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@Luna_Studio_ Maybe, but the end result is worse than Bitconenct so it’s all in how u wanna look at things.
Can’t stop reading all these heartbreaking stories of people who lost everything in terra Luna. Having stumbled into deep financial holes multiple times in my twenties- I can only say I empathize with all of you! Try to keep your eyes forward, as hard as it seems!
Justin Sun Talks USDD Stablecoin in Wake of LUNA/UST Unravel

Only thing worse than ⁦ @stablekwon⁩ is Justin pretending to have ‘his’ version of algo-scamish Stablecoins being the “correct way”…

Justin, please just go away, already.
@benmezrich Do Kwon is Nick Leeson of blockchain. He kept double down trying to save the Ponzi until it blew up.
McDonald and Burger King only allow me 5 days a week to work. I need to work more to recover from this crash. Thanks for the opportunity In-N-Out Burger https://t.co/rqFUttyomY
American Institute of Cryptocurrency Investors: One Helluva Friday the 1... https://t.co/hbzb0pCBar via @YouTube
The bottom line is that the SEC, reacting to @Ripple’s fair notice defense, rushed, in the beginning, to argue the Hinman speech was his personal opinion only and not guidance from the SEC. If only his personal opinion, how could it be considered legal advice from the SEC? https://t.co/CmYy3HnNTN
Thanks @FilanLaw! Another excellent brief by Mr. Solomon (and the associates working for him!). Absolute take-down that exposes the completely contradictory positions taken thus far by SEC. In fact, there are layered contradictions on top of contradictions. 1/11 https://t.co/mev0r2aU6a
Solomon also plays a veteran move in responding to the SEC and argues that ONLY Hinman has the standing to even raise the privilege (and not the SEC).

It's good legal work to take an issue down to a basic premise - is this even the proper party to object?

Hence, King Solomon. https://t.co/NyqXdlx81E
Justin Sun Promotes High-Yield, Terra-Inspired Stablecoin on Tron…

What could go wrong???? 😂 https://t.co/wOQP1YSUcG
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v #Ripple #XRP Ripple Defendants file Response to SEC Attorney Client Privilege Claims regarding Hinman Speech and Notes https://t.co/iI3OGv3yW4
Lehman brothers, which kicked off the 2008 crisis, was worth 60 billion around the time of collapse, $luna and $ust were worth about 48 billion just before the collapse.

Pretty crazy!
@stablekwon Hey loudmouth where is the 1.2 billion btc? Seems like it disappeared @jungleincxrp right?
Not taking a threat seriously because it can only be exploted under unusual conditions can lead to inadvertently creating precisely those conditions.
Crypto Catalysts: Federal Reserve Will Break: Great Financial Reset: Gen... https://t.co/qGUQV3bn9N via @YouTube
No rescue for Terra: Swiss asset manager denies $3B LUNA/UST bail-out talks

@stablekwon⁩ - care to comment? Or are you boarding the same boats in international water that CZ and the Tether team use to avoid prosecution?

#Kava Network’s #USDX tumbles to $0.65 as yet another stablecoin depegs

Why? because there are just layers and layers of idiots in Crypto.

#stablecoinageddon is coming
Another Robinhood debacle? Crypto .com users are saying their profitable trades on LUNA are being reversed. https://t.co/fmvXvzYx9g
Now the world knows how damaging #crypto can be

Expect harsh regulations to be a biproduct of this $50 billion implosion😐 $terra_luna #lunacoin https://t.co/2LCKCGcJyF
@Nornyman 0: u can’t close a multi billion dollar gap by magic. It’s undoable
@CathieDWood just ended @jimcramer career with the $COIN trade.

Hang it up clown man 🤡

@Therealdeal222 https://t.co/hy3LPYBq86

"once Wall Street’s pain feeds into the mainstream economy – which it most certainly will – and when that starts to fuel political easing – which it most certainly will – the central bank will turn dovish again"
Seems like a next gen stable coin would need to build in a circuit breaker or penalty for redemption the further off peg it goes?

Maybe even lopsided the way current circuit breakers are abused, so that it's easier to build liquidity?

Any thoughts @CryptoWhale? https://t.co/rx1xYa9sDp
@Leerzeit No! There is now trillions of coins. 200k Luna was not worth millions
First @Polkadot cross-chain connection launched between @MoonbeamNetwork & @AcalaNetwork. This is the first connection using XCM on Polkadot and will allow native communications and token transfers between the two chains without the need for bridges.
https://t.co/FQrSv4qQb6 https://t.co/hyb6d3aWIc
@PrrplFrog I fired some small bets at this too. Was stupid. When the bullets are flying take a min to sit back and think. The math showed that this was not possible, but magical thinking prevailed.

We learn and move on. Money dumped in this could have been used for high quality crypto

A prominent investor in the space who led the round for a friend's company, delayed payment on their SAFT for weeks, and yesterday funded the SAFT in UST (options were USDT or UST) at $1 peg.

UST was, checks notes, not trading at $1 yesterday.
@xrplumber ... I think the fundamental problem here was that the LUNA system's only value driver was a stablecoin. There was nothing else to the ecosystem. And there was no way that could justify or sustain the huge LUNA valuations. So a bubble popping drove system into a death spiral.
You can't mint your way out of bankruptcy all the time.
Terra LUNA just turned from one scam into the next:

They've diluted the supply of tokens to lure in people who do not understand that previous price levels are now completely misleading – because said supply increased so much.

Market cap on @coingecko is wrong as well!
@DigPerspectives @SECGov @ethereumJoseph @EleanorTerrett @CGasparino @TAIGxrp @ProCoinNews Remember, Hinman said a token can start out as a security then transition to no longer being a security but later return to being a security. He’s already collected his payday for the 2018 free pass. He might need another $15M. ETH 2.0 should be hoping Ripple crushes the SEC.
“Do Kwon may just have escaped from his own trap with the greatest move in DeFi history” by Julian Kusnetzoff

Didn’t age so well… https://t.co/DiZmJHUKQT
Crypto peeps, in my humble opinion, the bottom is NOT yet in.

Be smart. Stop buying #luna for a “rebound” and focus on quality assets and NO leverage.

NO Leverage!
So is https://t.co/z4U0FyNUnX reversing losing trades or just the winners due to incorrect pricing on $Luna? https://t.co/iCAfBFJAMO
@cajum1990 Once the hyper inflation started was no chance of success. People thought it was cheap but MC was actually really high.
Polkadex has secured a parachain slot | by Polkadex | May, 2022 | Medium https://t.co/78F2jYfzIL
@afrianindrawan @BryceWeiner Everyone got smoked. Doesn’t matter the price u paid for Luna
@JuicyGrabs @cryptomanran We don’t know 700 million was actually used. Just because Luna Foundation said so isn’t exactly proof
@cryptomanran Could have been a planned rug prior. Load up on BTC and AVAX in advance to fund the next ponzi.
@cryptomanran Not just $BTC , LFG had $AVAX too . This is not workable, it’s Mt.Gox 2.0 , probably worse . Even if it takes years $LUNA deserve a forensic takedown of what happened and @terra_money @stablekwon should attempt to make good . GOX ➡️QuadrigaCX➡️Luna , the space has to self police
I really want to know where the Bitcoin are that were supposed to be used to defend the peg. There was a vote where some, not all, were sent to market makers. Apparently they were not used. When do we get answers here?
We are delisting #LUNA from the Nexo Exchange. The Earn Crypto Interest product for #LUNA & #UST has also been disabled.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We should decouple as many protocols and exchanges as possible from $USDT Tether right now.

We should finally(!) start acting in advance and alleviate systematic risk for a change!

Why does no one enforce this finally? It is absolutely ridiculous!

$luna #terra #LUNAtics $ust
@DanzoDirect Expected. People hurt in capitulation markets. It's gotta be done though
Sooo, with this Luna stuff has anyone figured out what "REALLY" is going on? Sympathies to those who were hurt. Everything is always a head fake look here not here. @XRP_OWL @jungleincxrp
You know a crash was really bad when some assets are up 50% over the last 24 hours but still down 50% over the last 7 days.
5. I am very disappointed with how this UST/LUNA incident was handled (or not handled) by the Terra team. We requested their team to restore the network, burn the extra minted LUNA, and recover the UST peg. So far, we have not gotten any positive response, or much response at all
The Luna/UST collapse must be the most negative crash in the history of crypto. Due to the sheer size of wealth destruction ($40B permanently gone), widespread holder base, perception of safety, top-tier exchange listings, and how much of the establishment vocally supported Luna.
Likely the culprit wasn’t Blackrock. It’s likely Do Kwon. Knowingly minted a bunch of worthless UST to acquire Bitcoin pushing the Ponzi over the edge. We know the BTC went into OTC accounts where did it come out???
Unpleasant actions could have been taken to salvage some value out of $Luna.

Make no mistake @stablekwon rugged everyone. Classic playbook, pretend to be solving problem, give an update or two, admit defeat but point to some ambiguous return to form down the road:

Then Silence
In less than 3 days we saw a 50 billion market cap network collapse to $0.00006 per #LUNA

Biggest implosion in #Crypto history

Now regulators are going to claim they MUST regulate us MORE... For our own good, to protect us...
JUST IN: https://t.co/gp8AK4709L has temporarily suspended $LUNA trading & withdrawals for the second time today.
Due to market conditions and an inability to fill orders, we have had to disable LUNA trading in the app.
Luna is officially 0.000000$.

100% of the people who bought in are now at a 100% loss. Very sad.
It’s pretty wild to see a chain die like this. Lots of chains fade to irrelevance, but I can’t remember anything going out like Terra.
@khaliq_alia Hello!! They crashed the whole market. Everyone got smokes.
COIN down 90% from Cramer's "like" price... and already up 15% from his rant this morning https://t.co/OFvexTJ8lN
#Luna Circulating Supply update, we have increased from 334 billion to 2.3 Trillion in about 58.9 minutes https://t.co/Vcd6WhS63h
@TheCryptoLark There is 2 trillion coins and counting. Why did it take this long?
Stablecoins Could Soon Have to Park Cash at Fed: JPMorgan
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