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#BREAKING: Treasury Sec: "With respect to digital assets, new products & technology may present opportunities to promote innovation & increase efficiencies. However digital assets may pose risks to the financial system & increased & coordinated regulatory attention is necessary."
Janet Yellen wants stablecoin legislation done by the end of the year
Yellen’s purpose is to point out “risks to the economy.” So far they are pushing the narrative around:

🛎Lack of crypto legislation

Teed it up perfectly for crypto laws coming. 🤩
MicroStrategy has a $205M term loan and needs to maintain $410M as collateral. $MSTR has 115,109 BTC that it can pledge. If the price of #BTC falls below $3,562 the company could post some other collateral. See slides 11-12 in Q1 2022 presentation. #HODL
5/03/18-6/12/18-Hinman Speech Draft Emails go around the SEC
6/5/18- @novogratz predicts what the SEC will do regarding ETH
6-14/18-(9 Days Later) Hinman ETH Free Pass Speech
***Watch Video Then See Emails and FOIA @EMPOWR_us list below👇👇👇 @JohnEDeaton1 @EleanorTerrett
"Bitcoin has only been around for 13 years. This is the first time that #bitcoin is experiencing a Fed tightening," says @PerianneDC on the recent #crypto sell off. "Everything is down ... this is the Wall Street mantra at play: Don't fight the Fed."
Thought I’d Chyna in to see how the #XRPArmy is doing. #XRP

Don’t forget what you’ve prepared for.
Never let a government created crypto crisis go to waste.
1. FED raises rates imploding all markets.
2. Crypto gets crushed.
3. Scams are revealed as they always are when any market collapses
4. @GaryGensler and his govt friends come in to save us all. Crack down on crypto startups.
5. Govt hands the industry over to Wall Street
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Times like this are when PONZIS are revealed.

Name your favorite scam!! 👇🏾
BREAKING: #Tether has just artificially printed $999,999,979 $USDT out of thin air.
We keep seeing this sold publicly as a turf battle between the SEC and CFTC but every video I watch with officials from both agencies says they’ve been working closely together back to Jay Clayton and @giancarloMKTS All the world’s a stage file.
wEeZiE {X}💭 @NerdNationUnbox
And here is ex-CFTC Jim Newsome and current chairman Tarbert. I think this is proof the Hinman speech was meant as guidance and NOT his personal opinion. CFTC and the SEC worked together… @digitalassetbuy @DigPerspectives
We should not applaud @GaryGensler for this decision. Instead of playing games, @SECGov should focus on its core mission to protect investors, maintain fair markets, & facilitate capital formation. I look forward to restoring congressional oversight soon.
There is absolutely no reason to be bearish on #XRP at the moment. Price is still trading above a higher low! Only if price breaks below and closes below $0.48 will I have concerns. Until then 🚀
Wonder why crypto has been tanking for a while on zero news?

Those in the know about upcoming US Govt crypto regulation are selling first. Here’s what’s coming:

Ban of all USD pegged stablecoin.
Restrictions on crypto use.
KYC requirements for all.
Big push for US Gov coin.
MicroStrategy margin call level... $21,000.

#Bitcoin now below $33,000.

Debt (leverage) is like an addiction. It is why so many people get burned.

Goodluck @saylor
not what i expected to see today. kind of reads like he is taking another swing at the libra/diem concept
#XRP had 6 red weekly candles! Last time this happened in 2017 a 39,000% pump followed!
越境ECサイト「SBI Motor Japan」にて暗号資産決済対応開始のお知らせ~日本初、越境ECサイトでのXRP決済対応~[SBI Africa]
Early bird catches the @Ripple worm! 🐥

We won’t be surprised if we sell out of @Ripple earlier than usual today… Our reservoir is beginning to DRY UP! 🌵

Pack your bags here! 👉🏽 💰

Enjoy your week #LinqtoFamily! 🌎
As the @digitalassetbuy,

don't get distracted by this MetaVerse, the Real World has plenty of opportunities.

Plus, this MetaVerse may very well bring Hard Asset prices down, while you buy the Meta, they buy the Hard Assets.

...but of course, feel free to play short term.
Binance and Coinbase get the headlines. @uphold is a monster flying under the radar IMO. I'm an owner on @linqtoinc
Bought the XLM Dip and it felt so good.
My Plan
After Cash Cushion In Place:
Buy the XRP, XLM, Gold Dips
Daily mail doing a piece on the weather this weekend and one of the photos captures a $XRP fan. Who is this legend?
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Quick scheduling update. Ripple Defendants’ response to the SEC’s brief claiming the Hinman documents are protected by the attorney-client privilege is due Friday, May 13th. The SEC’s reply to the Ripple Defendants’ response is due May 18th.
$XRP - if this isn’t textbook accumulation, I don’t know what is.. beautiful

The SEC's behavior in the SEC v @Ripple case is so egregious that 67,000 Americans voluntarily joined the case as DEFENDANTS because of the harm the SEC willfully caused us.

@TimKaine, @MarkWarner, @RobWittman crypto is becoming a key voter issue. I'm happy to discuss.
@Mark_Phillips @Ripple @timkaine @MarkWarner @RobWittman To the politicians on this tweet: Do you get it?

How many times have you seen a case where tens of thousands of people petition the Court to be sued and named as defendants?

The @SECGov is out of control. @GaryGensler won’t even acknowledge the 67K plus people he “protects.”


Go #gold.
ICYMI: Our website got a big upgrade last week!🙌

Here's a thread on some of the new and updated pages. ⤵️🧵
Remember Miguel Vias talking about Ripple perhaps becoming a lender of last resort.

In connection to that he said that there might have to be some restructering to occur.
This week, leading fintech @NovattiPayments announced that it will launch an Australian dollar backed stablecoin on Stellar 🇦🇺
It has nothing to do w/ competency and everything to do w/ connections. People can take shots at @ethereumJoseph, but it was damn smart to hire Clayton’s partners from Sullivan & Cromwell. Why do you think Hinman emailed Lubin to set up that first meeting on December 13, 2017?
Why are Democrats protecting @GaryGensler and the @SECGov? American investors deserve answers from the people tasked with overseeing our capital markets. Congress should fulfill its constitutional role to conduct oversight. Read my letter with @PatrickMcHenry below.
Milken Institute: Disrupted: Leading the Digital Transformation, May 4 2022
The @bgarlinghouse Parts(With Vacuum Running In the background)
Credit: @LeoHadjiloizou
In November, #SWIFT will migrate to the new, global #payment messaging standard #ISO20022. With just seven months to go, flow explores the challenges so far — & those that still lie ahead of the industry.
Russia/China obviously have an alliance. They've been accumulating Gold for years. China Bans Bitcoin Mining. Max Keiser is one of the biggest Bitcoin Maxis in the world. He works for Russia Today. 👀👀👀
Republican Leaders @PatrickMcHenry and @RepHuizenga call on Chairwoman Waters to immediately convene a hearing with all @SECGov commissioners.

The American people deserve to hear from the full Commission about @GaryGensler's overreach and agenda.

@USTreasury Have you looked into the disguised whales from the Ethereum ICO @USTreasury ?
Digital Asset Investor @digitalassetbuy
All roads lead to who the large buyers were in the Ethereum ICO. Who were the Whales that wanted to "disguise" their ETH purchases? @JohnEDeaton1 @CGasparino
Updated table of contacts from the Hinman Emails.

A couple of notable additions (Clayton & Hinman) but also broken down into the Divisions.

Didnt the SEC argue in the case that the speech was limited to the views of the Division of Corporation Finance at one point?
Something BIG is coming to @UpholdInc! Listen to @UpholdInc's Vice Chairman JP Thieriot fill in Linqto's Director of Digital Asset Sales, @Nick_Burrafato.

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#PrivateEquity #PreIPO #GameChanger #GenerationalWealth

I probably have 100 DMs asking the above question and many others are frustrated and wondering why I or others aren’t moving forward with a lawsuit against Hinman for his blatant ethical conflicts. Everyone wants justice today. I get it. So do I.
The Digital Asset Investor predicted several months ago they would eventually throw the Hin-man under the bus to try and save their own hides...

Happening now.
When the stock market is correcting, it’s a great idea to invest in private equity & buy shares in businesses “wholesale” that will go public later, especially when they give you free XRP!

#linqto #ipo #privateequity @linqtoinc #xrp #ripple #Dapper #uphold
JUST IN: Analysts predict #XRP will surpass $2.50 by December following the outcome of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple.
Everyone that SIGNS UP on our Linqto Platform today (5/5/22), regardless if an accredited investor or not, will be entered into a raffle for a $250 XRP Airdrop! Scan the QR Code in the video, or click the following link to SIGN UP! 👉 #XRP #Ripple #Crypto


Things continue to move very quickly...
I can't wait for you to hear my interview of Joe Endoso, COO of @linqtoinc. We talk about #Ripple, #Linqto #DapperLabs & #Bitpay. Hear how you can #invest in #privateequity before companies go public and sell their shares on the #stockmarket. #IPO #AlternativeInvestments #invest
#ICYMI: Ripple #LiquidityHub will help enable financial institutions to ramp up their #crypto offerings and take on the competition.

Read on to find out how:
I spoke alongside @NYCMayor at @MilkenInstitute yesterday about how the influx of crypto talent + capital is transforming cities & states like NYC, Miami, Wyoming and California who are seeking to create a welcome environment for innovation despite the lack of a federal framework
He's Ethereum Neutral. We can't get him to tell us one way or another whether it's a security @RepTomEmmer
Tom Emmer @RepTomEmmer
The SEC’s announcement to nearly double the size of its crypto enforcement unit does not seem very technology neutral.🤔
The SEC’s announcement to nearly double the size of its crypto enforcement unit does not seem very technology neutral.🤔
12/02/20(20 days later Clayton sues @ripple )
Christine Moy,Global Head,The Interbank Information Network (IIN) & Blockchain, J.P. Morgan
SEC Secret meetings behind closed doors with EEA Members/Consensys to give ETH a Monopoly while keeping the rest of the industry in purgatory.
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