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@felix_forbis @GeraldoRivera Same way they do for everyone else who takes them!!!! Poorly
@ScamDetective5 @Ripple Why not listen to Roger Ver? He was the 2nd person at Ripple. Paid Jed early on. Think his memory is pretty pretty pretty good!
@JayScottFX Kind of a crappy plan!!! Just saying! At least they never got to jab me! I win!
@GOLDENLOQUAT Been saying this for 4 years Theodore! Tweeting out a new Petition in the am…est! Hope you will join us sharing with others. Will be on my Profile. Take care, be safe. Scott
My friend stop by today with a gift for the wife and I in appreciation for turning him on to Xrp and helping him load his ledger!!!! @XRPArmyNews1 #XRPCommunity #xrp #xrparmy #XRPLedger
@booboo_patty What we can do together is always more than any individual can do! I mean like an individual only has 1 signature!!!!!!
@EdsonXRPWINS @tether @FilanLaw @CryptoLawUS @JohnEDeaton1 @Leerzeit @DigPerspectives @digitalassetbuy @BlackberryXRP @JayVTheGreat Yup tETHer is bad news too. Look it’s normal in new things. The scumbags show up in droves first until the regulations come in and people figure out who to stay away from. We will all be better off when unETHical eth and tETHer are long gone and distant memories. Lots of .com bad
@loon_mambo @Ripple You have any idea where those two idiots would be if they hadn’t hit the timing right on BTC and making videos? McDonald’s if they were lucky. Just ridiculous.
@SenatorDurbin So you're going to solve inflation by spending more money we don't have and making the money printer go brrrr which will worsen inflation and hurt the lower incomes most with the hidden inflation tax? Got it.
@MasonVersluis Goodness you think any project could inflict more damage to unETHical eth than that already have to themselves? I think not! The titantic had a better chance of a successful voyage after resting at the bottom of the ocean than those bottom feeders do.
@DanX21me @Lionel46294550 @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine More misinformation DUH! The Validators control the escrow. They can vote tomorrow to burn it and nothing Ripple can do about it! Glad you brought that up so everyone reading this threads can see just how inaccurate you are. Truth don’t matter to these people @Lionel46294550 whew
@TheXRPness @DanX21me @Lionel46294550 @BitcoinMagazine And in first part ball is already inflated or put air in at the gym? Does it BOUNCE on the gym floor??? Who cares when the air got in it????? It doesn’t matter but it’s one of the useless points these people mane and depend on. Whew! (4)
@TheXRPness @DanX21me @Lionel46294550 @BitcoinMagazine who cares. Look BTC failed for payments. Want to use it as a store of value? Fine….just stop with the bs it’s not outdated tech for payments and go mortgage your house to buy more! This is just so not complicated! Ugh (3)
@TheXRPness @DanX21me @Lionel46294550 @BitcoinMagazine to make their case. Ok they are both there….what do they do? Ok in transactions one takes hours, one seconds, one uses 57k more energy for a transaction. One settles itself and one requires a 2nd layer. Instead of shutting up…knowing when to fold um..well yours was pre-mined (2
@TheXRPness @DanX21me @Lionel46294550 @BitcoinMagazine And what difference does it matter mined or pre-mined No2nd….dumbest thing….or one I have ever heard.they exist….what’s the use? I mean it’s like a basketball……inflate when u get to the gym or put air in it when you get there. Simpletons are told completely useless points (1
@DanX21me @TheXRPness @Lionel46294550 @BitcoinMagazine The two transacting have to be online at the same time? Correct….if correct try scaling that. NEVER going to happen. You want to use the energy hog as a store of value ok….for payments. Nope. Better options available.
@DanX21me @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine Layer 2 for the failed peer to peer payment energy hog….from cnbc nothing to see here @Lionel46294550 nothing at all! Cnbc just all wrong.
@Lionel46294550 @DanX21me @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine For the love of Pete! It’s great to have opinions..I got um too….just how about having them based in reality? Is that too much to ask? And it’s the willfulness NOT to do that! Like a 5 year old with cookie on their face…you eat a cookie? NO stamping his foot! Ugh
@DanX21me @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine Watch the video.....LEARN....suspend what you THINK you know....make room for reality......
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Ugh that’s not settlement. We use Swift now. Takes 3 to 4 days to SETTLE! In the backend. Xrp as an example for the payment companies settles….. SETTLES in 3 seconds. Sending and settling are not the same thing. Learn!
@DanX21me @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine Watch and she can’t see if the transaction settled. She can see if her machine finished it’s part. Watch learn
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot So that means we ought to use an blockchain protocol with two instead of one? Just because you won’t let yourself see there are better solutions doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Watch Eri’s video…take in more info to add to the quality of your decision making? Good or bad idea?
@X__Anderson I asked the great attorneys in the Xrp Army Community about this. Mostly answers were…not likey. Ask them today…..not so sure the answers would be the same. It’s clearly a security….why wouldn’t gaaarrryyyy go after another sec payday?
What if Gary is just waiting for ETH to transition to Proof of Stake before claiming it’s a security? Stakers get rewards. 🤔
@EricaGilbert777 Been saying for 4 years let’s Connect and Cooperate! You with me yet?
OK ... so we all see the problems ... who exactly is coming up with solutions?
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot BTC is outdated tech in the entire Crypto Space….not just compared to XRP….the WHOLE SPACE…..why is Vitalik switching from Pow to Pos????? Because Pow is outdated tech.
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Why ride from New York to Los Angeles on a donkey when you can ride in a jet??? Really?
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Watch the video then tell me it works fine. And why have a layer 2 solution? Cause the layer 1 one doesn’t scale! Watch the video. Eri knows… 1 layer solutions available now!
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot And if Sol works I got -0- problem with it. There’s plenty of room in the cross border payment space. But remember it ain’t the Bitcoin…remember the narrative was changed from peer to peer payments to store of value? You not keeping up with the BTC Maxi party line?
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot If it WORKS….scales is it outdated? As a Dr are you openly looking for the best options as they come along? The xrpl transacts in seconds costs something like 000.6 cents. Uses 57,000 times less energy than the Bitcoin. So let’s dump the old slow energy hog from the discussion.
@EricaGilbert777 @Lionel46294550 The unedited part of Vitalik the Early Years tickle your fancy?
@XRPArmyNews1 @Lionel46294550 I always remember a story about actresses throwing up into a barf bucket when they had to eat things on a movie set that they did not agree with ... would love to see the un-edited part of this clip.
@Dizer_YM Can anyone explain how @Consensys helping build the @Ethereum ecosystem... is any different than @Ripple helping to build the #XRPL ecosystem?

(Except for the whole @jpmorgan #ETH "bankers coin" part)
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot You are missing the point….is this how you practice medicine?
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Did the transaction settle? And Ripple is in a lawsuit and when it is used… won’t know it. It’s designed to use in the background for the financial payment companies to use to settle transactions. Come on into reality.
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Either better than the outdated tech energy hog.
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot If it works does it need to be replaced??? The Bitcoin Pow doesn’t scale. Why do you think Vitalik is switching to Pos? Shits and giggles? You seen the fees with unETHical eth using Pow? You the the esg crowd are going to accept and use the crypto uses the most energy? C’mon man!
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot You wear masks too? Goodness. Has the xrpl failed, once? Nope. Will it scale? Yes. It was built to be a better Bitcoin. So are you smarter than Rosie Rios? She is on Ripples Board and you are shilling this…what are you not seeing? Isn’t paying off!
@JohnnyCrypto18 Hardly never buy almost stepped on this one playing golf in Chapel Hill.
@ChrisKnight407 Yea Microtragedy lost 917 million in Q 2 2022. Any more bright ideas?
@katemossalike @Leah_M_Howie Just research people! Whew! Virtue signaling Denise makes me want to hurl!!!!! Just saying.
@TunaMayo_KimBop @twobitidiot Sol have a 15 Billion Dollar Company behind it? The partnerships? 800% growth in ODL? Rosie Rios and Sandie O’Connor on the board? And so on and so forth…..
@Leah_M_Howie @TTLBoats ugh 150 articles on brownstone not enough? Ugh
@XRP_Anxiety @TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine We know it likely hasn’t yet? The set on these LIARS are huge! Ugh
@Observatory13 this isn't going to play well in the movie....PROMISE.
@TheXRPness @BitcoinMagazine The video doesn't show if the transaction settled? Until the liars in this space STOP LYING are we going to make any real progress?
You don't say!🤔

Wells Fargo, a banking household name, just released a special report stating that digital assets are as innovative as the discovery of electricity.
@audiolondonsf Yo AL.....he said anything about #ethgate......possibly the largest scandal in all of Crypto?
@Bauzen @ErikVoorhees When in suggestion....stop digging!
@ElKioBaez2015 @AnnLesbyPhD how many times does something have to not work for a person to say to themselves.....maybe this doesn't work?
@coldhardbtc @BitcoinQu0tes @saylor Nothing to see here.....nothing at all! The bet ISN't paying off....outdated tech...move on.
@ThumpGoFast @twobitidiot @saylor @jack Tell everyone if layer 1 works no need for any other layers. Let’s all just get past outdated tech!
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