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Regardless, I think this is a good kick in the rear for anyone that is keeping their cryptocurrencies on *ANY* exchange.

It's best to custody your own crypto.

As they say: Not your keys, not your crypto.
So, it does indeed seem likely that there's no tie regarding their tremendous Q1 financial loss to the introduction of this new bankruptcy language.

Coinbase should have handled this better, and should have known that their customers would be alarmed.
He shared this link and says the reason for the new bankruptcy language is due to a new SEC requirement. I read this on the official SEC website and what he's saying seems to be true.
Thoughts on Coinbase going bankrupt?

It’s alarming that on the day they announce they lost $430 million in Q1 this year they also share publicly that if they go bankrupt then customers will be treated as creditors.
@Kevin_Cage_ Lol, umm… happy birthday…? 🎉🎈🎊🎁🥳
God bless my wife... She hasn't bought since July 2021.

She just said "I think I'm going to buy some XRP, sentiment is super down and prices are down."

I reply "Ok, but, you know, it's a crazy time right now."

She says, "I ain't scared."

😂Love her.
I know that taking the lows at 28k at this point seems "guaranteed", but forgive me for waiting for that to actually happen before accepting I was wrong about those lows not being breached. It's only because I have seen us get this close and then reverse before- we all have. $BTC
@zerpzy @CoinMarketCap I’m not against the metric and don’t deny it’s useful to know. I’m just saying the primary reason people go to CMC is to see the latest price action. So having 4 stable coins in the top 10 isn’t really helping anyone. Stablecoins shouldn’t be listed by default IMHO.
@JomuSojan @BCBacker Yeah there ya go! That's the thread I was thinking about actually. So he was calling for this a little bit longer than I remembered.

All the days & months just blur together 😂
And throughout all the Neaderthal-like mockery, BCB was nothing but polite.
Can't help but notice that many of the crypto chart analysts who were rude to @BCBacker back in December for saying Bitcoin was in a bear market are now saying that Bitcoin is in a bear market.

I honestly wouldn't have minded that disagreement if not for the loss of civility.
Can't wait to see the crypto fear & greed index update again in 6 hours & 39 minutes.

It will not be pretty.
Attorney John Deaton Explains Why Ripple Has Not Sued William Hinman for His “Blatant Ethical Conflicts” - The Crypto Basic
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Quick scheduling update. Ripple Defendants’ response to the SEC’s brief claiming the Hinman documents are protected by the attorney-client privilege is due Friday, May 13th. The SEC’s reply to the Ripple Defendants’ response is due May 18th.
@kevindixon No prob. I was just pointing out that the strong majority of laser eyes people seem to have capitulated now that price has cratered. Almost no profile pics on Twitter have laser eyes anymore.

I’ve never cashed out my crypto into USD.
@kevindixon What are you talking about? I never said I’m selling anything.
BTC down to $34,540.

Almost no laser eyes people in sight.

Amazing what roughly 12 months will do.

Does this “scary” drop indicate Bitcoin, XRP, etc. are suddenly less viable long term?

Might the price drop have about nothing to do with that?
1) With Bitcoin piercing lower, a couple of observations to notice.

It's officially at the bottom of it's parallel channel from the last year and a half.
If you think there has been a lot of FUD lately regarding #XRP, wait until we get closer to a decision from the Court. Pay close attention at the time summary judgment motions are filed. Fudsters will quote SEC arguments and act as if it came from the Judge👩‍⚖️ herself.
At some point @HesterPeirce will be asked about the Hinman / Clayton conflicts. It will be a true test of leadership. I’ve been a huge supporter. But even the SEC’s Ethics Office had a problem w/ Hinman’s actions. You can’t minimize these conflicts and not be part of the problem.
ICYMI: Our website got a big upgrade last week!🙌

Here's a thread on some of the new and updated pages. ⤵️🧵
I'd love to see a straight pamp from here, but as I've said before, getting a nice classic bullish div into a key area of support/demand is always a good set-up for a reversal. Again, don't want to linger down here too long, so this should resolve within a day or two. $BTC

I probably have 100 DMs asking the above question and many others are frustrated and wondering why I or others aren’t moving forward with a lawsuit against Hinman for his blatant ethical conflicts. Everyone wants justice today. I get it. So do I.
@TheOriginalAxis The guy just never stops eating it. Wow.
@quentonclark1 Ok cool cuz I’m very afraid scare now
Is this where I’m supposed to be a lemming and panic sell?

Let me know.
@QBullxrp Ok. I’m moving to Chicago to receive more sunshine.
Elon Musk is planning to take over as temporary CEO of Twitter after he finalizes the acquisition.

@DeveeSanders Will Moon Maserati do? I don’t think it swims.
@ThatWiloGuy Yes. Also I want the trade so desperately that you can have all of my XRP. Where do I sign?
It’s been raining where I live for roughly a month now with minimal exception.
Binance has committed $500 million to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.
The 2018 crypto bear market produced some of the best fund returns in the history of investing.

When fear is rising, there is always someone laying the groundwork for an epic run.
The illicit use of crypto is very small as a percentage of total crypto activity, but it's still important to be informed & aware.

Read our blog with up-to-date tips on how to spot, avoid & report crypto scams to help protect yourself and the community.
@trispretty @JoelKatz @sentosumosaba I don’t recall all the specifics, but validators can vote to change the fee. Any amendment requires 80% of validators voting yes and the votes must be sustained for 2 weeks.
@pisspoor111 @DigPerspectives @WarrenDavidson @GaryGensler @SECGov Have you ever not known an abbreviation you see on the internet?
@Aleksan64725275 @bgarlinghouse @SECGov No doubt. The SEC admitted in its response to my Mandamus writ it doesn’t determine whether an asset is a security - only the court does. And that hasn’t happened. If we got to see the SEC’s internal #XRP Memo analyzing #XRP, we might find out #XRP was disputed within the SEC.
As always, dogs make life happier.

Sound on for proper vibe 🐶
@FilanLaw Being an SEC lawyer in the cross hairs of Matt Solomon (& team) is like being in the sights of a long-range sniper with no cover. Legal surgical precision & deadly poetry.
@SECGov Maybe the SEC could hire like one guy to actually draft and publish rules on how operate a blockchain company legally?

There's no one doing this currently, so even a part-time hire would go a long way.
NFT growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon, in fact, NFT marketplace volume was up 22% to $5B+ in April alone! But we clearly saw this past weekend that without focused investment in building a more scalable and stable ecosystem, things fall apart very quickly.
The SEC hires 20 more lawyers and staff to crack down on crypto "abuse" but fails to hire a single lawyer to draft clear regulations as to what "abuse" is.

The new lawyer training process must be very difficult.

SEC nearly doubles crypto unit...
@Ke0815Ke @Leerzeit @SECGov Why would an agency destroy internal records? Because they don’t want the public or anyone to see how similar it’s future transgressions are to the past ones. You would think an agency would use those documents in future training to make sure not to repeat the same wrongs.
1/ Coming off our best year yet, RippleNet ended Q1 2022 with record numbers and customer demand. Some of the highlights by the numbers 👇
Ark Invest: The number of digital wallets has surpassed the number of deposit accounts at JPMorgan
@thebearablebull @linqtoinc I think they just cancel each other out so it’s like you actually don’t own anything 😆

I head out to sea in shame and Thien-Vu takes over to talk about the final Ripple v. SEC end dates and also discusses the recent motion to protect the Hinman emails by use of att'y/client privilege.

Pull out the credit card @CoronadoForXRP!
@MoonLamboio You’re spot on! Reading his books are truly life altering if you process and absorb the lessons amongst the words with meaningful purpose.. @jordanbpeterson
I’m 38. If I live long enough will I get the privilege of being this illogical and uninformed?

☀🌸CryptoEri 196k+ Followers (beware of imposters) @sentosumosaba
Warren and Charlie.

A little bit of history in the making today.
Wow. Life found a way.
@MoonLamboio You got me on Twitter finally after watching all your videos daily..I look forward to them, just to like your tweets! 😁 @elonmusk had a part as well I won't lie...
@BigRigMarine @elonmusk Glad to have you here Travis!

Elon is baller for leveling the playing field.

Hey seriously, thanks for the support!! I'm humbled.
Since I’ve been asked a lot:

Buy stock in several companies that make products & services that *you* believe in.

Only sell if you think their products & services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does.

This will serve you well in the long-term.
@Belisarius2020 @attorneyjeremy1 @freddyriz @FilanLaw @MoonLamboio @Leerzeit @MarketsMickle @thechousenone @s_alderoty 💯 The only consistency is the SEC’s inconsistency. I’ve been describing the SEC lawyers as very “transactional.” They argue whatever they can to win a particular argument no matter how inconsistent it is with prior statements or arguments. They’ve done this since day 1.
If the judge accepts the attorney-client privilege argument, there would be no reason for the deliberative process privilege to exist. Every communication between staff would be covered by the AC privilege. If she agrees w/ the SEC, her last rulings were useless and unnecessary.
@Matthewxrp007 Thanks for supporting my channel! Must appreciated. The judge has seen either most or all of the 63 hinman e-mails & 68 drafts of the Hinman ETH free-pass speech. I know this because she insisted on doing an in camera (in person) review.
@Bullyllama @digitalassetbuy @cz_binance @binance Bullshit. I go out of my way to credit people, including my most recent video. You must be thinking of someone else.
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP 1/ I have a few thoughts on the scheduling order. A couple of weeks ago I said that I thought briefing would start in July and end in November. That’s where Judge Torres ended up, but only because that was the schedule that worked best for
@CoinMarketCap What about all this on your actual website? It mirrors what your new team member tweeted. Says XRP is centralized.

Your site takes it even FURTHER though by editorializing: Xrp is "not as popular as other blockchains."

Any plans to correct the false information on your site?
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