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Goodmorning fam, how was that extra hour of sleep 😂 let’s get it! #Blessed🙏🏾
Day 20! With love and spiritual help I'm finding out that it's not the world that needs to change, but myself that needs changing. ✌️❤️🙏 #RecoveryPosse #AA
@WorldofRobert1 I love doing the next right thing….gotta admit sometimes I question what my HP lays out in front of me! Sometimes I say “REALLY”! Lol
If I'm not going to follow through with a good deed, I don't tell you I considered doing the good deed, even though I didn't follow through.
Monday check in. Still sober after all these years. Anyone else, let’s see a solidarity from our brothers and sisters walking in the good life. Others may see hope and happiness from something accomplished one day at a time. I give a thumbs up! 👍
@WhaleChart Keeping the Faith….spreading the news and encouraging like minded people to Connect and Cooperate everyday! Let’s Roll!
@XRPArmyNews1 @JayVTheGreat Honestly, IMO, it’s any project that wasn’t created to solve a real problem. If created just because they could ( #DOGE)… and/or for price speculative purposes ( #CUMROCKET) 👀 then it is a scam to me and hopefully regs wipes these out.
@JayVTheGreat I agree…so let’s clearly define what a scam project is.
It’s my 5 years sobriety birthday today! I feel so grateful to still be sober, and thank you to #recoveryposse for your support. X
@JohnEDeaton1 @Perceive_feel Zealots collect in many different topics. Really poor use of the grey matter between the ears.
@CryptoEsq_ @JoelKatz @XRPcryptowolf gonna say? My opinion….and it’s just mine and no one else is required or asked to agree… opinion the Divine is much bigger than ANY human mind has ever come up with a way to try and limit it. Just how I sees it. My story, sticking to it! (2)
@CryptoEsq_ @JoelKatz @XRPcryptowolf Ok so I am a Deist. So I believe in God…just loosely defined. So…what’s God gonna think when people talk to him and he asks….why did you try and limit me to others based on just ur belief system about me? Like your way or the highway. Explain that! So what are my way folks (1)
@WorldofRobert1 Actually since I am pretty comfortable with myself…I love having conversations on any topic. Giving others the space to have their opinion if different, not wrong gives me lots of freedom. One issue is lots of others don’t have their shit together so makes it tricky. Their end!
I opt out of political opinions. However, I struggle with the death penalty. As an ex cop who served 16 years, I don't support it. But I have also never experienced loss of life at the hands of a maniac. I don't know how those with no similar experience can take hard stances.
@Mrgcrownover @strmsptr Well for me as an alcoholic to drink is to die… yea it kinda matters. 5.22.84 if it’s not a problem for anyone else…drink up!
@NuestroDrack @Ireneish12 Problem…alcohol does not do the same to everyone. I am an alcoholic…my body creates acetate when I drink it. Non alcoholic bodies don’t. So it’s not what u don’t know….it’s what u think you know that just ain’t so. My opinion of course. Of course sober and clean since 5.22.84
@ElKioBaez2015 @theRealKiyosaki And I should care what rich dad BTC maxi thinks why?
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 I find accuracy very important in my life. So when I make statements I do my best to make sure they are at least somewhat accurate. Sound practical?
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 Just like whatever u been doing. I got no clue….so wouldn’t it be silly for me to say what that guys doing…not for me….what am I basing that conclusion on???? (3)
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 nothing. Like watching squash….I have seen highlights on tv a few times. Saying it’s not for me based on that is kinda ridiculous. I have no idea what it’s really all about. So for accuracy sake…isn’t it more accurate for you to say don’t really know enough about AA to say? (2)
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 Actually the 12th Step says as the result…had a Spiritual Awakening. Ok reverse engineer that. What was lacking was a Spiritual Awakening. And again not being offensive. If it’s not for u ok. Just saying as with ANYTHING we don’t know…trying a few times we know close to (1)
@JayScottFX Put my ac on today Jay….warm November day!!!
Today we finally caved and put the heating on. Not bad going tbf, it is the 6th of November 😆
@WhaleChart So will you wear cool clothes like him??? Whew I hope not! Lol
I heard the big dog in $HEX wants every #HEX investor to unfollow me.

What are you waiting for?
You’re after all his slave right? Everything he says is the truth, and you shall obey.
@LumpyNews @XRPcryptowolf @attorneyjeremy1 Or maybe they been doing things the same way with no repercussions they didn’t really give it much thought at all!
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 And it’s perfectly ok. Your life, your choice but I stand by my statement…based on the size of your sampling you have no idea what you missed.
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 Honesty isn’t being defensive. In what example in anything is a few times a good sample? And you said you went a few times….something like that….so how would you characterize that sampling? I say not much. Not offensively…just true. True?
@jackdirect244 @JimBoylan01 I drank and drugged for 10 years. That was a good sampling. Sorry a few meetings….you have no clue what u missed. That’s ok….your choice.
@finallydreaming See people react or respond based on THEM! One can say drinking is no bueno! Two people can react exactly opposite and that’s my fault? Whew! No….no one has any power to upset me, therefore I have no power to upset anyone else. Simple. Peoples response or reactions are theirs!
@finallydreaming Well being Powerless I ain’t the reason anyone does anything. People decide to do at the end of the day what they choose to.
"AA is not something you join, it's a way of life."

It saved mine and then taught me how to live! For that I am grateful!
@LerouxQuiqui Well I suggest listening to Vishen! Helped me a lot he has! Just saying….
Have a great day everyone.

Wake me when there’s actual news.

Can’t waste precious time on schmucks like Pomp, Hoskinson and Keiser.

There’s so many things to learn, so much opportunity to create. I’d rather spend my time enriching my life.
@WorldofRobert1 I am a simple man! Motivated by 2 things…pain and pleasure. I do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure! So I started and kept going to meetings to avoid being some dudes favorite in prison. Not saying there’s nothing wrong with it per se….just not how I stroll. Tell um KP:
What kept me around meetings? People were talking about and following through with actions related to becoming better people.Had they been debating politics or religion? Ida never stuck around. I do my best to maintain the same- in and out of the rooms. #recoveryposse
@JimBoylan01 My AA Hero Sandy B….says the job of a sponsor is to help the sponsee see they don’t really have a problem! I agree with Sandy B! And I also agree with Mr Twain:
“To this day, I am amazed at how many of my problems - most of which had nothing to do with drinking, I believed - have become manageable or have simply disappeared since I quit drinking.”
― Alcoholics Anonymous
HELLO @elonmusk,I am an average joe, but we have a turn-key solution ready, i.e. @Spend_The_Bits for #Twitter to enable real-time $BTC payments & can support $doge as a payment mechanism as well. #XRPCommunity, please retweet so Elon can see my tweet.Looking fwd to your RESPONSE🙏
@strmsptr That's ok.....the Big Book says try some controlled drinking. Lucky for me I was CONVINCED I was an what I wanted or not didn't matter! It was either quit or die a slow painful alcoholic death. Was real simple when I got to that point. 5.22.84 Best to you.
@WorldofRobert1 I just have slowed WAY down.....and just try my best to do the next right thing that is right on front of me. Working out
@Globaldoc77 I find when I am following the Suggestions in AA....helping others being one....things happen kinda like the desire for the drug alcohol just went POOF gone! Seems like my HP is taking care of me when my focus is on helping his others kids! My HP is cool like that!
@DU09BTC @jungleincxrp For anyone confused or brain dead the nothing burger energy hog BTC uses too much energy….just look! People in the Northeast USA deciding to pay for heat or food this winter and people still find a way to try and believe in the nothing burger energy hog. Tell um Taylor:
@LumpyNews @ThinkingCrypto1 Did people not listen to Zuck on Rogan? How do people know what they do and think....yea I want to support them financially.....just do not get it. What about supporting FREE SPEECH?
@LumpyNews @ThinkingCrypto1 I just do not understand how people think we are going to have a better world when they even CONSIDER investing with bad actors....makes absolutely zero sense to me.
@xrplumber @JohnEDeaton1 @APompliano Guess you are not interested in a pizza box then....going out on a limb here......hehe
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