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💎 #KuCoin x #Moonbeam 💎

Listing Celebration: 1,000 $GLMR to Give Away!

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🎁 50 lucky people will each receive 20 $GLMR!
@kinghouston5 Give me a 3X and I’ll flip it into BTR
We've got good news related to Songbird $SGB on Bitrue, can you guess what it is?

Shout your guesses below and tag three friends. One person who gets it right will get a bonus of $100 $USDT!
@Web3markets @YouTube They aren’t going to rug pull. That price might be a good entry point. I’m busy buying BTR so I’ll have to pass for now.
@jungleincxrp Don't forget about PHASE 4 :

1. Big Marketing Plans
2. Major Partnerships (major better than solid ?)
3. Real World Events
4. Billions Holders (why aim small ?!)


My spot $BTC bids filling as I drink my Coffee ❤️🔥🎯 https://t.co/dZXxgjHsqk
1. Cool Merchandise 😆
2. Solid Partnerships 😆
3. Big Marketing Plans 😆
4. Major Partnerships 🤯

That’s a hell of a roadmap 😂

MegaGalaxy Land https://t.co/3QaYxNQt8k
Binance @binance will list $GLMR by @MoonbeamNetwork and will open trading for GLMR/BTC, GLMR/BUSD, and GLMR/USDT trading pairs on Jan 11th, 16:00 UTC.

Deposits for $GLMR will open on Jan 11th 10:00 (UTC) in preparation for trading.

I formally apologize to $Fire. It appears they are a network of $XRP investors who finally came up with a scheme to make money for once this year.

Congrats on the bags guys.
Ripple's argument is clean, concise - and correct.

The Fife case was talking about making orange juice but the Ripple case is just talking about whether the oranges can even be picked off the tree.

That's "...different procedural posture" in lawyer-talk. https://t.co/IlZQeuEOmu
438 #Bitcoin obituaries have been counted since 2010, and the year 2017 still remains to account for most “deaths.”

I don't think #BTC can die so don't believe the medias BS 😆
I filled the 100% ARP #EQ staking pool this morning at 230am and then slammed all my BTR on 30% EQ staking as well

@Equilibrium_G is going to the moon 🌝

@okruhlicjt14 Any settlement would HAVE to take place between Jan. 19 and summary judgment. My best guess would be between Feb.- April.
Reference to outside evidence is not proper in a motion to strike - analysis should be limited to whether Ripple plead the defense properly. See below.

Therefore I believe the Court should NOT strike the FND.

Whether the FND wins at summary judgment - a 100% different analysis! https://t.co/wENfAm6t2p
Why Ripple's FND survives the SEC's motion to strike:

In the Kik Interactive case, the Court ruled against Kik on the "FND" as seen in the Order below which distinguished the Upton case.

HOWEVER, the adverse ruling was at summary judgment and NOT at a motion to strike. 1/3 https://t.co/Qzzxx3s9Mh
@QueensboroFine1 @kucoincom Ya if it’s anything like the parachain I’ll sit out. I have a feeling we may get some good price action over the following weeks. Market is nasty. Will see
@heidi21111 @chargers That’s not even close, Chargers are by far the worst.
I’m so glad I don’t watch @chargers games any longer. Being a Chargers fan is far worse than being an #XRP investor. https://t.co/bUgQ6P6SHc
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, free-spirited friend, @danidamman. Thank you for living your life in a way that inspires others to live free & be happy. ❤️ https://t.co/SynRhUkcyb
Dear @NVIDIAGeForce

The #Ethereum Merge will kill #GPU mining early this year, how do you anticipate this will effect your annual revenue?

Your # 1 fan @MinusWells
@attorneyjeremy1 “If i had $100 I would bet there would be a settlement, but only marginally.” … so let’s say that’s what? Around 60-40 in favour of settlement? IF FND defence survives motion to strike, how much would you change that %? 😊😬 https://t.co/8yUW9GMk6h
@jungleincxrp @GaryGensler Exactly. How hard is it to say if you're selling digital assets to raise funds, here are the limits and the disclosures?
I’m no Fauci, but I predict the pandemic will “end” before the midterm elections 👀
Don’t worry guys Doxxed Devs wouldn’t pump and dump.

Point on the chart where the promo and profits happened https://t.co/bRWD2KQK2M
@Marksie05 @GaryGensler Most of us support what @GaryGensler wants to do. What we can’t support is his front that everything is already clear.

@HesterPeirce honest and transparent public discussion gets this done. Cloak & dagger BS to protect SECs ability to win a lawsuit will not
Why does Congress and the media not push back when @GaryGensler says “I won’t discuss any specific token”?
I get it; you can’t make him say talk about #ETH or #XRP or even #BTC. But push back on why he won’t. Clayton did.👇 It causes great confusion.

I agree with @GaryGensler that all of the Alt projects in crypto are doing a security offering. The tokens themselves are not a security.

Let’s roll out reporting requirements for these projects and bring them into compliance without effecting the utility of the tokens. https://t.co/Rel6sZ6ytc
I just received word, all of the crypto developers just suddenly stopped developing due to the recent price performance.

#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Ripple has filed its response to the SEC's Notice of Supplemental Authority regarding the SEC's Motion to Strike the Fair Notice Defense. https://t.co/1QJywlLhcd
What a hunk of junk the Mercedes EQS is. For a starting price of $101K I get a car that goes 0-60 in 5.9 seconds.

Tesla gunna continue to run a train on this whole industry. https://t.co/w4bP0dV5AV
@NewsAsset This is kinda amateur hour easy to find stuff. I’m sure the reality is even worse
My second interview with Anthony Scaramucci will be live tomorrow morning - we touch on BTC, ALGO, Crypto Regulations, Inflation, Economy and more!

Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. https://t.co/af3D3CZfup https://t.co/DV6qLNG6uv
Gentile Reminder that we got 5 o' these sweet honies available... Check out my NFT listing on OpenSea! https://t.co/gwGhg43axK via @opensea
All of #crypto combined, yes every single coin, is worth less than Apple or Microsoft.

After a very long vacation I'll be back to streaming tomorrow at 6pm CET @ https://t.co/cxHJ9pHCYy We begin my #Minecraft journey for the first time. HELP PLEASE #vtuber #VTuberUprising https://t.co/IT934yn4uK
@CryptonaireXRP I don’t suggest anyone follow me, but I will definitely disclose when I sell XRP.
@NewsAsset I have no balance 🙁 😆

I will work on this
In the crypto space, it's all about finding a balance between your HODL and knowing when to take PROFITS! https://t.co/8WHdZwqpWC
SEC Will Be Forced to Settle With Ripple: Our Day is Soon: Mickle Marke... https://t.co/kmMT1XOF3w via @YouTube

Based on analysis of @MarketsMickle

As usual, as soon as the market has been bearish for a while, the market participants are starting to overreact and only see the negative aspects … suddenly everything is supposedly bad.

Seen this before … many times.
The SEC will try and explain this away by saying some 💩 like “we don’t give guidance that might dissuade a company from listing an asset” or words to that effect.

That alone is utter nonsense b/c Clayton, Hinman and @GaryGensler have repeatedly said “come in and talk to us.” https://t.co/teHXpF3ElJ
I wanted to thank you guys for sharing your knowledge in the crypto space. You’ve all taught me everything I know. Very grateful to everyone tagged.😊 @BCBacker @BakkupBradley @jungleincxrp @attorneyjeremy1 @thebearablebull @digitalassetbuy @Kevin_Cage_ @MasonVersluis @tomskiweb
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