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The entire digital asset space is on notice. Four years ago Hinman said present day sales of #ETH are not securities. Clayton publicly agreed with him. @HesterPeirce praised the speech. It was called guidance. The speech is on the SEC website today. Yet👇

He’s coming for crypto!
#Bitcoin may be below $42k but @GoldmanSachs says it’s 20% of the store-of-value market and headed to $100k. Thanks @CNBCClosingBell for the chance to discuss.
It's great to see creative thinking on what a crypto safe harbor might look like. This version incorporates some elements of mine, but is more targeted. Open and concrete discussion can help us develop good crypto regulatory policy in the US.
The SEC v @Ripple case threatens every token and every platform. “You don’t have to root for Ripple, but you have to root against the ⁦ @SECGov.⁩”- ⁦ @JohnEDeaton1⁩ speaks to ⁦ @naomibrockwell#CryptoBeat 👇🏻
Who's going to beat up Adam Curry on The Joe Rogan Experience #1760 1:29 minute mark hint: Bitcoin maxie's 😆
Whether @Ripple sold #XRP as security is irrelevant to retail. #Judgenetburn must urgently differentiate between @Ripple not registering sales with @SECGov and the secondary market #XRP is a tradable bridge asset on a decentralised ledger #XRPL @SECGov has no right to sue retail
PLEASE CONSIDER @JohnEDeaton1 for Joe's Podcast. He has been on Fox Business several times & has been on @patrickbetdavid & @naomibrockwell @RoslynLayton of Forbes has written on this, Blockchain tech & Crypto are all at risk! The People need to hear about what the SEC is doing.
HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! watch this & think about what will happen with Ethereum 2. The centralization of holdings disguised by the fake identities will, with the proof of stake of ETH 2, lead to the few whales getting all the power over the blockchain & everything built on it.
The Complaint 🆚 @Ripple @bgarlinghouse & @chrislarsensf claims XRP has no utility & the founders/CEO sale XRP to “enrich” themselves. The SEC made the same claim during oral argument. If the SEC truly believed these claims, why didn’t it seek an injunction to stop ongoing sales?
ℹ️ Incident Update: We are sorry to announce that one of our hot wallets had been compromised. We have taken security measures to protect other wallets and assets.
Failure Avenue is the road to success. You have to figure out each way it doesn’t work before you can find out how it does.
Keep swinging the bat and sooner or later you will hit a home run! 🕶
Why I'm super bullish on $XRP right now.

It was confirmed that when they mention instant settlement, that has to include XRP in Ripplenet. I wasn't sure if that could achieved with traditional nostro/vostro but apparently not. It HAS to include XRP settlement.

Finally heard from Mitch. I met him not too long ago. I work at a small airport in Morehead KY and he flew in. Wanted to bring up crypto but he’s so old he can barely walk much less understand crypto. We need to ditch Mitch!!!!!! @JohnEDeaton1 @attorneyjeremy1 @XRPArmyNews1
The crypto industry is about to learn which firms will be hit by aggressive tax-reporting rules that will force firms to disclose reams of customer data to the IRS via @technology
Look👀 JPMorgan just realized what we've known for years: Ethereum can't scale and is too expensive. 🤦‍♂️
So the narrative is changing, what are they eyeing, #Ripplenet? 🤣
“The [Andreessen Horowitz]’s crypto investing team will continue to be led by Chris Dixon . . . along with . . . Bill Hinman . . . .”
Linqto Private Investing explained in 60 seconds!

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. @PayPal is exploring creating its own stablecoin that might be called “PayPal Coin” and be backed by the U.S. dollar.
By @mikeybellusci
Starting next week @linqtoinc will be giving back $1,000 in #xrp to all investors who invest in @justegg on #MeatlessMondays (when funding the transaction with your @UpholdInc wallet). See you all next week for Meatless Mondays! Have a great weekend! 🥦👩‍🚀🚀
@jerrybrito @valkenburgh @coincenter @JohnCollins Were heavily involved in the Ethereum Free Pass. There's more I missed in this video. @jerrybrito seems pretty tense throughout the whole meeting sitting low with his hands clenched. @_XRpizza @JohnEDeaton1 @digitalassetbuy con’t
5 of the many reasons I own and continue to buy XRP
1. The SEC Case Will End but XRP Won't
2. NFTs built on the XRP Ledger just getting started.
3. CBDCs built on the XRP Ledger just getting started
4. ISO20022 Compliant
5. It's fast, scalable, inexpensive(BTC & ETH are not)
The SEC is attacking many crypto projects, much of it behind closed doors.
The epic battle with #XRP / @Ripple will be precedent setting. But the XRP/Ripple community is fighting back. Friday 4pmEST I chat to the lawyer leading a lawsuit against the SEC.
I expect Bitcoin to drop to $28K, while #Eth will be in a critical condition. The cap market, in general, will maintain $2.5T due to a significant increase in the price of #Xrp replacing #btc and consequently leading the market. #XRPHolders #Crypto #XRP
EXCLUSIVE: Customers of Hong Kong's Coinsuper crypto exchange say they can’t withdraw money or tokens via @markets
New year, new you.

Kick off 2022 with new opportunities and help Ripple build something transformative. Explore our open roles now.
Uh Oh!😬😬

U.S. Congress Reportedly Set for Hearing on Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint
A case came out last month that marginally helps the SEC's position in its Motion to Strike Ripple's Fair Notice Defense so the SEC filed it with the court.

It was in a very different stage of litigation and the standard is completely different than the SEC v. Ripple case. 1/3

On January 1, 2021, I sued the SEC. It was 9 days after the SEC sued @Ripple declaring #XRP - including #XRP traded in the secondary market - investment contracts w/ Ripple. I argued from the beginning the conflicts and appearances of impropriety.
ETHGate 2022: The Ethereum Scandal XRP Investors Are Calling ‘Bigger Than Enron’ | InvestorPlace
Predictions for Congress and the SEC regarding crypto for 2022 @giancarloMKTS The reason @GaryGensler and his pal @ewarren want to shut it down is because they and their Wall Street friends are already rich. They want to protect investors/the little guy. Yeah. Sure LIES!
Sounds like ICE 9 to me @JamesGRickards
SpiritualWarlord🔺 @truthcrumbs
Glen Bleck Show: "I think they're trying to roll out an INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY...probably an international DIGITAL currency"
The truth is getting out b/c all we’re doing is giving facts!!!

“Note that these are generally supported by verifiable evidence and/or documentation.”👇

“Still, there’s a very apparent conflict of interest here, and one which undermines the SEC’s case against Ripple.” 👇👇
Hey @HesterPeirce if you’re truly fighting the good fight and not just playing good cop how on God’s green earth are you turning a blind eye to this? Honest question.
wEeZiE {X} @NerdNationUnbox
Wow wow wow… ex release coordinator for Ethereum Vinay Gupta exposing Ethereum and what they’re doing. Basically taking advantage of the retail investor…WHISTLEBLOWER ALERT 🚨 🚨🚨🚨 09/2020 @BakkupBradley @digitalassetbuy @_XRpizza @TAIGxrp @MoonLamboio @MarketsMickle PART 1/2
@GooGooGorilla @JohnEDeaton1 I was of the opinion that forking to undo the damage done by the DAO crisis was a mistake - if you can revert transactions, *you can revert transactions*. The Parity Wallet hack is another event that could have been reverted, but it wasn't.

How are those decisions made?
BREAKING: The American Bankers Association ( @ABABankers) has confirmed to the @federalreserve on Monday that it supports a plan to migrate to #ISO20022 on a single day but said it has "serious concern" regarding the lack of detail about the plan.
Boy if US law means anything anymore THIS👇👇 @HesterPeirce @GaryGensler @DOJPH @FBI @RepTomEmmer @WarrenDavidson @SECHerrenLee @JohnEDeaton1 @PatrickMcHenry @SenTedCruz @SenToomey
wEeZiE {X} @NerdNationUnbox
Wow wow wow… ex release coordinator for Ethereum Vinay Gupta exposing Ethereum and what they’re doing. Basically taking advantage of the retail investor…WHISTLEBLOWER ALERT 🚨 🚨🚨🚨 09/2020 @BakkupBradley @digitalassetbuy @_XRpizza @TAIGxrp @MoonLamboio @MarketsMickle PART 1/2
I want to repeat this again. My conservative target for XRP at the end of this bullrun is 25-27$. IF the lawsuit is resolved AND utility comes in then a target of 96-240$ would be possible based on past performance and the according fib levels 🍻
My Prediction For XRP In 2022:
If given regulatory clarity and put on a level playing field with Bitcoin and Ethereum...It crushes both and is the number 1 digital asset in the world within a year like it should have and would have been for years.
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Transcript Released. Below is the transcript from the August 31, 2021 Conference regarding the Deliberative Process Privilege. Nothing else to report at this time.
BREAKING: CoinBase halts all #Cardano $ADA deposits and withdrawals, says they’re investigating an issue.
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