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Come hang out with us today and talk about the current state of the #HBAR #NFT market.
For this meetup, we're excited to be joined by the @HashPackApp team: @may_hashpack (CEO), Tyler Coté (CTO), & Nick Hanna (CISO). They’ll be giving us a technical overview of all the amazing things they have built & what’s on their #roadmap. Register now:
Ripple is committed to a clean, prosperous and secure, low-carbon future. That's why we have a plan to reach carbon net zero by 2030. 🌱 See how we're working towards that goal.
I might be scared as to what digital assets truly represent for humanity upon mass adoption but I’m certainly not scared enough to sell to these fucking whales
@secretdaemon Baby pigeon shit

Going to revolutionize the market
@onXRPdotcom Want to commend you for being the first to set a standard of hopefully many to follow in providing a platform that aims to provide transparency and trust within this space.


$hBAR and the UK Government testing Drones

Oldest Bank in Germany States Crypto to Overtake Asset Classes by 2025

Live in the chat in 15 minutes
We have been working on presenting a DAO to the community. We have the roadmap completed. Putting up the website. Stay tuned!
New year, new #LSH news!
In our ever expanding universe we are introducing Lazy Chibi Heroes! Each LSH holder will get 1 airdropped soon. Join and visit for the latest news.
Join the most exclusive #NFT club on #Hedera.
@BCBacker Prettty sure I remember you calling this wick a handful of days ago
@madave_lui I always recommend research, research, research. Never ape, never fomo and never buy something because some person on social media says they like something. Buy it or don't because you researched and you use money you can lose. Never buy all time highs, and everything retraces.
Pre launch promo.

0.1 xPunk for someone who:

- Follows us
- Tags as many friends as possible
- Retweets this message

5 bonus entries for everyone who puts us in their bio and leaves it there.

#giveaway #xrpl #xrparmy #xrpcommunity
🎉 🥳 Congrats!! Love to see a massive sale, and with the transition plan to XLS-20, this eagle will land in a bazaar near you in due time.

Now the sale will get directed to @XRPLLabs, making possible the adopt-a-node initiative, all paid through $XRP, permission-less $ on #XRPL
@TheNodeCatcher If you start a meditation and well being YouTube I’d watch as long as there’s no chanting.
Sometimes I just stalk @XrpYoda and join twitter spaces chats based on what he’s in 😅👀
We’re doing an #NFT questions space today.

If you’re a creator and have questions about the tools we’re making, or #Hedera #NFTs in general, stop by and ask 🙂

#NFTCommumity #HBARbarians #hbarnft #hbarnfts #hederanfts
HashPack v2.0.1 has been released!

We’ve (hopefully) fixed the issue with some NFTs not showing in the gallery. If you have a large collection please wait a minute or so and try refreshing if you’re still missing NFTs.

The awesome @HGraphPunks are now displaying properly!
Wife’s gonna be crying today.

Donating our green cheek conures two big cages to a rescue (she passed away last winter)
Have you noticed how some market “experts” or investment banks recommend buying when there’s a pump and recommend selling when there a dump? I wonder if they’re doing the opposite. 🤔
Holy crap Pumpkinhead is on Comet right now

I haven't seen this movie since I was like 10 years old.
@NVXRP1 I suggest joining the discord if you have more questions, or watch the AMAs on there etc (they're all recorded). I'm not part of the team or paid by the team. The team can answer your questions better than I could anyways.
@tweetlarrypoole @TheNodeCatcher @jdiddy2k9 @thebearablebull @phoenix_fi If people are losing money from a tweet there must be a market somewhere I'm not aware of.
@NVXRP1 I already answered this in my thread.

I was approached by someone I've known in this space for about 3.5 years, had a face to face meeting with the team, and then bought.

I'm done with this conversation though. Taking the fam out to dinner in an hour or so.
@tod1981 thanks dude and yeah same rules apply always never buy at all time high and all that jazz. It's a good video. They've done like 6 AMA's so far I like the transparency but it's certainly not going to be for everyone especially at these prices.
@tod1981 1,000% agree that these are riskier moves. Price is currently sitting at like $240 for one Fire token. I personally was expecting a correction from $120 down to around $60 but that hasn't happened yet. I'm hoping its sustainable around that $60-80 range.

Currently way higher
Instead of complaining about what people choose to support you always have the alternative option:

Joining a community and researching for yourself to see if its a fit for your risk tolerance.
@tod1981 2/2

Now that's not to say I can't see it "not working" especially given a lot of other projects recently and I don't know if this is anywhere near sustainable price (see original post) but I do love the transparency and the willingness to try to do it different.
@tod1981 Sure.


I was initially reached out to by someone I've known in this space for 3.5 years mentioning this project. Was able to have a discussion with the team (luke and eric). Spoke face to face. Love the transparency. Actual treasury investments. Audit.
@NVXRP1 I'm not being paid to support this. I put my own funds in after face to face discussions with the team. Was never gifted anything.

You can make your own decision.

I've always warned against buying at all time high or any of that shit.
My advice as usual:

-Never buy anything at all time high

-Research the team, the business model, the transparency, etc.

-Gauge your personal risk tolerance

-Never invest more than you can lose into anything.

-Make your own decision
I'm supporting this project

Paid my own funds/invested early.

I WON'T guarantee success - DYOR especially with the projects recently/Gauge Price Action/Sustainability

I dig the transparency, the plan (hopefully it succeeds), the audit, doxxing & treasury execution thus far.
@TheNodeCatcher @jdiddy2k9 @thebearablebull @phoenix_fi To me the team has been transparent from beginning. Now that doesn't mean it's a get rich quick moonshot, and long term sustainability may look different than any speculative price action. Excited for the project though, as always ppl should do their own research and vet.
It doesn’t matter how you were born

It’s who you grow to be
🙏Huge thank you for 50K subscribers on YouTube.

Interesting today.

Ripple CBDC report that OMITS a Christine Lagarde Excerpt.


The Last Key of the Interoperability Puzzle $XRP
@mambakrypto @TheNodeCatcher Well that sucks 😅 I remember people I know buying at $5k oh well
@BarrySilbert At this rate a shortage of generative artwork buyers
🔥XRP Community Poster #12 is live!

Can you feel the magic behind the number 1⃣2⃣?
❤️Platinum & Golden Limited editions + NFT versions* *once implemented on the XRPL👀

Buy here👉
Three letters: #DEX

Listed for free. For every vetted project.

We are here to build utility. For the community, by the community.

#XRP #XRPCommunity #XRPArmy
What it’s all about

This dude was 19 years old scared driving in this ice fest.
@stalahoy1 I mentioned crypto to the dude that got wrecked into twice on his way to hockey practice 😅
@XRP_Rush Their really wasn’t any other option

I didn’t want anyone getting hurt and didn’t want those kids being out in the cold

I was just mentioning my night in passing it’s not a big deal
@MoonMeXRP Meh

Heard the first wreck then two more happened almost immediately.

Anyone would have tried to help and the one family (no shit) had like 5 kids 😅

Ordered a couple of pizzas for the kiddos
Tonight I literally tried to help stop car crashes in a snowstorm….which ended up with three families who had wrecked their cars on my street being brought into my house until the storm passed

Literally asking neighbors for salt to globally spread😅

Interesting life situations
@DelanoShorter @TheNodeCatcher @TheCrypticWolf1 Will read through in a couple minutes but no I didn’t. Think I was blocked for some reason
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