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@LivetMax @CryptoHammer26 @WKahneman @LiquidMarketpl U vote if u want it to be sold. If the majority votes yes. It goes to auction.
@ChadGarlichouse My family had a small buisness when they upgraded to the word processor the old typewriter became a toy for me. I got a flash back of playing with it when I was little. You had to push the keys down hard for it to type. If you watch older people type they will still pound keyboa
@WKahneman I'm not into nfts, I'm not opposed if I find an artist I like. I own some though mostly real world collectibles on @LiquidMarketpl
When I was little I remember my mom telling us "the word processor saves me so much time!"
Buy now pay later is popular because the wealth gap has widen to a point where people need groceries lent to them. BNPL is a buisness model that only works with 0% interest rates.
@CryptoLawUS @JohnEDeaton1 @coinbase @BlockchainAssn @DigitalChamber @Ripple @ThinkingCrypto1 Where is @MoneyGram in this? They had @SECGov guidelines while working with @Ripple. Didn't the SEC suggest MG mark down #XRP sales as a contra expense?
Get your funds out of FTX. This is financial advice.
@Fame21Moore Moneygram missed their opportunity to file an amicus brief. All the cool kids are doing it!
Liquidating our FTT is just post-exit risk management, learning from LUNA. We gave support before, but we won't pretend to make love after divorce. We are not against anyone. But we won't support people who lobby against other industry players behind their backs. Onwards.
@twterblows @Sergej10101010 It's not nostros have accounts with vostros. Two banks that trust each other. It isn't a mirror image. But to run those operations borrowing in the jurdiction happens. With high interest rates the vostro is on the hook for. Banks borrow and lend its not rocket science.
The 'Just Stop Oil' protestors just vandalized our valuable 'BG123 Castle Riddle' painting that was very close to the communities heart..

Definitely paid by the SEC.

HOW DARE THEY?! 😑😑😑😑😑😑
XRP community there is lots of chatter about potential problems for the FTX EXCHANGE. I have no clue if the rumors are true. A word of advice play it safe take your XRP OFF the exchange to a non custodial wallet. 2ndly be aware FTX is a major source of liquidity for XRP
@xrpmaximo I like riddles but my money is on the fundamentals not the riddles. I think utility is going to feel like a flip of the switch but in reality it was a lot of work that contributed to it. Bottom line is liquidity when you can push a trillion dollars through the XRPL they will NFA
@TheRarestBirth @JoelKatz Some NFTs are securities but this wouldnt be unless XRP was a security. Theres no common enterprise that is promising a future reward. its a smart contract that delivers the underlying when the time is up.
Cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world economy as we know it, and places that are struggling under the current system are likely to be the first to adopt crypto regulations. The USA may be lagging behind, but this change is inevitable. #xrp #xlm #algo #qnt #xdc
Digital currencies can bypass this entire system and get money to where it is needed. An inclusive economy is a productive economy.
XRP and other digital currencies can help to extend the reach of the dollar. Presently, correspondent banking is costly and risky. Large banks face reputational risks, currency volatility, and fines, which limits their ability to serve the developing world.
@lionel42399 hes an idiot. Why would ripple charge more than banks today. They have the high ground, its not some absurd speculation to think they will lend cheaper than banks will when they have the XRP given each month on the arm. No interest on their side. Just have risk of fintech fail
@TheRarestBirth @JoelKatz there are futures that are controlled by the CFTC but futures are just a contract to underlying asset not exactly the asset. This would be the actual asset just time locked and unique. So its not a security unless xrp is a security. (i think no but courts will decide)
@RLPPharmD14 I think thats an update to include nfts with the escrow feature. Im talking about creating tokens of already escrowed XRP. Lets say i escrowed 1,000 XRP and I needed the money today. I can sell a token with the escrowed XRP at a loss and buyer gets cheaper XRP, i get liquidity
Very stubborn people out there with some anti ripple anti XRP agenda. I don't have time to argue, if you can't accept the reality that Ripple the buisness is doing well and that XRP has a real use case. Then I have to block, not because im thin skinned I just value my time.
@ScamDetective5 Ripple lend wouldn't have any customers if it was more expensive than the current system. 1b is given to them. Interest rates in exotic corridors like turkey is 75%+ I'm sure they can stay competitive especially in illiquid judications. its a fair assumption.
@zerptwerp Sort of. Futures don't have the underlying asset. It's really an option for someone that escrowed that is willing to take a hit. But may need to in case of emergency
@ScamDetective5 You'd have to ask them. But they get 1B per month unlocked. They can charge whatever they want and be profitable. If its cheaper than the traditional banks, it gives the small to mid size banks a chance to compete in remittances or B2b.
@Jm37870971 gives the option to the person that escrowed the XRP. emergency comes up, they take a loss but it's still liquid. the buyer gets to buy at a discount.
@MinusculusBee like if i needed to liquidate the 100 XRP earlier, i could sell it on a market for maybe less than current market price.
@RyanGrambling if that is the only thing on your eth wallet its possible. The thing is NFTs are public so you need something like @xx_network To mix and scramble it then given another key for the person to unlock it. it would be a complicated design.
@Digeratis1 @r6kimry The escrow gets released to a wallet then just redirected to the next wallet. I know technically escrow cant be given away but it can be redirected with a contract.
@r6kimry That has been my speculation too, however nothing to back it up.
lets say i escrowed but I needed to liquidate earlier. Can I tokenize the private key for the escrowed XRP and whoever possesses the NFT has access to the private key? The escrowed NFT would of course have a different market with different prices.
With NFTs on the XRPL is it possible to buy and sell escrowed XRP? 100 XRP 2025 gets escrowed then tokenized with an NFT. @JoelKatz
Nostro/Vostro involves lending and borrowing. Interest rates spike. Ripple is sitting on 1B xrp to loan. They can lend that for a fraction of what banks can lend money for. High interest rates are double edged sword. Less crypto liquidity but more competitive.
digital Rupee project, ripple enabled banks. Ripplenet ODL is a rail That I think these updated digitized systems will have the options of using. Why would they? trustless, faster, cheaper, more efficient. Plus Ripple can loan for cheaper than central banks right now.source πŸ‘‡
@mr_deeds7 the new ones just arent funny, i cant even watch them. They need the writers/team that was responsible for season 3-10
@Kashta9 yeah i worded weird im falling asleep as im searching. I mean it central bank backed. no counter party like a money market, bank, etc if a central bank backs a gateway its just like cash. not bank deposits.
There’s been
a number of changes to our map this
year, with some new entrants to note.
For example, Circle joins Ripple and
Stellar in our crypto category, while a
slew of public debuts has seen several
companies move from the VC-backed
category to become public companies. The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) is the UK’s - independent economic regulator of
payments systems –
New Zealand needs to back a gateway on the XRPL. They can bypass the whole cbdc design just by issuing ious on the xrpl. The whole ripplenet ecosystem can use their currency without any counterparty risk.
TCS QUARTZ - PUBLIC CHAIN INTEGRATION $ETH $XRP What if XRP and ETH were working together all along? What if federated side chains bypasses ETH's role in this new system.
Xago is making it easier to send remittances from south Afrika to the UK. Im glad their customers aren't getting screwed by 8% fees like Moneygram and western union
No need for a CBDC if the private sector was let loose. Do they really want to replace commercial banks?
MIT has a validator on the XRPL, MIT is working hand in hand with the FED. Also thats where Gary taught his infamous blockchain course.
@mr_deeds7 Frank Grimes, Homer gets a gun, Homer becomes hyper obese to get out of work, homer vs 18th amendment, are a few all simpsons episodes. I have a ton of ad blockers so i havent had a problem.
@JohnMorina2 they only said multi ledger, there was mention of UTXO so bitcoin related? I would imagine this is going to connect all ledgers to each other on wholesale level. Really good use case for XRPL hopefully they will come to their senses.
@j_kdrummer No price. U had to submit license and there was certain docs required.
@christian_xrp It was over 600 dollars. They have irs agents digging through his garbage right now.
I don't think it is. Just grounds to be fired. But just curious if anyone knows for certain.
BREAKING: Angry Canadians corner Justin Trudeau and say 'Take my jab up your a**' 🚨

πŸ”Šsound ...πŸ”₯
@AgentSmith_V_3 He does interviews on YouTube @RayDalio can you come on my show?
@AgentSmith_V_3 he probably has an underground bunker made of solid gold
The foundation of our system is rotting and crumbling. The system is going to change, and I am optimistic that we are in a good position for this transformation.
We are experiencing high inflation and falling bond prices. The dominos are falling in a very classic way. Pension funds in the UK have been bailed out.
@hulakaipie the tweet is not targeted at anyone specifically. Its about myself. and yeah who cares what I have to say.
@CryptoBull2020 Congrats. It's hard work. One step at a time. I wish u success and serenity
@WSquall55 Yes that is how youtube algos work. I spend time and energy to create videos. I want them to be seen.
There is a popular finance guy that I follow and he tweeted a trolls comment, the troll was joking about his dads death. There are people behind these accounts. The content to get popular takes work. If you don't like someone just don't follow them.
Deglobalization puts the USA at a disadvantage, due to Triffin's paradox it will always be easier to import than to create at home. The reserve currency interferes with national defense.
xrpdarren 76k @Fame21Moore
there is currently a sweat shop somewhere making Nikes. But soon enough, they will be 3D-printed at home. Robotics, automation, and AI technology have the potential to change the world for the better. But as it stands, only the super-wealthy are steering the ship. Deglobalizatio
there is currently a sweat shop somewhere making Nikes. But soon enough, they will be 3D-printed at home. Robotics, automation, and AI technology have the potential to change the world for the better. But as it stands, only the super-wealthy are steering the ship. Deglobalizatio
@hyp_othesys @edilson1492 @FLKDayton I do, my OP is I know how they are. I know how they are doesnt mean I approve. I don't like it but id never put myself in a situation with them because i know they will do things like this.
A CBDC controlled by those in charge is a terrible outcome. A synthetic CBDC on ledgers like XRPL, where people can design XAPPs and use those dollars for good, is a better way forward. Another option is the ECASH act, which allows a completely private digidollar that mimics cash
The quicker payments are processed, the more liquid everything becomes. The cost savings associated with this lead to cheaper goods and services. Ultimately, digital assets have a net positive effect on society and economic output.
@bullgeezer the price of XRP, i thought id be retired by now
conFiel CBDC - Ripples hackathon, one of the contestants. A prototype cbdc for Mexico connecting to BBVA Santander The developer work on previous projects with Santander for c19 digital ID
I know how to trick and deceive people into following and watching, but I would never take that route. I respect everyone enough to not use slimy tactics to make more money and more followers.I have ethics and I know what's right and wrong, and where the line is. or I think I do
I don't care about being liked or loved.

I care about views because it's how I make money. I create videos that I want to create because I love doing it. I love the topic and I love uncovering real-world conspiracies. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and I need to eat.
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