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King Solomon Tweets

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The XRPL is about to say fuck you to the SEC, and I'm going to help in every single way possible.
@Rzero512 @aaron_welwood @speakeasy_tech @xx_network @Fame21Moore Send an invite link and I'll join!! It's on the right hand side of your speakeasy.
@Rzero512 Oh shit.

Invite me to your speakeasy. I will join in.

This is alpha testing, so that's kind of the point. Building out the core infrastructure together.

Happy to join and BS with you.
My patreon helps me continue researching being that I do not take paid promotions for random tweets or videos.

Last cycle I called many coins but I can't guarantee that.
I can guarantee my time.

⌛️Now in this cycle, it's time to start ramping up again.
🎙️Patron AMA Live Chat in the Discord tomorrow from 12:00PM EST - 1:00 PM EST

🌋If you guys like these I will start incorporating these daily on every weekday.

Deep Dive Requests
Market Analysis
Bullshit in General


@aaron_welwood I'll be annoying you from my codename

@Fame21Moore BTC will have a double bottom, more than likely, always has.
I'm going to be 1,000% using Speakeasy on Mobile for nearly all social and communication parameters.

Censorship Proof
Surveillance Free
Sovereign ID
Secret Channels
Quantum Resistant
@girlgone_crypto Its overvalued Utility by dropping in market cap rankings
@CalebRemington That's what my wife and I keep joking about, lost his sense of sight and hearing but his smell is on steroids now.
With @speakeasy_tech now you can choose.

Try out the new Alpha Web Dapp and help test out #speakeasy!

Make sure your browser allows access to "http" websites
"https" access will be available soon.

go to

@xx_network @XRP_OWL @Fame21Moore
@SirRobArtII1 He's the OG of the house.

Bowie David

At one point he had two different colored eyes, can't tell anymore though obviously.


Thoughts go out to the LBRY Team and Community today🙏
@speakeasy_tech Will this be recorded so that we can watch?
@chrissheen1 @sentosumosaba @thebearablebull ISO 24165 is what Swift is integrating this month.

There's thousands of crypto's with DTI's, HOWEVER this is still huge IMO.

Swift integrating Blockchain Wallets AND ISO 24165 which is pretty much saying crypto.
@AdmortisHbar Bullish on the entire ecosystem.

Of course a big fan of you @AdmortisHbar so looking forward to hsuite.

Big fan of @TMCC_Patches so anything Turtle Moon I'm paying attention to

May and Team from @HashPackApp

President Hangry

and so many more
One of my favorite things to do on twitter recently when I get a shitty or dumb comment response is to only say “here let me help you” and subsequently block.
Thank you @pixellandgg for my new and second NFT NumSkullz #1454 by pixel land.

Minted & issued on the @hedera network!

Much appreciated.
On November 22 they’re going to revalue my turds to gold and I’ll start shitting out billions

Literally the rhetoric that gets spread in this community

Heads up

Odds are you’re not going to just get rich by being here and taking a shit every day
Fuck my life

XRP won’t be $10k a coin on Nov 22 and if you believe that you’re a moron

These videos are imaginary value diarrhea.
@Philyw46 You should start making YouTube videos you’d make a killing
@CharlesMarkette @Duggie14940281 @LilMonkiNFT @TranscendentNFT @GenfinityIO That's the full list of the NFTs the Projects were supposed to reach out/send to.

Genfinity has already sent all the prizes to the winners that we were supposed to contact/send to.
@SimonBanon Yeah it's wild.

My cousin growing up had the opposite. His chest caved inward.

My sons is outward but only on the one side. It happed within like 3 weeks.
@kingcrypto1337 Yeah it literally developed out of nowhere. We took him to get an x-ray a few weeks ago and have to make an appointment with a specialist soon.
It's supposedly pretty rare, one in every 1,500 kids.

I do know he's like literally a giant for his age and his growth spurts started last year.

Pretty scary but hopefully an easy fix with a chest brace?
Has anyone on here ever had a child with Pectus Carinatum?

My son recently just developed this out of nowhere, looking it up it looks like it normally develops with puberty around or after the age of 12.

His chest sticks out on one side.

Hopefully just a brace & not surgery
@Bitboy_Crypto You will need to associate for hbar nfts no matter if someone has your account Id or not
Another week of building at AllianceBlock—here’s our weekly recap of developments you shouldn't miss !

😱 @OpenSea is deciding if they cancel creator royalties on existing collections

Please speak up & let them know how you feel about this. Creator royalties are the heart of Web3 & NFTs

ALL Artists MUSIC FILM & TRADITIONAL deserve to be paid for their work when onsold
. @Casper_Network aims to become a major player in the future of #NFT infrastructure through:

👉 Resource building
👉 Easy-to-use environment
👉 Cross-chain Interoperability
👉 Frameworks and SDKs
Twitter banned the #XRPTipBot unexpectedly in 2020. See 👇

Likely, because @jack supports #BTC and the lightning ⚡️ network, which is perfectly o.k. But let’s not ignore the truth.
@GuerillaXrp I have this same sign in my front yard, I shit you not 😂💀
@MartyMaC660 You’d be wrong with the red and white
The world's first and truly fast #web3 social media messaging application for large groups and communities

Access :
The tech is fully end-to-end encrypted and is the only platform that shreds #metadata - Complete privacy on #xxnetwork
Yesterday my neighbors walked outside and put a gigantic fucking political sign in their front yard, and then posed as a family together and took a picture in front of it.

2022 Goals
Ok, I will take you up on your offer, but only if I can pay it forward too. Nominate your most deserving community members here (and share their stories!) and I’ll pick three randomly to gift a baboon during the Hedera community holiday party🎁🐒
We’re heading towards a culture where the President of the United States changes their profile picture to a jpeg of a turtle riding a surfboard
@AgentSmith_V_3 @Fame21Moore It’s difficult

Look at the lighthouse report

Real info no hype but a really long game for organic growth

It’d be much easier to base everything around hype and capitalize on that but I’m not willing to die on that hill
@AgentSmith_V_3 @Fame21Moore it is what it is I guess and would be a LOT easier to do.

Some YouTubers have massive teams behind them for production etc which is also fine I guess it comes with success

I know how much time I spend to research for videos, it’s a lot

I know Darren does too
@BlackberryXRP Making broccoli and cauliflower rice with the Mongolian beef which also has shredded carrots

Turkey chili has done of veggies

Protein balls have flax and chia seeds

Banana bread doesn’t have anything healthy but bananas 😅
Crypto twitter isn’t what have you done for me lately, it’s what will you do for me tomorrow, the next day, and the next day after that.

People will shit on you forever for mistakes and ignore your successes and contributions the day after they occur.

Fuck it
Keep going
@AgentSmith_V_3 @Fame21Moore Kind of like the people this post may or may not remind me of 😅
@CryptoBull2020 How’d you do it?

Probably hard work and dedication

Congrats, massive achievement

Easy as F

Serve over regular or cauliflower rice with steamed broccoli
Cooking and weekly meal prep day with my seven year old helper

Banana bread
Protein balls
Mongolian Beef
Turkey Chili
LIVE - ON THE CHAIN in 30-minutes.

Special Guests Dirk @XPunkDS from xSPECTAR @xspectar and XRP The Standard Productions @XRP_Productions

With hosts Chip @stephenchip and Jeff @Jeff_OnTheChain

Click the link below to set a reminder:
@XRP__589 @HammerToe @empressmediiic I had that in the navy

They basically singe the nerve ending off if I remember correctly. I remember I had a blue dye stain on my back for days after
@XPunkDS @BCBacker @xspectar I think he is part of the wiener club if I remember correctly
💥 Genfinity's Project Showcase!

👉 Submit your project application to be listed on the Project Showcase page.

💻 A FREE community resource for discovery!

Sponsored by #xSPECTAR 🧬


#genfinity #lighthouse #web3community
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