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Question if the XRPL is a decentralized exchange for the world, can NON ODL exchanges use it to get XRP? I'm asking for a friend.
I ask the question all the time about fine art. What is the true store value price of "fine art" (wood, cloth & paint) if retail trading on it stopped today? For all the supposed utility maxis, where's the utility in all that "fine art"?
@GBear2003 UGH. Hopefully your destination can provide a much better experience😀
@DigPerspectives @JayVTheGreat Jed sold his XRP on the XRPL, the NON ODL exchanges can buy it there.
🚨 @GaryGensler talks a lot about transparency when it comes to others, but does he abide by the same principles?
Oopsiee: "JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon hosted secret meetings with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong as early as 2018."
OneConnect is heavily in CBDCs and Digital Banking Software for institutions. This lawsuit is just to buy time. And it is supported by an American government agency. It makes me sick.
08/19: Hinman arranges having coffee with Lin, again violating Ethic laws
11/19: Lin takes Canaan public, largest manufacturer of Ethereum mining hardware.
12/19: Lin takes OneConnect public. Chinese firm that, together with Alibaba, owns most blockchain patents.
Today we have 69,532. By Monday, we may hit 7OK holders who have had enough of the @SECGov and @GaryGensler’s protection. All 50 states and territories of the U.S. are represented. Outside of the U.S. 141 countries are represented.
JPMorgan's plan:
- Become disguised investor in Ethereum
- Gain experience & invest in DLT infrastructure
- Funding through scams, manipulation & fees
- Bribe government officials to undermine competition
- Create regulatory uncertainty to discourage
- Create a monopoly for Ether
Why is it not a problem with Jay Clayton that he was meeting and or holding calls with his former boss and other Sullivan & Cromwell work buddies more than 15 times in 3 years? Is this only a problem with Hinman & Simpson Thacher but not with the Chairman?! @JohnEDeaton1
If that Ethereum Dev got jailed for 5 years for a single trip to North Korea, I don't know for how long Lubin will be grabbing the soap in prison.
The SEC has their own history chanel on YouTube and interviewed JPMorgan Stephen M. Cutler in December 2018 right in his Simpson Thacher Office. 😵‍💫
“We need a billion people on #Bitcoin as fast as possible to avoid the worst (macro economic) carnage.” @JeffBooth and @natbrunell great interview! #CoinStories
EVERYONE SHARE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS!!!!!!! #AMC #GME #BBIG #HYMC@GaryGensler⁩ SEC Chair Gary Gensler Accused In Citadel Market Maker Manipulation ⁦ @SECGov⁩ ⁦ @NewYorkFBI⁩ ⁦ @DE_DOJ⁩ ⁦ @DOJPH
BREAKING: Dr. Mary Bowden has filed a lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital for $25 million in damages, claiming they defamed her.

The hospital revoked Dr. Bowden’s medical privileges after sharing her support of Ivermectin and opposition of mandates.

Pray for Dr. Bowden.
So if I understand it correctly, this was in 2018, right? Or 2019?

How did Gensler know that the courts would decide whether $XRP is a security or not?
ETHGATE is bigger than Enron, bigger than Madoff. A 2016 Forbes article describes how JPMorgan was behind Madoff paying more than $36 billion in fines. Mainly responsible: Stephen Cutler. Guess who he works for now? Simpson Thacher, guess who he was writing to? SEC Enforcement
@ewarren @SenSherrodBrown @DickDurbin These Committee Democrats should be ashamed of their hypocrisy. @GaryGensler Made $1-$5M in stock options for his work at Strayer, The for-profit college Warren and others criticized for targeting students of color. 👇
Former Federal Reserve vice chair Richard Clarida traded between $1 million and $5 million out of a bond fund into stock funds ONE DAY before Jerome Powell issued a statement

He leaves the Fed after this comes to public light

Now he is rejoining PIMCO

When is enough… enough?
One month after the Enterprise Ethereum alliance (US Securities and Exchange Commission) filed the lawsuit against Ripple, ConsenSys Quorum announced collaboration with Chinas blockchain network.
I wonder if @Ripple told @flufworld and Non-Fungible Labs that " Ripple is pivoting away from retail, buying back all the XRP on secondary markets and dealing exclusively with ODL partners. Bummer for them
@dip_collector @MrFreshTime @banker_defi How can we use XRP for gas when there will none available for retail?😀
This poll shows a complete bias against #XRP. How could you credibly offer this poll, list #BTC & stable coins, but not #XRP? Since 2015 @Ripple has pushed adoption of #XRP for cross border payments. It was utilized w/ @MoneyGram and is actively being used by dozens of companies.
@nbougalis @RippleXDev @nbougalis I'm concerned. Now that "Ripple is pivoting from retail to institutions solely" and there's a shortage of XRP for the retail community, how will developers like Weiste and products like Xumm wallet survive?
What a waste of oxygen.
Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC
"This is one data point on a shift that we need to recognize as investors," says Jay Clayton. "I think that U.S. investors need to recognize that what we expected 20-25 years ago has in some ways come to fruition, and in some ways very much not so."
Scary stuff
Pelham @Resist_05
The World Health Organisation has been completely infiltrated by China… Taiwan was refused membership, and when WHO senior advisor Bruce Aylward was questioned… he just hung up.
One would think that the XRPL is included in the " secondary markets" yes? @JoelKatz
Question. Now that we know that Jed emptied his Taco Stand of XRP on the XRPL Dex thanks to @sentosumosaba . Any chance that Ripple's buyback initiative is taking place on the XRPL?
@SenWarren Today would be a great day for you to agree to meet with the 800 #XRPHolders residing in Massachusetts that asked for a meeting with you to discuss how they are being harmed by the SEC.
@VitalikButerin Don't worry Vitalik Joseph Lubin says that Scammers don't use Ethereum because the Ethereum blockchain is too safe for rugpulls and other scams. 💪🏻💪🏻
Poor guy is becoming a salesman.
☀🌸Crypto Eri 204k Followers (beware of imposters) @sentosumosaba
👀A long list still to make ETH:
a more powerful system
a more secure system
a more robust system
a more decentralized system

I'd say it's 55% complete once we finish the merge"
-Vitalik (end of July 2022)
FOIA and discovery revealed probable cause to investigate if Bill Hinman, SEC Director of Corp. Finance (sophisticated attorney), violated 18 U.S.C. § 208 when he met with a representative from Simpson Thacher's HK office to receive a report about "what is going on in China." 1/2
Such difference in stance from someone with a .eth twitter handle. When #XRP was delisted vs the recent accusations of #ERC20 tokens. @iampaulgrewal @coinbase these tokens have yet to be delisted
Question If Ripple's intended use for XRP is for institutions and not retail, then why do their "ODL partners" sell to retail investors?
Lies over lies. Why does @ConsenSys keep lying about ConsenSys' founding date? Because it's Lubin's gallows. He founded ConsenSys illegally with money of the Ethereum presales and hired people already in 2014 to program the Ethereum Blockchain financing his business and bribes.
So just in 2020 alone @HesterPeirce was engaged at least 4 times by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as a speaker! How many times did she speak at Ripple's swell in the last 10 years, or at any other project event?
🔥 BREAKING: Over 16,000 and counting sign petition to fire SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.

#RT if you agree!

@jungleincxrp Only people with their heads in the sand. Profits over country is becoming a real thing here.
1M $CEL removed from FTX, borrowing rate jumps to 2600% APY as shorts just borrowed 1M more CEL. only 1.35M CEL remaining on exchanges for shorts to cover 💪🍋💥🧨💥🚀 #celshortsqueeze
The truth is if you talk about #XRP today, #XRPHolders talk more about @FlareNetworks than they do Ripple.

Is #XRP now an investment contract w/ @FlareNetworks?

What about @Spend_The_Bits, is #XRP an investment contract w/ @Spend_The_Bits?

Of course not.
@GaryGensler Check out this guy who says he is buddy buddy with you sec folks. He's a former Goldman guy so you know him. And you were aware of his ICO and his disguised email accounts video but did nothing. Because you not only suck at your job but you are also corrupt.
People in the comments fail to realize she works for #ripple.. she can’t say that the things they’re doing with ODL will raise the price.. that’s like guaranteeing returns for #xrp. People must’ve forgot they’re involved in a lawsuit with the SEC..
@JohnEDeaton1 @saylor @CryptoLawUS Look up the word delusional and you'll find a picture of Michael Saylor. He does not know securities law, and he has zero clue about building on layer one two or threes, what he does know how to do is thoroughly enjoying hearing himself talk.
I call it: "Why Ethereum is not only smoke and mirrors, but the real enemy of Crypto." Ethereum is not what most people think it is, it is the complete antithesis of what it claims to be.
You know who’s name is MISSING on all the privilege logs and emails?


The Ethics Chief who sternly informed Hinman he was barred by the criminal financial conflict laws. See 👇👇👇

The Truth Rests.
Hey Congress look how many voters are aware of #ETHGATE and NOT ONE of you has demanded an investigation of the SEC and their conflicts of interest. This many people at a minimum will know you did nothing walking into that voting booth👇👇👇👇👇
Farmers in Northern Italy are coming together in huge numbers. I'm here in the country covering this massive blue collar uprising against the Great Reset. Follow along at
Now poor Billy Boy has met with his company illegally so many times and yet he has no idea about any of this. Judge, you have to believe him, the free pass for Ethereum was pure coincidence. It's all just a conspiracy theory!
One of the real enemies of crypto
Digital Asset Investor @digitalassetbuy
While Congress works on Stablecoin legislation and all of crypto faces lawsuits from the SEC JP Morgan seems to flip the bird to Congress and the SEC with no scrutiny at all. Created a US dollar stable coin right under your noses. When lawsuit @GaryGensler @HesterPeirce
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