the freeze period, before bankruptcy, a debate was raging over if CN insolvency. @Zach_HODL_ON gave a thumbs up when someone said it’s just illiquidity. He gave false hope to me and others. Unforgivable!

His plan now is doing the same thing. He’s out of his league.
Astonishing (but not surprising) @CelsiusNetwork is applying to extend its reorg plan exclusivity. The top brass clearly used creditors' funds as their own private slush fund, so yeah...why not extend your right to continue this delay of game. #CelsiusNetwork #CelsiusBankruptcy
#CelsiusNetwork #celsiusbankruptcy. Here’s another one — $3.119 mm divided by 2,876.6 hours comes out to an average of $1,084 per hour for K&E attorneys and paraprofessionals.
If you are an accredited investor with over $1m of net worth please create an account on @BankToTheFuture - verify and certify your account then DM @pr_simondixon - we will need to come together. Non-accredited - we are here for you & will construct a solution for you.
@cryptoOwasso Reading and writing should enhance financial literacy not exclude it. No one needs to learn calculus to learn the difference between an asset and a liability.
For any1 looking at #CelsiusReorg plans, numbers are key! These numbers show that in a bull market stakable loan collateral can return over 34% /Sideways 28%/Bear 17% with sec lending it could go from 25% to 52%, also when a loan is payback it's not a net loss. @CelsiusUcc Link⬇️
@cryptoOwasso I disagree look at the lack of financial literacy in our education system. That was in FACT taken out of the education system. Then they turn around and create accredited investor rules because people were not financially educated
“Most ppl outside the United States don’t really care that the SEC is suing us.”
~ @bgarlinghouse at DC Fintech 2022

“No one gives a shit.”

@CelsiusLoans @Mashinsky @sdanielleon @SECGov @FTC @FBI @CelsiusUcc @usbcsdny @VermontDFR @CaliforniaDFPI @TxSSB @CelsiusNetwork @NukeGold REGULATORS: use your powers in Civil and Criminal Courts to fine and punish those behind the fraud of @CelsiusNetwork. Use said fines to help make ALL creditors more whole. CREDITORS: Unite behind a plan of haircut + equity in a compliant NewCo. Together we can right this wrong.
@Zach_HODL_ON Simon's plan does NOT involve giving 20% of your assets to BF Global. It's just the opposite, he is proposing that 20% of BF Global IS CONTRIBUTED by him - >to the fund which creditors own. * Important point.
@Zach_HODL_ON @CelsiusLoans I heard that someone in the Otis space mentioned mining profitable? I'd love to see the numbers. Cause based on Aug and Sept filings and using the latest court transcripts and given benefit of doubt the 15-20 daily rate it's still NOT profitable.
@SimonDixonTwitt took 4 hours of his time today to address important questions such as yields & regulation solutions. I truly believe him and @Shawn_OwenJ can jointly work together to form a new co for celsius @DefiDon_eth @otisa502 @jk_seriouslyjk @Zach_HODL_ON
@SimonDixonTwitt I hope this goes in chapter 11 of your book bro. I support you 100%. And trust me I'm not one to support talking heads after what @Mashinsky has done to me over the last few years.

If you had to choose between the following parties to lead a recovery for Celsius, who would you select?

Let's see who the community really wants to rally behind 👇 RT / like for awareness, poll closes in 1 day.
Can any of you awesome peeps provide me with the link or PDF documents for celsius financials Aug and Sept filings? @CelsiusLoans @CelsiusUcc @DavidJAdler1991. Got some requests to model some account type sales and how that could impact equity on varied %.
The @CelsiusUcc is fighting to get bidding process updated that would allow for the type of structure we have been covering in my video series this week. We should unify around one creditor-led plan & fit it into the bidding proceeds to win. More tonight
Finally someone has the balls to speak the truth. Who knowa we may get to a point where they get rid of " No activity fees" #goals
stefan huber 🔥🦅🔥 @Leerzeit
BOOM! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏾💥💥 And THIS is why Ripple was sued and Gary is still going on. And THIS is why Gary is now declaring stablecoins to be securities as well. And NO Stablecoins do not eliminate counterparty risk.
Memo to the Fed: Your rate hikes aren't slowing inflation because inflation is coming from big corporations using the cover of inflation to increase their prices more than their costs.
As technologies change, the rules should catch up. It’s time for the @SECGov to protect investors and establish rules for crypto.
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