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#TerraUSD has a market cap of $16,398,870,745
Caused the ENTIRE crypto market to #crash 7%

#Tether has a market cap of $$83,160,443,826
Imagine when that bubble pops🎈📌
Crypto market is going to be in shambles

99% of projects will go to 0
Only the chosen few will recover
Beyond the humanitarian crisis of the war in Ukraine, all the world’s regions will experience slower growth and faster inflation. Higher food and energy costs will be one of the main channels of the global impact, which we lay out on IMF Blog.
"Thank God that the American People aren't waiting for Congress to move forward with digital technology" -
Ukraine Grain Strain: Almost 25 Million Tonnes Blocked From Export
State Connector by @FlareNetworks provides one of the most secure and robust mechanisms for #blockchain interop
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 18 — Extreme Fear
Current price: $35,339
Look at these narrative’s, look at this fear.. opportunities all around you.

@thebearablebull @XRP_OWL @Kevin_Cage_ @MasonVersluis @NCashOfficial $XRP $HBAR $ALBT $XDC $QNT $XLM $RSR #BTC $ETH
It’s Been Exactly 4 Years, 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 6 Hours, 42 Minutes & 22 Seconds Since XRP Hit It’s All Time High 🥲
@Kevin_Cage_ Love you brother 💪
Same for me last month too!
We’ll power through always 🙏
$SGB | Songbird, the most bearish chart in crypto. Rising wedge and heavy demand regions below. We fall out of this range and it’s game over.

Likely waiting on the S-Asset / State Connector finalization for everyone to dump tokens.

#FlareNetworks #Songbird @FlareNetworks
Web 2 #Web 3

Chrome → #Brave
Medium → #Rally
Godaddy → #ENS
Spotify → #Audius
Upwork → #Braintrust
Google → #Presearch
Dropbox → #Filecoin
YouTube → #Odyse
Facebook → #Distrikt
LinkedIn → #Bondex
Patreon → #FanStan
This week, leading fintech @NovattiPayments announced that it will launch an Australian dollar backed stablecoin on Stellar 🇦🇺
I might start an anon newsletter called the Daily Extortion or something about the SEC's anti-crypto obsession. Another $5.5mm heist designed to chill institutional adoption vs. actually deter fraud.

Do you feel protected?
Remember Miguel Vias talking about Ripple perhaps becoming a lender of last resort.

In connection to that he said that there might have to be some restructering to occur.
They say that every 90 years humans repeat the same behavior.

1916-1929 vs 2000-2022.

The end game...


Things continue to move very quickly...
Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030.
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer
The Crypto Class Of 2017 Is Try To Help To Crypto Class Of 2021 With Our Experience

If You Don’t Like Then Click The Unfollow Bottom & Stay Broke 🤙
JUST IN - Bank of England raises interest rates to 1%, the highest since the financial crisis, and warns the economy is on course to shrink this year.
Ripple Liquidity Hub Theory: This is just my personal speculation regarding the bigger picture when it comes to the Liquidity Hub.

I believe it's fundamental for Ripple's long-term strategy regarding $XRP. A 🧵 thread. 👇

CNBC - Standard Charter Bank CEO Bill Winters, saying #BTC is too volatile while endorsing #XRP for #CBDCs 👇🏻👇🏻. We've been saying it all along.
Crypto isn't a fair playing field.

The truth is that 99% of "retail" investors are at the behest of the top whales and VCs. So, how can you break the mould?

🧵: Here are 5 things that crypto whales and insiders don't want you to know (but you should). 👇
The #Fed hiking rates and flagging more 50bp upside to come, but does this mean that #equities are a bad bet? Time for for treasuries? Not so says @kevinolearytv who laid out his base case on @CNBCi $SPX $NDX #ausbiz @asiasquawkbox
⛔️ 18 Months Ago
The 'SEC accused Ripple of Selling #XRP as a: SERCURITY

🚫For 18 Months The *SEC:
In case you missed it, last week we announced that #Flare has been awarded a 7-figure @AlgoFoundation SupaGrant to develop a #Bitcoin bridge into the @Algorand ecosystem

#ConnectEverything 1/2
The SEC hires 20 more lawyers and staff to crack down on crypto "abuse" but fails to hire a single lawyer to draft clear regulations as to what "abuse" is.

The new lawyer training process must be very difficult.

SEC nearly doubles crypto unit...
#XRPCommunity #XRP In a power move to rule the entire crypto space, sideline the CFTC, and preempt Congressional action regarding what agency should oversee crypto markets, Gensler Nearly Doubles the Size of Enforcement’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit.
Let's get it cranking #xrparmy and #sgb birdies! @thebearablebull @Oracle_Swap @3TGMCrypto will be stopping by for some chit chat at 3PM EST on MAY 3rd! Come by, learn more about Club X, and some exciting things from the 3T crew and Oracle Swaps upcoming #nft launch on Songbird!!
BREAKING: @FIFAcom has announced #Algorand will become the official blockchain of FIFA, empowering the global football community with cutting-edge, sustainable technology. Read more 👉 @FIFAWorldCup #FIFAWorldCup

Wrap your head around sheer number ODL can be used, tapping these payment flows.

$XRP just got started.

Image source: Statista, Published by Raynor de Best - Mar 22, 2022

I just analyzed how lobbying influences Congressional trading.

Congress is more likely to trade if companies lobbied to them.

And Congress made many unusual timed trades off lobbying info, resulting in huge gains/better returns

1/ Coming off our best year yet, RippleNet ended Q1 2022 with record numbers and customer demand. Some of the highlights by the numbers 👇
A very spontaneous, casual talk about the lows at 28k that many are eyeing. Will $BTC take the lows at 28k? Please like and share if you enjoy and/or take something of value from this, I do appreciate it.
Two things Congress should do right now to tackle corruption in Washington head on:
1) ban the owning or trading of individual stocks by Members of Congress.
2) strengthen Supreme Court ethics rules and actually enforce them.
@coinspiracy17 Apologies my friend
Didn’t see your name on it so I couldn’t or else I would have 🙏
3 Reasons Why You Click Sign Up & Stay Close to @linqtoinc
1. Exploring Crowd Funding Reg to Open Up BEYOND Accredited Investors🥰
(In twitter space, we learned they spoke to Hester about a sandbox)
2. Exposure to Tokenization🏆
3. Unicorn Opportunity🦄
An entire generation of entrepreneurs & tech investors built their entire perspectives on valuation during the second half of a 13-year amazing bull market run. The "unlearning" process could be painful, surprising, & unsettling to many. I anticipate denial. Some thoughts:
I Will Be Having An Interview Posted With @CasinoCoin’s Very Own @daniel_wwf & @QuadJacksXRP Soon!!

One Of My Favorite XRPL Projects 💪

A Lot Of Momentum Building For Them Behind The Scenes
What is @FlareNetworks building? There are 2 unique components allow it to do things that no other blockchain can do. 1) FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) 2) STATE CONNECTOR SYSTEM
👀Something Big Going Down in Toronto

4 New @Ripple Jobs Posted...dripping in liquidity

A vision of massive scale with world-class machine learning liquidity engine

"Delivering optimal liquidity for every customer in the world in a cost-effective, robust and scalable manner."

The company #Ripple & $XRP sure have a lot of connections to the BRICS nations.

Here's a quick example for each Country. Feel free to add more below.





South Africa
@RuleXRP @linqtoinc @SECGov But James… how can you use a security of Ripple to buy a security of Ripple???
I Can Go On @linqtoinc & Buy Ripple Stock

Am I To Believe XRP Is Also Ripple Stock

Can I Can Get Into Some Of The Ripple Board Meetings With My XRP Securities??

If I Own Both Ripple & XRP Do I Own Double Ripple Securities 🤔
What is #Ripple’s Liquidity Hub and what does it tell us about the future of Ripple? 🧵

...oh and XRP?
That, too but it’s at the end…
💥 Jamie Dimon: Sending money to another country with "digital currency" takes seconds, not weeks

Wall Street quietly embracing #Bitcoin 🚀
Ok, just following up on my prior tweet, its looks like the #DXY was just rejected at 104 & RSI is WAAAAY overbought. If this rejection holds up, then we should start to see the dollar plunge & as folks looks for a safe haven, #Cryptos could be the beneficiary! @thebearablebull
Ummm are we seeing this right now?! I just put the 1929 Great Depression DJI fractal next to current era DJI

Wow this lines up w/ @DaveHcontrarian melt up into a blow off top by roughly end of year, which is also confluence w/ what @TechDev_52 and I believe to be #bitcoin’s peak
Ripple vs SEC summary

Ripple - show us the documents!
SEC - no
Judge - show them the documents
SEC - no
Judge - extension granted
Repeat x 6
I don't know what to make of it all. But it has been interesting to see the Russian Ruble regain ALL of it's losses vs the U.S. Dollar and is now STRONGER than it was prior to invading Ukraine along with all the sanctions placed on them.
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