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Ripple XRP - The Biggest Fans Around World - Can It Survive The SEC? https://t.co/6tNTbZN7cn
@emy_wng Our pro XRP YouTube channel was also terminated.

We filed an appeal and the channel was restored in less than 24 hours.

Tony’s @ThinkingCrypto1 YouTube channel was also terminated and restored the next day.

Don’t worry, Bankless will be back.
The Bankless @YouTube account 'has been terminated'
No warning.
No notification.
No justification

150,000 subs
10,000+ hours of content

Hey @YouTube, our community would like a word!

RETWEET to let YouTube hear you: It’s not okay to ban crypto content https://t.co/MJQ4MGwtYD
@BanklessHQ @YouTube Stay the course. File an appeal.

The same happened to our YouTube channel, and it was restored within 24 hours.

The same happened to other crypto content providers.
I don’t trust the government to figure out what the truth is. The government is largely disseminating disinformation.

So why would we expect anything different from a government regulator like the SEC?

@Moonchaser2020 @MinusWells Looks great! I’ve been craving pizza all week.

I hope you had a great visit.

I am looking forward to the moon party!
@BabaCugs As long as an American team wins the cup. 😂
Republican Leaders @PatrickMcHenry and @RepHuizenga call on Chairwoman Waters to immediately convene a hearing with all @SECGov commissioners.

The American people deserve to hear from the full Commission about @GaryGensler's overreach and agenda.

More: https://t.co/yfz31TpDxV https://t.co/OfFQdEyH7V
The SEC’s announcement to nearly double the size of its crypto enforcement unit does not seem very technology neutral.🤔 https://t.co/CMumbAxiW7
Opening an 18th century french safe...

I am sure physical #gold and #silver were once stored in here.

@fullerene206 You can watch The Problem with John Stewart on Apple TV.

@sentosumosaba @GaryGensler @BrooksEntwistle @Ripple Gensler has failed the top priority of the SEC mission statement:

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝘁𝗲𝗰𝘁 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀

Fail whale! https://t.co/O70MsvQZak
XRP - Wealth Creation - Breaking Down Financial Barriers for the Masses https://t.co/DuetgK2Yfd
May the fourth be with you.

To celebrate, how about an SEC WARS - Ripple Strikes Back t-shirt from the OTC merch store?

Women’s tees are available.

https://t.co/azTEDEz03r https://t.co/dZQXQqqMqw
@MarketsMickle @PerianneDC @DigitalChamber Maxis got to maxi

They don’t represent all of crypto.

Just the ones they deem important enough.
The $100M in gas fees due to the @OthersideMeta sale could have gone to artists in the #web3 space. Imagine using the #XRPL with no gas fees and all those extra funds could be used to buy more assets and support more artists. Why wouldn’t we welcome that? $xrp @Ripple @JoelKatz
@jungleincxrp They will continue to crush the little people.

The peasants.

The paupers

The serfs.
SCOOP: As Democrats call for massive crypto regulation & @GaryGensler pushes for SEC regulatory dominance, key crypto industry figures are reaching out to the GOP, focusing fundraising on congressional Republicans in midterms, top crypto players at @MilkenInstitute conference say
@PatrickMcHenry @GaryGensler Rep. McHenry, Jeff @Jeff_OnTheChain, and I would love to have you as a guest on our podcast.

Both @WarrenDavidson and @RepTomEmmer have joined us previously.


The regulation by enforcement at @GaryGensler's SEC is stifling American innovation.

If the U.S. wants to lead the deployment of the next generation of internet technology, we must provide clear, thoughtful rules of the road for the digital asset ecosystem. https://t.co/cVkNEyTHiK
I’ve contacted @ewarren’s offices. She and her staff are well aware 67K #XRPHolders sued the SEC and are being harmed by its overreach. Once her office learned the SEC sued a couple billionaires, she refused to comment. She cares about class warfare more than retail investors. https://t.co/jpgc6J4UpM
"Being an engineer and really working on something that could be life changing for everybody on the planet is really inspiring,” says Matt Curcio, our VP of Data.

Our RippleNet engineers share what it’s like building at Ripple. https://t.co/GMPJstDb6O https://t.co/HYGr0kJ355
@JoelKatz @treemantodd777 @VDL__G Elon may disagree. But why would he want to silence anyone since he is a stands for free speech?
Why Twitters board caved in and sold the company to Musk.

The alternative would’ve kept them in court for years. https://t.co/gWYCEDVutE
An Investor That Can Watch Their Portfolio Drop Without Reacting Emotionally Is On That Path To Generating A Massive Amount Of Wealth
@EXPATXRP1 As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
@xspectar What about a James Bond type xSPECTAR?

Vesper Martini in hand.

A Walther PPK.

@EXPATXRP1 NFTs are an investment like other pieces of artwork.

In 1962, when Andy Warhol introduced the world to Campbell’s Soup Cans, there may have been a similar reaction. https://t.co/7JzE6VTkMq
If you are REALLY interested in attorney-client privilege, then by all means read on.

But just know you are a little messed up in the head. 🙂

A/C privilege requires 3 things, and the SEC is going to have a problem with all 3 of them in this motion. (1/6) https://t.co/kX4vW8qgpV
@attorneyjeremy1 The SEC has stretched Howey beyond recognition and now they’re doing the same to AC privilege. Hinman had an attorney assigned to him (Special Counsel to the Director). Advice and communications from that attorney to Hinman might be protected, but claiming all SEC staff is silly.
XRP - Can Ripple Survive The SEC? - A New Regulator for Crypto? - Is Ripple a Threat? https://t.co/gEp3fflCCH
"Thank God that the American People aren't waiting for Congress to move forward with digital technology" -
@WarrenDavidson https://t.co/XWgRgSDV4x
@FlareNetworks is NOT just another EVM Layer 1 blockchain bridging to a few blockchains. #Flare team has built 4 additional revolutionary components
✅ State Connector System
✅ FTSO(Flare Time Series Oracle)
✅ F-Asset System
✅ LayerCake
#Flare is revolutionizing "Bridging"☀️ https://t.co/OZSq0d3Ocm
@xspectar @SadafJadran @panosmek @XPunkDS Love the vision and project.

Dynamic team in place.
@DigPerspectives @Ianbins Wait.

Are there people who still use Coin Market Cap?

Is anyone shocked that Binance would spread such nonsense?
JUST IN: The FCC, FTC and DOJ were asked to block Elon Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter after claiming the transaction poses a “direct threat to American democracy and free speech”.

The Commissioner responded and said they had no authority to block the purchase. https://t.co/vMSG8eAhKq
Ripple XRP makes WAVES with NFT - Are They Too Political? US Alone XRP as a Security https://t.co/w4V4tAgvRU
@iso_XRP_20022 Live shows Sunday and Wednesday at the moment.
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