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FTX exchange stablecoin reserves are down 93% in 2 weeks, and hourly #ethereum withdrawals just hit an all-time high!

The UST and Celsius PTSD is strong with the market.
@Bitboy_Crypto @GgsySk1 @Ripple You know, I just realized that you look a bit like @BrentSpiner without his charisma and sex appeal. Maybe I can go with that.
@TheCryptoLark I think its just a ponzi ready to bust and CZ is cashing out once again ahead of the pack.
Binance is selling half a billie worth of $FTT tokens due to claims FTX was lobbying against other industry players in secret.
@JohnEDeaton1 If your a real BTC maxi you can marvel at XRP's lightening fast payments, or Eth capability to do anything you can imagine and not be threatened. They will never be Bitcoin and BTC doesn't want to be them.
@mcuban Pay up Cuban. No more free lunches. We running a business here.
@nbougalis I remember reading about the OG iPhone team. Bunch of them got divorced a few got sick and died. Aint no joke.
@JoelKatz @GgsySk1 @Ripple I’m already crying because you give everyone cool AI photo upgrades and I just get none
@kylegrantham You represent the problem: journalists who think they are the only source of legitimate information. That’s the big lie.
BREAKING: New dates in the SEC vs #Ripple case point towards a final court verdict in Q1 2023.
@jack Not everything needs to have “bird” in the name! Too many bird groups fighting each internally other at Twitter. Angry Birds.
@Bitboy_Crypto @GgsySk1 @Ripple Seriously, there are many great ways to insult you that are not only factually accurate but would likely really hurt your feelings, possibly even lead you to tears. Why would anyone choose so ineptly? It's baffling.

Hey, @GgsySk1: I upped my insult game. Up yours!
@CryptoWendyO If it was just a “tweeter beef” I would agree. Sure seems like FTX has some serious issues and likely nothing we can do to stop the destruction coming.

Markets attack weakness. This is the way the game works.
@tictocrypto @blonde @Bitboy_Crypto can u forward me ur attorneys info? Im gunna have to serve blonde some cease & desist notices!
@PietdeV49871439 @JohnEDeaton1 People believe everything they hear so they assume FTX must be this financial behemoth if they are offering to save all these companies. What companies did they actually save from BK?
I keep hearing people say:

My blockchain is decentralized, the token has utility, Hinman said we are safe 😆

Gary don’t play them games. It’s all a security in his book. Everyone at risk
@XRPPanic They can’t be having money problems, I mean look at all those sponsorships they were handing out last year… They’ve got to be rich, right?

Sam is a genius trader… He made all that money in markets where none of that money was being made, right?

Everything is fine.
#Binance plans to dump $2.1 billion in #FTT.

This is Sam's reply. #FTX

Them avoiding the topic is actually concerning.
@JohnEDeaton1 Its rumored that FTX isnt as strong as their balance sheet would imply. Much of the companies value is based on illiquid FTT token. If that craters both FTX and the holding company may go bust.
@adamscochran Their balance sheet strength and ability to acquire financing and do deals is based on that high valuation. Hoping it someday recovers while your company "temporarily" goes insolvent isnt a pleasant game plan.
I literally can't believe she tweeted out the exact $22 level 🤣🤣🤣

20 month support with nothing but air below...
The apparent show of strength reeks of desperation.

That $22 level seems oddly specific doesn't it?

Steady lads, deploying more capital (using collateralized loans with illiquid ponzi altcoins).
@NicholasBlack60 Funny how every Ponzi scheme is directly linked to CZ but he somehow cashed out just in time 😆
. @cz_binance says @binance is selling $FTT holdings in wake of @coindesk scoop. Meanwhile, @carolinecapital says her firm @AlamedaResearch is stronger than balance sheet CoinDesk wrote about suggests and offered to buy Binance's holdings.

by @0x_Tracy
🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 22,999,999 #FTT (584,818,174 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binance
@Anthony_blkgop @Justin_Bons It’s not about caring about Ethereum. If miners control a network this shouldn’t be possible. Miners can be fired like any worker
@ToastmanTech @elonmusk I’m cool to hold until we go public again
People who have a say in whether you can use big tech: the Whitehouse, the CIA, 59 different EU agencies, the ADL, CNN, several billionaires, dozens of authoritarian NGOs

People who gave a say in whether you can use public blockchains: you and only you
@RenoPartyLyft @Anthony_blkgop @Justin_Bons We just saw every Ethereum miner get fired. Miners do not have the control and can be sent packing.
@Anthony_blkgop @Justin_Bons Mining pools are workers. Look at $ETH, they all just got fired. Miners are not in control.
@KeBaina5 @PolkadotPM @SECGov I have a good amount of $DOT and this is not a celebratory event. This is very scary
@XrpSnakie If they do I hope they like, comment and subscribe!!
@Justin_Bons The nodes are god of the network. They make and enforce the rules. It’s all that matters. You could spool up a bunch of bogus nodes but no one will follow ur bizarro version of Bitcoin.
@guinnessstache I see them refute this in court. Read the LBRY case. They don’t care if millions of people use the token in the network for utility. If there is one investor it’s all a security offering according to the SEC
@Justin_Bons 100K + Global Nodes vs (fill in the blank with your favorite alt coin) its less.
Looks like CZ is slowly dumping $500M worth of FTT on the market, if he continues many of Alameda's FTT backed loans will be liquidated causing a death spiral.
Let the party begin!
@CryptoAus12 @Belisarius2020 Good luck with that argument. How’s gold ole Billy’s speech working out for @LBRYcom

Sec admits most people use the token. They don’t care
I can't even, like, umm, what? #APT

#Aptos CEO: "Our goal when we designed the tokenomics was to create something that fairly represents the community"

He forgot the part where 51% of all tokens are held by two private entities calling themselves "the community" 😂

See next 👇
If you ever wondered how #Bitcoin looks in real life, the below is the closest you will ever get.

This is #BTC... materialized. 👇

Raw energy is used to maintain the most secure network on the planet.

Those thinking BTC is just digital numbers forget its infrastructure!
Turns out, #FTX CEO has billions in "assets" under Alameda Research consisting of #FTT tokens issued by his other business, the FTX exchange.

1️⃣ Print $3 bil in FTT tokens from nothing
2️⃣ Send them to Alameda as collateral

Terra vibes
I got scammed out of $10k yesterday, it's embarrassing and shameful but I feel like it's my duty to share this:
#FTX is insolvent and we got proof.

FTX Exchange and Alameda Research hold 8 bil in #FTT value which is illiquid against a real mcap of 3 bil.

That is 5 bil of magic money they report on their balance sheet.

Sam feeling the heat.

Any sell pressure will crash that mcap fast!
Are we all REKT?

Yes ✅

Will the market come back?

Sure, why not 🚀

But it’s gonna be a PAIN in the ASS until then.

So why not sit back and have a few laughs?

Visit and follow @CryptoTownCrier for the ONLY way to get out of this mess alive…
@HaileyLennonBTC But you will have to pay to keep it, same as everyone else.
@Leerzeit I love $DOT, this is a bizarre turn of events.
@guinnessstache They "became" the first alt to be compliant by their own proclamation. You know better stop spreading nonsense.
@ThinkingCrypto1 Quarter of a trillion aint great for a dying platform. I'm sure there is a fantastic trade somewhere along the way, but I have no faith they can execute over the long haul.
JUST IN: Elon Musk confirms some Twitter employees sold verification badges behind the scenes under previous management.
@xrpcions @thebearablebull The other day I did a video and I accidentally said Tesla instead of Twitter. All you have to do is type in the correction and the AI will cut testa and speak the world Twitter in ur voice
@xrpcions @thebearablebull This would be in editing before published
@JohnEDeaton1 5y later: company, 16 people, 200.000 users, 20% cashflow positive (all Pro subscriptions, products (Xumm Tangem cards, Vanity addresses, ... paid in XRP), regulated services (on-/offramp live in our first country) & big plans for years to come.
@Belisarius2020 Such an odd statement. I can only see this as counter productive
@thebearablebull It’s a program called descript. Let’s say you say something incorrectly in a podcast or video recording. U can just go in there and retype the correction
Looks like I made it through the day without being fired from Twitter. Let the weekend begin!
@mrddmia Thank you.

A thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues.
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