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Anyone struggling to get hold of Butrue Support? Have a friend whos account has been hacked and isnt getting any reply off support. @CryptopunkLTD @sentosumosaba @XRPcryptowolf @BitrueOfficial

⏰"The USA is FUCKED!" @bgarlinghouse



Watch here ▶️


@kinga_crypto @realSologenic hahaa, yeah so true, its not the easiest of platforms to work with, thats for sure.
@xNinjas_club @realSologenic The good ol Sologenic song and dance you are made to do to get listed

😆 😂 🤣
xNinjas is about to get verified on Sologenic, the first #NFT marketplace on the #XRPL. @realSologenic
We know many are wondering when the #CanaryAlpha Dao will go live, there are still some steps to ✅ but we are making steady progress!
We also understand that some have questions of how the DAO system works, we want to reasure you that they’ll be answered before we go live ✍️
When #FlareGov is launched, listing Proposals can begin and #CNYX can be voted to list on @FlareFinance. #CanaryAlpha DAO is designed to work on a Dex like #FlareX. As they develop their system, we’ll be able to finalize our Smart Contracts on our DAO and prepare for launch.
#CNYX family!👋 We're still waiting for an update from @BitrueOfficial about $CNYX and other tokens on #SongbirdNetwork being listed. They're a busy and hard working group at Bitrue!
Like and Retweet to let them know the #CanaryX Community is ready!
🙌 🙌 🙌
@Jimmystpierre @XRPcryptowolf Putin crashing it so he can buy in cheap before all the sanctions hit them lol
🎉 #nftgiveaway🎉

We have teamed up with @clubgame_app for an #nftgiveaway

5 whitelist Allowist spots up for grabs in 48 hrs

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Watch our deep dive on this new #PlaytoEarn game
🎁NFT Giveaway 🎁

We have teamed up with @SupremacyMeta for a BIG #NFTGiveaway

For your chance to win 1 of 3 mechs, just follow these steps, winners in 48hrs 🎉

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@BasmatiLav #NFT #PlayToEarn #Metaverse

BLOOMBERG: "You've encouraged these exchanges to come in and get registered, at the same time many have not, as far as I can tell"😅

GENLSER: {big smile} "You've noticed that"

@martincpvalk The thing is, if something needs power it needs power... 100 Watts is 100 Watts regardless where you get it and if its clean, renewable and efficient energy, it shouldn't matter how much of it we consume.
Sneak peaks...
Lots of sounds, tweaks and effects to add yet, and there's obviously a little more tagged on...
#UnrealEngine #TheCosmos #Metaverse
$EXFI trading is now live! 2022 is kicking off in style with this incredibly exciting coin from @FlareFinance!

Start trading now at
The distribution of $EXFI to everyone who held Songbird $SGB on the snapshot date has now completed. Check to see how much you got in your Assets page.

Trading on $EXFI / $USDT pair will start TODAY at 16:30 UTC! @FlareFinance
🔥FlareFinance will airdrop ExFi tokens tomorrow
(Jan 1, 2022).

Are you prepared to receive ExFi tokens?

Learn how to add ExFi in MMask or Bifrost wallet

$SGB #ExFi #XRP @FlareFinance @CryptoFrenchBD @FlareNetworks @HugoPhilion @BifrostWallet
To reward our supporters we are rounding UP the amount airdropped to holders with 1 - 50k $GRIME up to the nearest 500. The airdrop will begin at 00:01 Jan 3rd.

For example: If you have 5001 you will get 5500

Happy new year!
The next airdrop will be for holders only with atleast 1000 $GRIME and maximum of 50,000 $GRIME
The 1-1 airdrop is next. But please note it will be revised slightly. You may either recieve a little less than expected or a little more than expected.

More information will be available in 12 hours
Dear Community, thank you for your feedback! After reviewing all comments, we have decided to conduct the Airdrop as follows:

After eliminating all the farming accounts we could find, we allowed each account to have one sub-account.
@hodlXRPtillMOON @UpholdInc @XummWallet @BitrueOfficial So, Both went through after an email to the support team and after about 10 hours the value appeared in my wallet.
@ScottyInkley @hodlXRPtillMOON @UpholdInc @XummWallet @BitrueOfficial Interesting, since we are all so used to XRP being so fast, this kind of thing happening does make one wonder wtf is going on... lol
@hodlXRPtillMOON @UpholdInc @XummWallet @BitrueOfficial So tried from xumm to the same tune... still not there either... I'd stop sending value to @UpholdInc for the time being.
@hodlXRPtillMOON @UpholdInc Both transactions from @XummWallet and @BitrueOfficial are not landing in Uphold... been over 4 hours I've been waiting for it now.
Anyone got any idea why my #XRP is taking hours to land in my @UpholdInc wallet? Its usually rapid... 2 separate transactions, one from Xumm, one from Binance, none appearing in Uphold wallet... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Some people dont understand that every industry in the world will have a coin dedicated to that industry. Which people can either use or not use. But it will be there.

Look forward think ahead.

There will always be some stupid idiots that disagree and dont see the vision
@NavidKianiL @FutureXrp @Vagabondappio Should have allocated a max limit of 200 XRP for 100,000 people. Would have built a bigger community with more confidence in the project.
🥷Special builder with custom and unique colour picker coming to you very soon. 🥷

#xNinjas #XRP #NFTs #XummCommunity #xNinjasArmy
Congratulations to all @Binance holders on receiving their $SGB!

As more people delegate, the rewards are shared between more people, effectively diluting the current delegators rewards.

Luckily for @BestFTSO delegators, you also receive $NFTp at a fixed rate forever!❤️
The 2nd snapshot has been taken, and the 2nd AD is now closed.
Fresh drop in the @BestFTSO NFT store for those wanting to spend their $NFTp!

In collaboration with @XRPLXDUDE! 🔥
@Ashley_ITFC @Moonchaser2020 Yeah we agree there... however I feel they miss marked some accounts as farm accounts or sub accounts and duplicates. For instance people who set up and loaded a family members wallet can apparently be seen as a sub account.
@Moonchaser2020 A bigger more supportive community would have been best for the community... the 1k XRP limit to get 1k VGB could have been much lower meaning more woukd have got involved.
@GreenZone__ Could sort something out I'm sure.
@Vagabondappio @ekim_luke Beyond me why you wouldn't want a bigger community...? Why alienate thousands of people?
@rmc2016 They limited their community numbers and alienated Thousands... not sure it can be fixed.
@werakianil @Aussiemate007 @AceElEm1 @Vagabondappio It was done poorly however anyone wants to sugar coat it.
@izayamontoya @ChrisTy35748825 @Vagabondappio I doubt anything will change, they removed loads of us for no real reason except they think we are bots or farming accounts. It was a shambles and they now have a smaller community due to it.
@LoveForCrypto17 Hey love for crypto we’re a new project on xrpl. We’ve seen your content. We’d love to talk to you and your viewers about the project
🔥 Initial *test* results for a SOLO claim ratios👀

⚠️Airdrop ratio (subject to change):
~ 0.013 $SOLO per each XRP holding
~ 1.54 $SOLO per each SOLO holding

⚠️Snapshot ➡️ Dec 24th, 2021
Eligibility➡️hold XRP and/or Solo

@realSologenic $xrp #fintech
It's #NFTGiveaway time!

We have teamed up with @partybearNFT for 1 whitelist spot!

🐻 🐻‍❄

- Follow @partybearNFT & @CryptopunkLTD
- Retweet this post 📫
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Winner will be picked in 48hrs LFG!!

#NFT #nftcollectors #Metaverse @BasmatiLav
@laskopivoETH @Moonchaser2020 @MinusWells @Vagabondappio Same, I've just removed the trustline, it was extremely poorly handled imo.
@JasonOC41398752 You just add your address, seems many of us missed out sadly.
Dear #Vagabonds, the check tool is online.

Please note:
This is a preliminary evaluation and may change slightly until December 24.

#xrpl #xrp #xrpcommunity #airdrop #earlygem #XRPairdrop #XRPLedger #Vagabond
🥷Sneak Peek🥷

Stay tuned we have something very special on the color options for you all.

#xNinjas #nftcollector #NFTs #XummCommunity #XRPL #XRPArmy #xNinjasArmy
🥷Sneak Peek🥷

Stay tuned we have something very special on the color options for you all.

#xNinjas #nftcollector #NFTs #XummCommunity #XRPL #XRPArmy #xNinjasArmy
Dear #Vagabonds, here is a short update after cleaning up

Account by Category:

Wallets: 14118
Binance: 12332 4938
Bitrue: 3214
Coinbase: 2490
Nexo: 885
Kraken: 760
Wirex: 125
Others: 3224

We will need still a few days for the tool to be live.
Dear #Vagabonds, we have captured 42086 wallet addresses in total, after cleanup. A total of 31200745.16 XRP, after the cap of 1000.

- The ratio was 1:1 - max 1000
- No exchanges have participated
- The check tool will be up in a few days

We will run the last check tomorrow.
🚨Ladies and Gents.🚨

🥷The Airdrop is on the way.🥷

Please bear with us, we have a lot of people to get through.
For those wondering what an XRPL Full History server looks like: here are Arwèn and Quinn inspecting one ☺️

For the geeks: Dell R630, 8x 3.84TB Enterprise SSD 12Gbps SAS, 384GB ECC mem, dual Xeon 24 cores 48 threads.
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our Hosting provider and our website is currently down, please bear with us. We are currently resolving this now.
XRP Toolkit v2.9.1 has been released including a fee slider for trustlines and DEX orders, as well as support for Keystone hardware wallets:
With 10 days to go until the $EXFI Snapshot, we would like to make you all aware that if certain exchanges fail to support the $SGB airdrop in time for our snapshot, these exchange balances will be excluded from the snapshot. This means $SGB holders will receive more $EXFI. 👍🏼
Dear #Vagabonds, now that we are finalizing the Snapshot, we will delete as promised all captured data by our website form. This means we will also turn off the check tool.

Thank you for your support and patience - We love you all!
@ryetabzone We see accounts (not exchange accounts) that have many (some up to 300) sub-accounts and all have set trustlines and registered all accounts within 5 sec on our website.

Beyond suspicious.
Just some stats to the Snapshot: Full list will be made available once we are finished:

160k Registrations on our Website
92k after primary cleanup
67k after eliminating obvious farm accounts

We will keep you posted...

#airdrop #XRPCommunity #snapshot
@XRPcryptowolf As we committed, we will run a full-history from January onwards in Germany and most probably one in Ukraine in March.
@AspenSignals #NoNodeNoTrustline

All token issuers on the #XRPL should be required to run a node! Spread the word, we may not be able to force an ammendment but we can hold the token issuers accountable and not buy into their project unless they add real value to the ecosystem!
The planned Airdrop for tonight (2nd Dec) will be delayed until the problems currently being experienced by the XRPL are resolved. We will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.
It's no secret that delegation rewards will likely decrease over time due to the rewards being distributed wider as more people receive and delegate their $SGB.

This means delegators will be looking for additional ways to earn with their $SGB.

This is why we offer $NFTp ❤️
Dear #Vagabonds, we will now wrap up the Snapshot, check the accounts through our forensic tool. Once we have everything in place, we release a tool where everyone can check if they are on the list. Thank you for your patience.

#snapshot #XRPCommunity #XRP
Thank you @TechTimes_News for featuring us in your article, “Top Crypto Blockchain Projects to follow in 2022”!

Read more at:
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