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Very stubborn people out there with some anti ripple anti XRP agenda. I don't have time to argue, if you can't accept the reality that Ripple the buisness is doing well and that XRP has a real use case. Then I have to block, not because im thin skinned I just value my time.
digital Rupee project, ripple enabled banks. Ripplenet ODL is a rail That I think these updated digitized systems will have the options of using. Why would they? trustless, faster, cheaper, more efficient. Plus Ripple can loan for cheaper than central banks right now.source 👇
@XRP_Productions Honestly, I can't believe he said that eh, "Bitcoin is the only payment network that can handle instantaneous, global micro transactions at scale"

almost fell off my damn chair 😂😂🤣🤣
Why the SEC cannot meet its burden on (at least) one element of the Howey test.

In order to win at Summary Judgment, the SEC has to do two things:

1. Prove every element by the greater weight of the evidence AND
2. Prove that there is no genuine dispute of a material fact. 1/
. @Casper_Network aims to become a major player in the future of #NFT infrastructure through:

👉 Resource building
👉 Easy-to-use environment
👉 Cross-chain Interoperability
👉 Frameworks and SDKs
✅Friendly Market, first DEX and first NFT Marketplace on Casper Network !

👉NFT Market will switch to the mainnet when the CEP-78 protocol is provided.

🚀The advantages offered by Friendly Market are absolutely crucial. You can now Swap and add Liquidity.
@friendlymarkets 👍
New high on $ALGO- $BTC pair chart. Starting to shape up a new trend. #Algo #bitcoin
Exchanges for $CSPR
on Uphold (GET $20 Using This Link):

MexC: No KYC, Up to 10 BTC Withdrawal. US Residents Can Use Safely (I use this as a US Resident KYC'd)
Gems List Here BEFORE Kucoin





5) Casper Staking Tutorial:
- AR/VR, IoT, & Auctions
- NFT-Verified Certificates
- Energy Markets & Electric Grid Web3 Use Cases
- Sports Memorabilia & Tickets
- Gaming
- Supply Chain Solution w/ Hyperledger Fabric
- ID Mgmt (Major Telco Provider)
- NFT Marketplace for Global Energy & Renewables Market
Use Cases Here:

- $CSPR NFTs for Trademarks & IP
- Whiskey Casks & Custom on-chain KYC & Auction
- Smart City tech in China w/ BSN (Hyperledger Member 👀)
- Largest Auto Company in Switzerland, leasing contracts
- Global Telecom Pymnts Processor
- Major US Insurance Company

"we are probably under NDA's with at least 45 now companies and the majority of them are Fortune 500 companies"

AMA with Niamh O'Connell - BDM Casper

@Dagnum_PI @elonmusk @ScottAdamsSays @BillyM2k I've been bribed $10k-$20K to get my account verified on twitter.

I'll happily pay $8. I just hope the dozens of impersonators don't also pay $8. Either way, should slow bots down.

Twitter and Instagram are terrible right now
@XRP_Jadey86 @EricCobaltXrp Right within @HashPackApp you can choose a node. Capped at 6.5% per year. (Easiest option and takes a few seconds to do)

Or you could look at @stader_hbar

Or look at @SaucerSwapLabs (DEX)
I find it quite amusing how fast the #SEC stopped posting Gensler’s calendar once we started hammering his ass for meetings with Vanguard and his other sloppy dealings.

・ 。
  ・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚。
$CSPR Will fly
。。 ・
。 ・゚
In October $HBAR was the fastest growing smart chain by development progress 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #Hedera #Bitcoin #Crypto
A CBDC controlled by those in charge is a terrible outcome. A synthetic CBDC on ledgers like XRPL, where people can design XAPPs and use those dollars for good, is a better way forward. Another option is the ECASH act, which allows a completely private digidollar that mimics cash
Ripple's partner The Clearing House's RPT (Real-Time Payments) has been providing instant payments to its customers since 2019. The Clearing House has about 70 banks signed up.

See Wells Fargo's Ad.

A link to WF's white paper is contain in this article:
Guys, Casper $CSPR doesn't "need" to be ISO 20022 compliant 😂. So much confusion about ISO now.

ISO 20022 is an open standard for "payment messaging" since 2004. Messaging.

Yes, it's important and great for companies like Ripple.
$XRP $ALGO and many other alts.
“Retail investors are losing money on unregulated cryptocurrencies”
You made the big screen again @cowboycrypto313! Price Charts & Partners 💥 @Ripple #XRP Algorand #ALGO Hedera #HBAR Casper #CSPR Great video @Kevin_Cage_ brother ❤️ via @YouTube
Always remember who was with you during the dark days of the Ripple's lawsuit.

Remember who laughed and doubted us at the beginning when the lawsuit started.

These people will clap with us when we win and act like they supported us.
"Every day, we’re talking to some of the world’s largest and well-known companies about their blockchain journey – and how CasperLabs is ideally suited to enable it.
📊FLR Tokenomics:

Total FLR tokens at Token Distribution Event: 100B
- Community allocation: 58.3B
- Team, advisors & backers: 19.2B
- Flare entities responsible for ecosystem and project investment: 22.5B

For more detail:
We're looking at a future that is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing technology without any need to retrofit. That future is already HERE @Casper_Network 🔥

#DeFi #CasperFam
"Do it for the ones of us that didn't make it. Have them riding with me when their spirit's fading."

- Dunn D

One of my favorites. #Aussie
This video is dedicated to my best friend. RIP bro

Price Charts & Partners 💥 Ripple XRP Algorand ALGO Hedera HBAR Casper CS... via @YouTube

$XRP $HBAR $ALGO $CSPR #XRPCommunity #Hedera #Algorand #Casper
Traditional global payment systems are far from efficient. In this video, CEO @BGarlinghouse details how we're removing barriers for #crypto in business. #CryptoMeansBusiness

Click play. ▶️
I help this cute old lady carry her groceries up a couple flights of stairs anytime I see her.

She only let's me help if I put a mask on though.
Anyone dare short $ALGO in November!? #Algorand #FIFAWorldCup

*We have been ranging between .28 - .40 for 3 months... Is this time different!? #cryptomarket

Quick question from a friend of mine

He is having trouble sending his $ZEC from ledger to an exchange. It won't let him withdraw for the past couple of months.

His firmware is up to date as far as I know.

Thanks! 🙏
Glad to announce our partnership with @Algorand

@Algorand is transforming economic models and economies of all kinds. High performing layer 1 blockchain is unparalleled bringing fast, frictionless and inclusive technologies to all.

📖 Read More:
With the upcoming Casper 2.0, the Zug protocol will introduce a faster, more secure successor to the current Highway protocol.

There are additional features and performances you can expect to see on the @Casper_Network 🚀
FED NY Project Cedar

Test results from the experiment revealed that the #blockchain-enabled payments system settles transactions in fewer than ten seconds on average and that throughput across the system increases as additional currencies are included.

We're excited to announce that Verde Blocks is coming to @Hedera to bring businesses the first end-to-end, DLT-enabled platform for purchasing #renewableenergy through smart contracts 🌎 #TogetherForImplementation
@CryptoHammer26 @shepherd_XRP I was just sharing that sendi young had a new role for tranglo and credited who shared it so that I don't get bashed for stealing info. I'm hated no matter what I do. Btw, I NEVER shilled or owned Fire or Strong and have those hashtags blocked. Thanks.
The BRICS nations announced plans to launch a new reserve currency for trade.

The BRICS alliance indicated it would be a basket currency.

What does that mean?

How does a basket currency work?

🧵A speculative thread on the upcoming BRICS reserve currency.
This year's @CryptoOasisUAE's Ecosystem Report is live and we are honored to be included! As the number of mobile users in the #MENA region grows, the future of financial services is becoming increasingly digital.

Read the full report.
Welcome to China’s Skynet

When the WEF says they want Smart Cities, this is what they mean
Somebody needs to mint an Amicus Brief on the XRPL..
Loving what @SaltyPirateCrew is doing! Partnered with @hard_fizz for 1st of its kind collab in the space! Welcome aboard Rum Punch FIZZ! w/ our nfts on the cans!!! The first 80 cases have been released! Wait till we can go global! Sheesh. Free pet mint game live!!!
Lets FIZZ'n Go
Stablecoins on Hedera:

- @GetRivia's 1:1 dollar backed Hedera-native $rUSD
- @circle's $USDC on carbon-negative Hedera
- @StraitsX Singapore dollar $XSGD which allows users & merchants to trade offline
- @ShinhanBankENG's KRW-backed stablecoin PoC for international remittances.
Maybe I shouldn’t have sold my Algorand.
Bank of Italy.
United States Government Accountability Office in 2014

Recognized #XRP being decentralized from #ripple the company

The #SEC has gone rouge, why are they the only USA regulatory body calling XRP a security
Tomorrow marks 4 years when my best friend hung himself. We found him 3 days later in his apartment.

If you're ever struggling, please reach out to friends & family.

Just as #PaddyPimblett said " I know I would rather me mate cry on me shoulder than go to his funeral next week"
With the upcoming Casper 2.0, the Zug protocol will introduce a faster, more secure successor to the current Highway protocol.

There are additional features and performances you can expect to see on the @Casper_Network 🚀
@CriticalComp_D @YouTube Been there man. I know you'll do great & stick with it 💪👏
#Casper is among the most sought-after popular cryptocurrencies on #CoinMarketCap.
👉Ranked in the top 2 on #CoinMarketCap
✅Casper in the top 100 without being listed on major exchanges!
This is awesome !

Retweet If You want $CSPR LISTED ON
@binance !🚀
🚨 BREAKING: Take a look at the new role @sendiyoung (UK & Europe MD at @Ripple) has just taken at @Tranglo 👇
We’re excited to announce that @Ledger_Works ‘Eco Connect’ is now live on the @Hedera mainnet - enabling us to address the most critical issues with offsets in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) today 🌍 #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation
☀️GM #NFTLondon2022 🇬🇧

Day 1 has finally arrived - come and have a chat with some of the #Hedera and the @HBAR_Foundation teams at our Booth on the 3rd floor! 👋 Very excited to meet you all and talk all things #NFT
🔥XRPL Ecosystem Poster ‼️

150 projects and companies in the XRP(L) ecosystem:
NFT Collectibles ✅
Gaming & Metaverse ✅
Marketplaces ✅
DEXs & Launchpads ✅
Wallets ✅

🚨Buy here for your Home/Office

$XRP @Ripple @RippleXDev @XRPLF
👍Medha Parlikar continues to announce the awesome power of Casper !
❗️La Blockchain Summit is very important for Casper!
👉States, Governments, Institutions, Banks and many fields...

Everyone will notice Casper's unique technology very soon!
🙌Who is waiting impatiently?
Have you ever wondered what makes #Switzerland🇨🇭 such a hotbed for #blockchain companies?

Watch @RRKUBLI (from 12:00 mins onwards) on how the #CryptoValley is poised to lead the way for the next " #Amazon of Blockchain" ⛓

Via @swissinfo_en 👇
I’ve never written a post like this. Today is insane disregarding earlier tweets. Don’t have time to do deep dive now. Today = Ripple/Interledger day. Announcements show what’s coming is insane + more to share. No switch flip, just insane adoption incoming/in place

#ripple #XRP
JUST IN: Instagram users will soon be able to mint, buy and sell NFTs directly on the app
Thanks Gare Bear 🌊 Ripple XRP AMMs, NEXT BIG THING FOR A LAYER 1💲 David ... via @YouTube

$XRP #XRPCommunity #XRPL

S/o to Gare Bearrr
Signs you are too old and don’t have the ability to use the internet to do a proper research

When you only know
- XRP is centralized
- XRP is only for banks
- Ripple holds more 50% of XRP supply
- Ripple can issue more XRP
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