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I won’t shill the project but I will shill my team. Here’s some insight into the creation of our @elonmusk NFT which is a over 40 hours of work in total. @xspectar will be building in bull or bear and I’m SO proud of being a part of this phenomenal team.

Listen as @LoganPaul and Darren from @HOFCollection explain the significance of this 1/1 2021 Topps Chrome F1 Lewis Hamilton Redliners - Superfactor.🔥🏎️

Head over to Liquid MarketPlace to pick up tokens of this gem while supplies last!💎
King Solomon or real name?
@Quamfynavas In 6 years time it will be more than that.
@AstraProtocol @YahooFinance xrp killer is doing a lot of work in this sentence
@keet03crypto @iTrustCapital This announcement helps to automate buys/sells. Especially valuable right now given the fact that the market is tanking!
Move over Market Orders, Conditional Transactions are here. Don't get tied down waiting for the right price; just set it and forget it with iTrustCapital's newest feature, which executes transactions automatically!

#itrustcapital #cryptoira
@XRP_Shark Agreed

Mid July - early August for full capitulation but who knows
Yes I'm aware that I have tendencies to repeat phrases during videos.

It is what it is
@FakeCoinExpert I think you guys come back strong in NYC
@Dudehere4 I'm not stating anything from emotion.
@FakeCoinExpert haha I just literally tweeted to you about that. I'm surprised at how the goaltending has played out.
The bad news

Capitulation is coming

The good news

Capitulation is coming

Talked about this bounce yesterday in the vid. Too much fear, nothing goes straight down.
@XRPlayerone They hide when their narrative has to shift to something other than hype
Reading through the Azuki nft twitter threads has made my morning entertaining


The founder admitted to rugging three projects yesterday 😂

Twice as a man, once as a woman 😅
“Supranational currency yet”
XRP isn’t a supranational currency

It’s just a neutral bridge asset that operates better than anything else in existence on a level playing field
Bitcoin is promoted to the masses via Bitcoin millionaire influencers.

They’ve already made the $

XRP has been researched for you by normal people.


Is about to be promoted to you from the government aka clarity

The whole market will bow to XRPs status

Which asset wins
I’m excited for @SwapsicIeDEX

I believe in @sp1lee fully

Known the dude for years and he’s definitely got shit planned

Nothing is guaranteed in this space

I always just bet on people personally
Coolest movement/vibe I’ve had in a bit in this space

Meet Jeremy

Hailing from the Northwest Territory, he’s got a no bullshit attitude.

Jeremy hates sushi but loves crab legs.

Recently Jeremy started “lifting weights”.


Thanks @SadafJadran

🌋⌛️Harvard published research states $XRP / $XLM are front runners to back digital dollar.

😱😨Market Fear takes hold - How low can we go?


Shoutout to researchers @industry_q @Paisan26849860 @X__Anderson @TAIGxrp @UtilityTheory
@sp1lee I’m tired of playing tag hit me up again 😅🙏
@PeterSchiff Your 10k number is wrong and backed by nothing but rhetoric
It’s interesting

XRP will 100% spark the next bull run

No one is talking about it

Our utility assets

Someone had to say it

It’s common sense

A benchmark for this new asset class and it’s right in front of your face
Accidentally said Happy Mothers Day to my mom instead of writing a paragraph on social media
And this is my opinion without any paid affiliation
My opinion🙏

I believe @onXRPdotcom $oxp is a 100x from where I made my last purchase at .07 per $XRP

Patience is 🔑

Just my opinion 😀🙏
@WLolli3342 Just me but no boosters

Wife and kids aren’t
@Granto5454 I’ve been talking about that 3 month timeframe for a while

That’s only based on history and could change but it’s certainly something I’m watching
Remember nothing goes straight down

Remember unless you are a trader you will get wrecked trading, the house eventually wins.

Remember even during relief pumps (which we will have) the trend (bear) is your friend

I can’t wait for the opportunity soon at hand
@Carolyn4546 @sandimaserati I know what probiotics are definitely a good idea
@cstudentxrp I’ll be more positive when I act on opportunity for now I’m just watching the market
Every cent lower that these assets drop the risk vs reward ratio leans heavier toward reward
I don’t usually garden/plant flowers but when I do its with my wife on Mother’s Day 🧑‍🌾🍻
@sandimaserati Without getting political I really think it’s just a common cold or flu that is way worse than normal because we haven’t gotten a common cold or flu in a few years due to all the mask mandates
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