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Interested in learning how to leverage #blockchain technology to build a successful enterprise? @Casper_Labs CTO @MParlikar spoke with @TechBullion on the business benefits of integrating blockchain technology and how enterprises can do so. Read more:
We are thrilled to win KuCoin Labs as trusted partners and investors for Geojam. They have built an expert platform that is value aligned and we are beyond excited to work with their outstanding team. Let’s go $JAM creator economy!🚀🚀🚀 @kucoincom @KCLabsOfficial @Conste11ation
"The rise of the #NFTs, the #metaverse, and #cryptoassets at large are not distinct and separate events. Rather, they are all influencing and being influenced by each other."

#CryptoNews #CryptoTwitter #DigitalAssets
"Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has become one of the richest people in the world—even without his #crypto holdings."

#CryptoNews #CryptoTwitter #DigitalAssets is getting a space in Portals Downtown with a focus on delivering the latest news, charts, and events virtually,”

#CryptoNews #CryptoTwitter #DigitalAssets #Metaverse #Solana $SOL @binance @_portals_
Hey @Kevin_Cage_ I've been hodling $CRV for 9 mos. With all the buzz about DAO's, and its @Coinbase Ventures investment, I have high hopes. Your nod 👇 gives me one more reason.
@iamschwelly I'm not missing the ice in Chicago lol. That's for sure!
$QNT was stuck under this level for 500 days+ and then BOOM 💥

Those 500 days, holders were considered moon boys by those that never did their research into Quant

Their loss.
I keep 10-25% of my entire portfolio in cash and/or stablecoins 24/7/365 and rebalance as necessary.

It helps keep me sane during crashes where I can then decide if I want to DCA during drops.

#NotFinancialAdvice but it sure helps in a market where 90% are ALL IN.
ALL OUT PANIC!💥 Ripple XRP Price Algorand DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HOLD? 🌊 A... via @YouTube
What are your 3 biggest holdings? Mine are:

🥇 $XRP
🥈 $VET
🥉 $ADA

PS: Just thinking: Only 1 of those 3 hasn't had their 100X yet this cycle.....
ALL OUT PANIC!💥 Ripple XRP Price Algorand DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HOLD? 🌊 A... via @YouTube
If you believe that we have seen our bull market top, then you believe that for the first time in $BTC's 10+ yr history, we have seen our cycle top in less time than the prior one. History shows that each cycle has taken longer than the last, and I expect that to continue.
#Ripple & #XRP News: XRPayNet – the World’s Most Diverse Payment Network, Bringing ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to the Crypto Industry
If marriage and 20+ years in business has taught me anything it’s that being right is not winning, it’s being happy and having peace of mind. 

Arguing your point often corners the other person who can’t find a way out so they argue back and it’s a vicious circle. 

Life is short
"Adopting Hedera #Hashgraph as a security layer is cost effective, easy to implement, energy efficient, public but privacy-enabled solution which can be adopted by institutions..." Read more by Lt Gen Abhay Krishna (Retd) in the @EconomicTimes:
Thread on how I believe Tranglo might fit in the picture for ODL. Warning: A lot of speculation, that will also involve Visa! 👀

Ripple announced that they acquired 40% of Tranglo on March 29th 2021.

Don’t forget about Tranglo. Ripple acquired a 40% stake in the Asian cross-border payments specialist in 2021.

It seems they are working on something special with ODL.

"Research on Payment Settlement Mode in Crossborder Business Trade Based on Blockchain Technology," an investigation of #Ripple / #XRP from Anhui Vocational College of Finance and Trade, China.

1,000,000,000 $DAG staked on @LatticeExchange during this month's Soft Node Program. 🚀🚀🚀

This is over 41% of our current circulating supply ‼️

Probably nothing.

$LTX #HGTP #NodeArmy
In celebration of the $DAMO launch tomorrow, we will be giving away 50 $MATIC each to two random people who👇

- Like, RT & follow @thehaidamo
- Join the discord

Winners will be selected at 7pm EST on January 9th
The Growth Paradox: Growth takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you ever would have thought.

Growth happens gradually, then suddenly.

When you realize this, you start to do things differently...
“If the transaction costs on remittances worldwide were cut from where they are today at around 10% to average 5%…it would unlock $15bn a year in poor countries” -Bill Gates
Have you noticed how some market “experts” or investment banks recommend buying when there’s a pump and recommend selling when there a dump? I wonder if they’re doing the opposite. 🤔
Caught this at the #BYU game tonight! well done who ever this was! 👍🔥🔥 @Ripple!
Why I'm super bullish on $XRP right now.

It was confirmed that when they mention instant settlement, that has to include XRP in Ripplenet. I wasn't sure if that could achieved with traditional nostro/vostro but apparently not. It HAS to include XRP settlement.

There is $10-15 trillion in global SME cross-border payment flows and this is only one of many industries #Ripple and #XRP are going after
Now @linkchainlink

This should blow your mind 🤯

All the data from $LINK can be traded on @LatticeExchange $LTX

The Global liquidity pool

Because it is built on $DAG you are just swapping/trading data for data🤯

@Imnotj3ff I like both. Two very different assets 🤙
@Imnotj3ff Nothing crazy 10-11% atm but the price potential is what intrigues me
$CSPR the sleeping ghost 👻
#NFTLA Speaker: Medha Parlikar

"I see blockchain as a trust layer"

@MParlikar, Co-Founder & CTO of @Casper_Labs, envisions #blockchain opening a new realm for #commerce. Don't miss out on seeing Medha at #NFTLA early bird tickets are available now!
Many SMEs rely on cross-border payments for growth, yet their needs aren't being met by the traditional system. With over $100B in potential revenue annually, the opportunity in SME B2B payments is quite large.

Our report shares more:
One week in Puerto Rico and already have a plumber coming by to fix a few leaks 💦
@X__Anderson @AtillaDag3 @ercwl @Ripple Yes, and xCurrent doesn’t to settlement. If you want to do settlement then you need ODL (xRapid) and that uses XRP
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 10 - Extreme Fear
Current price: $41,789
“The combination of our tech, cannabis, psychedelics, outer space, and #crypto related holdings will all be utilizing this exciting space. We are very excited to invite all of our portfolio companies and investors to be part of something very special.”
" announced this week that it has purchased a virtual land estate in @TheSandboxGame, where clinicians will be able to host #psychedelic therapy sessions in the #metaverse."

#CryptoNews #CryptoTwitter
#JPMorgan sees 2022 having potential to be “the year of the #blockchain bridge (driving greater interoperability of various chains) or the year of financial tokenization.

#CryptoNews #CryptoTwitter #CryptoAdoption #DigitalAssets
Central Banks around the world are beginning to explore some form of #CBDC to bring new opportunities to their communities.

💡 How many underbanked people in the world do CBDCs have the potential to help? Find the answer in our white paper.
Let's just say that I'm not worried about the future of #NFTs on $HBAR Hedera
We are all speculators. Like it or not 🙂
Much love to those on #CryptoTwitter that can respect everyone's differences & opinions without having to attack & put down others.

Support each other. And if you can't do that, just ignore them.

Be wary of anyone that has to bash another to make a name for oneself.
@PennyBritish They are a set of coins that people have associated with the ISO20022 payments standard by virtue of those coins also being used for payments, or used by companies that deal with payments.
When $AMZN stock dips, do investors forget about the big picture and think people will suddenly stop using Amazon?

Of course not.

The platform that revolutionized the internet of goods.

One of the components of globalization.

The Internet of Value is growing. #DeFi
Retailers are acting like ISO Compliance & other licensing don't matter.

It does and will.

Look at the growth of the Crypto Market over the past 10 years.

This Decade will be explosive. Zoom out.

Less than $2T Total MC today. $10T+ coming

Well this is unusual, extreme fear across all four time frames
"I don't like failure."

Well, it's a crucial part of success.

Welcome it.
5 of the many reasons I own and continue to buy XRP
1. The SEC Case Will End but XRP Won't
2. NFTs built on the XRP Ledger just getting started.
3. CBDCs built on the XRP Ledger just getting started
4. ISO20022 Compliant
5. It's fast, scalable, inexpensive(BTC & ETH are not)
MoneyGram invests in Coinme as part of partnership to connect fiat and crypto.

Coinme is @Ripple’s first liquidity hub customer and is also backed by Ripple’s Xpring

#XRPtheStandard #XRP #Ripple
#Ripple investment @Tranglo enabled Hong Kong as a receiving corridor, utilizing FPS & Global E-Money Alliance for near-real time payments for businesses looking to make payments to HK. Is ODL in play, external to HK rails? Maybe, but it's pretty liquid.
Glad to partner with @HBAR_foundation to create content, as well as support and mentor the new #NFT platform, which in turn will bring more opportunities to the Indian music community. ☺️🌻👍

@MyQyuki #NFTs
SEC filed a Letter of Supplemental Authority in support of its Motion to Strike #Ripple's Fair Notice Defense 🤡
Working closely with @DeptofDefense to manage, secure and automate GOV data.

Developing a global standard for bulk data in-transit using Blockchain. 🌐

1/ The Solana Network is currently experiencing degraded performance due to an increase in high compute transactions, which is reducing network capacity to several thousand transactions per second. This is leading to some failed transactions for users.


Video here:


Video here:
THE $100 TRILLION ASSET CLASS! 💥 Ripple XRP Price Hedera HBAR API3 CSPR ... via @YouTube
⚫️We are pleased to reveal the Void Pass artwork by our Void Governance Council member, @marterium_ .

We are beyond excited to share this collaboration with our community, and hope you tune into our twitter spaces at 2pm EST to talk with him and about the future of The Void.
Announcing that we will be bringing the #API3 Alliance to @NEARProtocol and @auroraisnear, giving developers access to over 180 #API providers.
"NFTs provide a greater potential to attract capital than #Bitcoin due to their ability to tokenize and authenticate physical assets such as cars, watches and real estate."

#CryptoNews #NFTs #DigitalAssets
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