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My interview with Lilya Tessler, Partner at @SidleyLaw, is live! @LilyaTessler


Lilya filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in the #SEC #Ripple #XRP lawsuit.

@DigitalChamber @PerianneDC @SidleySecReg
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Ripple argued that XRP is not a security because it has no "post-sale" obligations to purchasers.

What was the post-sale obligation in Howey?

In Howey, the Defendant sold small plots of orange groves to investors. And that would have been fine if that's all they had done. 1/mil
@attorneyjeremy1 Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter wrote the dissent in Howey.

I find nothing in the Securities Act to indicate that Congress meant to bring every innocent transaction within the scope of the Act simply because a perversion of them is covered by the Act

The whitepaper for Australian CBDC project, which is sponsored by RBA (Australian central bank), has been released today

The project will be led by Dilip Rao (former Ripple executive)

September 26, 2022
Ripple XRP – Does a Ripple Win Mean $10-$20 XRP? – XRP Holders Major Impact on Ripple Case
@JayVTheGreat @GaryGensler Ripple runs less than 6% of the nodes and XRP is decentralized and has use cases outside of Ripple.

Mr. Gensler, show us the contract Ripple has with XRP holders.

I’ll wait.
@Moonchaser2020 @Santiag78758327 Our youngest just left for university.

It goes by quickly. Cherish every moment.
#XRPCommunity #XRP 1/3 Here’s the SEC’s argument, as I interpret it.

“We aren’t saying XRP is a security per se. What we are saying is that any purchase of XRP, as a matter of economic reality, is an investment in a common enterprise with other XRP holders and with Ripple.
@Ripple, the big case that has ROILED the SEC and their very aggressive original approach…if @GaryGensler was going to do all the things he says publicly, would have already done it” - @PatrickMcHenry 👈Future Chair of House Financial Services Committee if Republicans win House
Dear Rep. Lois Frankel

Thank you for your reply.

What is your stance on crypto legislation?

And what are your thoughts about the SEC v Ripple case?

Thank you,

Dear Senator Rick Scott @SenRickScott

Thank you for your reply.

I appreciate your efforts as my previous Governor and now Senator.

Where do you stand regarding crypto legislation?

Thank you,

Dear Senator Marco Rubio @marcorubio

I appreciate your efforts regarding regulation in the financial sector.

Where do you stand regarding crypto legislation?

Thank you,

If you are in Michigan’s 3rd district, vote for John Gibbs!

Former Apple and John is a stand for freedom.

Learn more here:
John Gibbs for MI-03 @votejohngibbs
I'm not a typical politician. And that can be a problem, according to my mother.

Check out my first TV ad here:
Ripple XRP - SEC - Garlinghouse - Case Will Be Decided By Court - $15B Lost - Thank you Gensler
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@JohnEDeaton1 @Tebasak1 @joerogan @TuckerCarlson You have been amazing coming on our little-known show @on_the_chain every time we have asked.

The next stop is @joerogan.

You’ve been on @FoxBusiness multiple times with @CGasparino, @LizClaman, @EleanorTerrett, and @cvpayne

What say, you Joe Rogan?
UPDATE: @SECGov v. @Ripple – Today the court approved our motion and shortly thereafter, @digitalchamber filed its brief with the court. It is the same brief that was attached as an exhibit to the motion filed last week. Thank you to @LilyaTessler & @SidleyLaw! #CryptoConundrum
SEC v Ripple XRP - Motion for Summary Judgement - Did They Get Genslered?
@EleanorTerrett @bgarlinghouse It would’ve been odd if you didn’t snap a photo!
@EleanorTerrett @bgarlinghouse @twobitidiot 😂 Thanks, Brad!

Retribution for Selkis blocking the XRP community.

And all the nasty things he said about Ripple and XRP.

Good to see Selkis was a good sport about it.

Can you please unblock us now?
@ProductHunt Slack @SlackHQ has been my favorite for the past few years.

Especially how we leverage all the plugins and channels. And how our tech plugs into it.
🤔 When the 1978 crew at SNL understood what causes inflation, do you still believe the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury didn’t - last year?
Nasdaq launches digital assets business starting with custody - Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterprise
Scoop on @TheTerminal now: Was able to view the latest draft of the House's stablecoin bill and it would place a two-year ban on stablecoins similar to TerraUSD.

I just read the briefs and the SEC has got a couple big problems:

1. Its expert agrees that most of the changes in XRP price are due to market forces (and not Ripple). Ouch.

These types of concessions are perfect for summary judgment. 1/2
@diehardcubfan3 @cowboycrypto313 @Twanomatic2 @LBRYcom He may be trying to make a name for himself with his eye on a bigger opportunity.
#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP BREAKING: Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen file Motion for Summary Judgment seeking judgment as a matter of law.
Strap in - The New York Times just published a report on Congress trading stocks and the findings are incredible!

- 97 Congress Members flagged
- 3,700 trades with a potential conflict of interest
- Stock plays with staggering accuracy

It's a big club, and we ain't in it 🧵
@LBRYcom Like every good action movie, there is a villain and a hero.

At the movie's beginning, the villain looks like he’s winning. The hero backed up against the wall.

We are at the part of the movie where the hero is making moves, and the villain is about to lose big time!
@cowboycrypto313 @Twanomatic2 @LBRYcom Gensler is an unintended consequence.

Absolutely clueless.

He’s about to get schooled.

ON THE CHAIN with special guest XRP Community legend Jonny Lawrence @_JonnyLawrence

NEW NFT collection on the XRPL. @Jeff_OnTheChain
The White House releasing a "comprehensive framework" on digital assets to regulate cryptocurrency defeats the entire purpose of cryptocurrency, which is to facilitate transactions with relative obscurity, outside of the scope and jurisdiction of any singular governing body.
With Ethereum validators being required to stake 32 ETH, Ethereum could become more centralized and susceptible to censorship from governments.

Ethereum may now be more vulnerable to censorship — Blockchain analyst
Would be better if it recommended Congress to take action and pass digital asset legislation, as there are not clear rules of the road.

What are existing agencies going to enforce?

White House Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Digital Asset Framework
@s_alderoty You tell a lie so many times you forget what the truth is.
Chamber of Digital Commerce @DigitalChamber
Today at the #CryptoConundrum: A Conversation, we spoke with @LilyaTessler from @SidleyLaw the law firm which filed the amicus brief Ripple v. SEC. on @DigitalChamber's behalf.

Stay tuned for more. We'll be releasing clips from the conversation in the upcoming days!
A good way to think of the upcoming #Ethereum merge is imagine your brand new iPhone 14 finally getting IOS 2.
Ripple XRP - SEC to Lose - Deaton, Peirce, Terret and Hogan All on The Offense
@Adam_Kilpatrick Jeff @Jeff_OnTheChain and I would frequently joke XRP is our favorite stable coin. 😆
This is a HUGE week in crypto law.

The Ripple summary judgment briefs will be filed today (although we won't see them until Monday) and a decision in the LBRY case is expected this week.

These two things will effect the entire space for years to come.
XRP - Leading The New Global Economy - When The SEC Steps Out of the Way
A late stage possible exploit has been reported in relation to the XLS20 amendment.
In light of this, we will veto the amendment till a fix is found. It’s disappointing, yes, but safety of both issuers and buyers is paramount. And the network of course.
Now that we have the emails obtained by @EMPOWR_us, and we’ve learned so much more, let me make it very clear w/o hesitation:

As a former federal prosecutor (SAUSA), I can unequivocally state:

Hinman broke the law by violating the criminal conflict laws of the United States.
@Moonchaser2020 @Brandon63594431 Except for one.

How do we know?

Because everyone in both parties and worldwide wants this one stopped.
@Moonchaser2020 An elected leader is far different than a privileged family with so-called royal blood who lives off of the goodwill of the people they supposedly serve.

Also, I’m not someone who can accurately identify humans, so you got me there. 😂
@boncryp The second time.

iPhone was launched before Android.
My lyrical hat tip to @MrGregDulli and the @theafghanwhigs “Fountain and Fairfax.”

“She walks down

gonna meet her at the corner of Fairfax baby
@boncryp Wait.

There’s a debate?

I thought Apple won! 😆
@_JonnyLawrence @XRPLMarketPlace The good news?

Jeff and I are both socially awkward.

It will be fun. You will feel right at home.
@_JonnyLawrence @XRPLMarketPlace We would love to have you ON THE CHAIN to talk about your NFT collection.

You’re a legend in the XRP community!
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