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XRP Ripple Labs vs SEC Update

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Attorney John Deaton engaged in conversation with Rep. Davidson last week to discuss a possible investigation in regards to the conflicts of interest of former SEC officials.

Attorney John E Deaton, currently representing over 65k #XRP retail holders in the SEC vs Ripple Labs Inc. case, engaged in conversation with a Producer/Journalist of a well known media outlet firm and Congressman Warren Davidson of Ohio last week. Deaton was well prepared, armed with solid facts and timelines.

Attorney Deaton joined Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio along with key members of his staff to discuss possible “Conflicts of Interest” and “Gross Improprieties” involving high profile former officials within the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. .

Attorney Deaton was quoted saying “The conversation with Congressman Davidson went tremendously well. The Congressman is well versed and knowledgeable related to the digital asset space.” Deaton went on to say “I am encouraged that we will eventually be successful in achieving an investigation related to the conflicts of interest and gross improprieties of former SEC officials”.

In this meeting Attorney John Deaton provided strong evidence of possible nefarious action of high level, appointed Government Officials inside the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that could potentially lead to an extensive and historical investigation. Deaton believes if this potential investigation is proven to be true, it could further the already lacking public trust in Government institutions and possibly bring legal actions against accused officials.

Attorney John E Deaton has been granted Amicus Curiae status by Judge Analisa Torres in the ongoing case involving the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit that was initiated in late December of 2020. Attorney Deaton also stated the meeting would not have been possible if it were not for the tireless and continued efforts of the XRP Army Brigade online Twitter organization.

The XRP Army Messaging Brigade is a volunteer community outreach group working to promote exposure and education in regards to the ongoing SEC vs Ripple Labs case. The latest Project the Messaging Brigade is embarking on is called #Retweet Tag 2. This ambitious Project offers the rank and file members of the XRP Army Community the opportunity to come together with a Unified Voice. Every voice matters and a combined effort intensifies individual effort.

The latest addition of the continuing efforts of the people at XRP Army News is a Community Calendar. It was added to give all Community Members a place to see upcoming Events that are of interest to all. The more people know about the upcoming happenings in the Community, the more they will be able to attend and support the events.

The focus of the XRP Army Messaging Brigade now is to set up interviews for Attorney John E Deaton. The more people hear of the story of the SEC vs Ripple Labs Inc the better. In the last week, 4 interviews were set up with Politicians or their representatives to increase knowledge of the lawsuit. Another interview was set up with a popular YouTuber with over 220,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The goals of the Messaging Brigade will change over time as the Project grows in numbers and strength. The tagline for the Messaging Brigade is “We Are Stronger Together.” Everyday matters and the stronger the Messaging Brigade becomes the influence expands exponentially. Every voice matters and a Unified Voice maximizes each individuals effort. Each individual who wants to make a difference boosts their effectiveness joining with others. A demonstration of The Law of Synergy being applied is surely not what any XRP Army Community Member wants to miss out being a part of.

Details of the efforts of John E Deaton can be found on his website at:

The organization can be found on Twitter at @XRPArmy1 or on the web at:

Watch an explainer video about the #Retweet Tag 2 Project here: