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I protect your right to espouse hate. There is no hate speech exception to me.

I also protect your right to espouse violent speech, unless the speech is intended to and likely to incite imminent lawless action or constitutes a true threat.
@iso_XRP_20022 @Slade2Rk You can change your screen name without changing your Twitter handle.
@iso_XRP_20022 @Slade2Rk Hey John Dough!

I wish you all would use the same name on a Twitter as on YouTube so we don’t get confused. 😂
@iso_XRP_20022 @Slade2Rk I forgot to tag him in the first tweet, but I have since sent another tweet and have already connected with Lewis.

That’s what happens when you tweet live. 😂
@_Howard_x We talked about it on tonight’s podcast.
Hi Lewis, @NYcryptolawyer
We want to invite you on our podcast — On The Chain, to discuss “The Ineluctable Modality of Securities Law: Why Fungible Crypto Assets Are Not Securities.”

Please follow and DM for more info.
XRP Big Bags - Ripple Has No Incentive to Settle - SEC is Wrong - IRS Delays $600 Reporting
A quick tutorial on governance voting via @BifrostWallet full process ~1 minute.

Open Bifrost, type in the browser, hit Wallet Connect, search Bifrost, connect. Go to Voting tab, find proposal, cast vote.

Tip: Bookmark the governance portal.
@sentosumosaba @CollinRugg Also, keep in mind all of the people who work for alternative media who saw their articles censored or deleted from social platforms and hidden on Google.

It’s unlikely we will see the MSM change.

CNN has been bleeding viewers for years, and they haven’t changed a thing.
@JayVTheGreat First off, he spelled Berkovitz’s name wrong.

Where is the source of this story?

I can’t find it anywhere outside of this tweet.

For being in this contest, and winning the @xSPECTAR Agent

👉 Follow @IQcutieClub & @xspectar
👉 Like, Retweet & tag friends in comment
👉 Enjoy 2023 with MAX success

I wish you all the best for 2023❤️

Remember "Time in the market beats timing the market" #xslock 🔥
@cryptoShoe28 @thebearablebull @MoonLamboio We know the only condition Garlinghouse said Ripple would settle would be the SEC declaring today’s XRP is not a security.

What would be the point of settling without that condition being met?

What incentive would Ripple have to settle?
@thebearablebull @MoonLamboio The SEC also loses with a settlement.

All any project would have to prove is that its token is decentralized today.

Sure the SEC could go back and fine a project for early sales.

But the jig is up at that point.
@thebearablebull @MoonLamboio In a perfect world, absolutely.

Do you think the SEC would agree to it?

Set a precedent of a decentralized token.

It would make it difficult for the SEC to go after other tokens and destroy their enforcement by litigation strategy.
@thebearablebull @MoonLamboio What would a settlement look like?

Ripple would only agree to a settlement if the SEC declared today’s XRP is not security

Seems highly unlikely.

Although when faced with a significant loss, anything is possible though not probable.
Attorney Cohen co-authored “The Ineluctable Modality of Securities Law: Why Fungible Crypto Assets are Not Securities.”
@bob_way Praying for your daughter. 🙏
Hi Bob @bob_way

We would love to have you join our podcast ON THE CHAIN.

Check out some of the guests we have had the privilege of interviewing:
@sentosumosaba @inside_r3 @Ripple Fascinating that I could only find mentions of Ripple on their website.

I couldn’t find any mention of R3 unless I missed something.
Fact: #Ripple has been one of the only web3 companies that have not laid off a large number of employees this bear market.
A big life hack is finding out about things earlier before others do. To do that, you have to be a free thinker. To be a free thinker, you have to be humble & intuitive. If you are arrogant & think you know everything, or you are too linear/mechanical: you are blocking yourself.
Let’s review an important thing I call FACTS.

Over a dozen investigators from the @SECGov investigated @Ripple @bgarlinghouse @JoelKatz and @chrislarsensf for 30 months issuing dozens of subpoenas to every Ripple partner or investor that was doing business in the United States.
@mattxrpgrean @HammerToe @MarioNawfal A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World Before the Truth Puts On its Shoes
- often attributed to Mark Twain
@BabaCugs CBDCs will ultimately fail.

Central banks are built on a debt system which handicaps every sovereign nation.

Centralization is awful, regardless of the name.

Decentralization is the only path forward.
@HammerToe @MarioNawfal Twitter executives in the House hearings said they didn’t shadow ban.

Turns out they did shadow ban but had a different name for it.

Let’s see the house launch a hearing and bring back those Twitter employees who may have perjured themselves under oath.

Show all documents.
Happy Birthday Jungle, Inc, a valued XRP community member, and content creator!

John Deaton, Jeremy Hogan with Blockchain Backer

- Why BCB didn’t watch Hogan’s last video

- BCB asks what the SEC’s end game is

- BCB asks if the SEC is willing to risk it all for a decision

@JohnEDeaton1 @attorneyjeremy1 @BCBacker
@X__Anderson @ericmartinson The oddest part to me is “why” do they care?

Why would someone attack another project because there’s something they don’t like about it?

Regardless if true or not.

Does Garlinghouse care about other projects?

Most of us wouldn’t waste a second thinking about it.
@JohnEDeaton1 A nobody who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.
@ReinhardCate Nice! Way to go Mom and Dad.

Merry Christmas, Reinhard
@RepTomEmmer Merry Christmas, Rep Emmer.

Looking forward to the new day — January 3, 2023.
@sentosumosaba @stephenchip Hence the SEC lawsuit and foot dragging in regulatory clarity for Crypto. They are standing up for their institution lobby groups to delay the inevitable - giving them a chance to catch up. By catch up I mean that they are hoping to maintain their power hold.
@WarrenDavidson Merry Christmas, Rep. Davidson.

Thank you for being a trailblazer with your Token Taxonomy and continuing to fight for crypto and self-custody!

I can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring.
@xspectar It’s going to be epic!

Can’t wait for my cameo! 😂
Remember ...

If you're the biggest con-artist in history, scamming people out of 20-billion-dollars, as long as you donate to the Democrat party - you can post fake bail and fly first class to your parents mansion in California.
@ReinhardCate You will be surprised by how much energy you have and young you will feel at 60. 😀
Heres wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. To say 2022 was interesting would be an understatement. 2023 will bring to light the truth.
XRP - Self Custody - Protect Your ASSets - Gary Gensler Helping SBF and FTX - Hates Retail Investors
Merry Christmas to the top two journalists — Ellie and Charlie — who have shined the brightest light on the SEC v Ripple case and the whole FTX/SBF debacle.

You are our brightest stars!
@ReinhardCate Incredible stunt!

But let’s not get too crazy about his age.

Tom Cruise turned 60 this past July 3rd.

A man in his 60s makes it sound like he’s 67 or 68. 😂

Tom Cruise is not your average actor.

Let's hope we all look that good at 60.
JUST IN: US Judge assigned to the SBF case steps down due to her husband's law firm previously advising FTX.
Followed by the elite of CT. @WietseWind, @HammerToe , @haydentiff, @stephenchip, @Jeff_OnTheChain, even @XRP_Productions
Yet I need 1 follower to reach 1k
If those masters of #XRP and #XRPCommunity are able to stand my crap, you can too ..Btw @JoelKatz you donno what you miss
@KLDadOf2 18 Republicans voted for it. The Republicans are missing from the artwork.
Hard to think Congress will do the right thing regarding crypto regulations when they sold every American out with a pork-laden omnibus bill to the tune of 1.7 trillion.

Devalued the currency yet again.

Every single member who voted for it is a dirtbag.
@JohnEDeaton1 Zelensky is a dictator.

Zelensky banned eleven opposition parties

Zelensky proposes barring the orthodox Christian church

Zelensky consolidated Ukraine's TV outlets into one state-run media to control disinformation.

Sound familiar?

Let’s not fund dictators.
Blockchain allows for secure, transparent & tamper-proof transactions. Nonprofits can streamline their fundraising efforts & make donations more secure. Money In/Money Out is tracked onchain to ensure no secret funding from CIA and is used for intended purpose.
Old tech is sometimes the best tech
tartary and antiquity @AndTartary
In Afghanistan, grapes are kept fresh for up to six months in airtight Kanjna containers made of clay and straw. This method was developed centuries ago.
Meanwhile, SBF was doing interviews and Twitter spaces.
Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer
Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang are cooperating in the case against Sam Bankman-Fried.
CRYPTO COOPERATOR: Alameda's Caroline Ellison signed this plea agreement Dec 19, but it was only released on the night of Dec 21, with Sam Bankman-Fried on his way to the SDNY courthouse. Inner City Press is here with will be reporting
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